Wristband Ideas

Must Have Spring and Summer Colors

As with any popular fashion-runway trends, silicone bracelets mimic the trendiest runway colors. This spring is anticipated to introduce a variety of trendy colors, bold dresses and silicone wristbands offer the ideal wrist accessory that is not only stylish but raises awareness for various causes.

The latest spring 2013 fashion colors include:

  • Emerald – From bold pops of eye color and nail polish to edgy dresses with chic metallic belts, emerald is all the rage this season.
  • Grayed Jade – This color is more muted than the aforementioned emerald but it offers a subtler green hue for those that can’t quite pull off eye-popping color trends. This color is deal for both men and women.
  • Tender Shoots – This color is more of a sophisticated lime green, toned down a few hues to reflect the sensational beauty of spring – just like a tender pea sprout bursting forth in the warm sun.
  • Dusk Blue – This light hued blue makes light eyes pop but looks simply sensational on blondes, brunettes and any color of eyes.
  • Monaco Blue – Think the royal blue of the late Princess Diana and Princess Grace, dawning colors that simply made heads’ turns and jaws’ drop. This color looks great with brown eyes but makes blue eyes pop to a new shade of azul.
  • Lemon Zest – Trendy, buttery, but adding an eye-pop of color, this zesty color is reminiscent of bright yellows from the 50’s and 60’s. Anyone thinking a yellow polka dot bikini this season?
  • Nectarine – More toned down than fall’s burnt oranges, nectarine is playful and screams floral spring fun. This color is popping up on scarves, in jewelry and on sandal adornments. It looks especially good for nail polish colors.
  • Linen – The most neutral color this season, this complimentary color is beige with a hint of pink, giving it glowing warmth that looks good with almost any complexion.
  • Poppy Red – Bright, fun, flirty and simply undeniably adorable, this season’s poppy red will turn heads both on the runaway and in the bars. It looks great as an accessorized color or simply try this color in a flowing gown with a fashionable leg slit. We guarantee you’ll be the most sensational hit at the party.

Silicone wristbands come in such an array of colors and hues; they can literally be worn with any of today’s latest runway trends. Adding a chunky accessory is the latest fashionable trend and nothing is more comfortable than stacking coordinating layers of rubber wristbands that look tasteful, drawing much needed attention to slender arms and bringing out pops of color in floral outfits.


From Disney to Destiny: The GimmeMo Foundation

Reminderband is proud to sponsor the GimmeMo foundation. Read on the hear our guest blogger Meaghan O’Connor relive how she got involved with GimmeMo.
I remember the first time I saw Monique Coleman while I was in New York City this past summer. A midwest girl with big city stars in my eyes, I just so happened to think that meeting a Disney Channel High School Musical star would be the highlight of my summer. We got a group picture that night, and all I remember thinking was please let her stand next to me so that I can show my mom and sisters. I had no idea that later that summer we’d meet to talk about partnering up for the journey she says she’s always been destined for. 
“This is something that’s never been done before… it’s about giving youth their voice back,” she said at our first meeting. 
I saw the passion and fire in her eyes that night, and have accepted a position on her team because I too believe in the mission—creating a real and open environment for youth to engage in conversation that they can barely find a time or place for otherwise.
This fall, Monique is asking teens across the country what they want Mo’ of. We’ll be taking feedback from our listeners, interacting with our guests and followers, and talking about subjects that will encourage teens to express themselves and learn without fear or embarrassment. 
With the added help of Reminderband, we’ll soon be spreading our message by taking it to the streets. We’ll be handing out wristbands that ask the question: What do you want Mo’ of? We’ll also be talking to and interacting with teens on a quest to become the ultimate listener and representative of our young audience.
So what do YOU want Mo’ of?
Mo’ courage?
Mo’ hope?
Mo’ strength?
Mo’ time?
Mo’ truth?
Because whatever it is, GimmeMo has it for you.
I believe in the future of GimmeMo. I believe that youth deserve a judgement-free circle to talk about things that are both real and relevant in their own lives. I believe that Monique will reach people and make lasting impressions. After all, Monique got a twenty-year-old college girl focused on a professional career to turn her head at a party, who’s to say that she won’t grab the voices of teens all across the world?
-Meaghan O’Connor- Director of Marketing, GimmeMo