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The Ever-Popular Gift Ideas You May Have Overlooked

You go through this every year. You’ve tried all the usual things, from the basket of lotion and body spray for your significant other, to the high-cost gizmo that you think is the coolest thing since the moon landing. Often times, your gift recipient is merely “whelmed” by your attempt at a kind gesture. Maybe he or she is the person who has everything, or maybe they’re just too darn particular. What’s a person to do?


You’ve learned from your missteps, you’ve tested the waters of gift-giving diversification. You’ve spent more money than you care to admit on presents that just didn’t rock the socks off them. Maybe now you think you’re a more discerning and seasoned giver of gifts. Perhaps this time, you can find that million-dollar idea without spending an amount equal to the national debt. And, just maybe, that laughably affordable gift can actually mean something and be (dare we say it?) creative, and thoughtful! If any of this sounds familiar, read on. This is worth the scroll.

Boatloads of people have found the “secret sauce” of gifting. It’s affordable, classy, and it’s creative. You can buy it without leaving the chair, and you can customize it without needing a degree in graphic design. Any guesses?

We’re talking about personalized silicone bracelets.


We know what you’re thinking: “Aren’t those the LIVESTRONG wristbands everyone wore like 10 years ago?” Well, you’d be correct. But what you may not know is that thousands of couples, boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, wives, cave trolls, etc, take to the depths of the internet every month to seek out a personalized wristband for him/her to profess their undying love in a colorful and unique way. These rubber bracelets are easy as pie to design from the comfort of your computer or smartphone. Speaking of which: they aren’t actually rubber, they’re silicone, but it’s a lot easier to describe them as rubber to the uninitiated, so in our book the two are synonymous. They have that “rubber” feel, but they’re latex-free, so extra points go to you for thinking of a touching gift that won’t trigger any allergies. You’re just all kinds of considerate.

Classic Wristbands


“I don’t feel that creative. How would I personalize a bracelet for my true love?”

Well, first of all, don’t be so hard on yourself-you’re great. Secondly, this post is for everyone, not just youthful people caught up in twitterpation and boundless passion for life. You may need a personalized wristband for your girlfriend or boyfriend, or maybe you drew names for your family Christmas gift exchange and you got your younger brother, Kenneth. You’re going to need to come up with a snarky quote for a wristband that’ll put that little weasel in his place (in a loving way, of course).

Pick a band (1).pngWhether your gift is for someone you love platonically or hopelessly, we’ve got an arsenal of ideas for you to use to make your wristband a home run. We’ve been doing this a long time; since 2004 to be exact. You can imagine the phrases and sayings we’ve seen on silicone wristbands over the years. Some of them have made us laugh, some have made us swoon, and some of them we can’t really repeat out loud.

With our online bracelet maker, you can put just about anything on your wristband, or many wristbands, if you like. That way, you can make it be one of those cute couple silicone bracelet sets so you can wear your heart on your sleeve (seriously, we have a heart-shaped wristband. You can literally wear it on your sleeve).


“What should I write on my wristband?”

Ah, the possibilities… For starters, some of our most popular sayings and messages for silicone wristbands are ones like these:

  • “I love my girlfriend”
  • “I love my boyfriend”
  • “True Love Waits”
  • “One Love”
  • “#1 Wife”
  • “#1 Husband”
  • “Love”
  • “I Love You”

I mean, that last one isn’t that original, but why break with the old standby, right? Combine that with some lovely color styles and slide that wristband on and it’ll be super-effective! Additionally, we often see phrases like “I Love Basketball” or “I Love Football”. We get that. Sometimes all you need is the warm embrace of the pigskin to console you from the harsh realities of life. No judgment here.


“What are some different ways I can use custom wristbands?”

Great question, reader! Beyond the aforementioned ideas, there are myriad ways to let your creativity burst through in the form of glorious silicone bracelets. Since we’re on the topic of couples and love, here is just a sampling of ideas for uses:

  • Wedding/Engagement Announcements
  • Bachelorette/Bachelor Party Favors
  • Anniversaries
  • Matching His and Hers Wristbands
  • Stocking Stuffers!

Bonus: Check out our new Luxe dog tags necklaces on Amazon. They’re also perfect for your boyfriend/girlfriend, significant other, or your dog, of course. They’re based on our same design, but with our signature, velvety-smooth Luxe coating added. We really did try to think of everything.


Hopefully, you’ve learned some things about rubber bracelets, and maybe even yourself. Either way, you should be primed and ready for delivering an impactful gift or show of love with a nice-looking wristband! We’ve got plenty more ideas for you over at Reminderband, so take a look while you’re contemplating how to be the most considerate person ever. Or maybe you just want one of our awesome tire-tread wristbands for yourself, because hey, you’ve earned it.

This post was originally published on 12/7/17 and was updated on 11/6/19.



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Golf or Tire: Which is more your speed?

Since 2004, we’ve never stopped thinking of new ways to expand our lineup of custom silicone wristbands. Today, we are giving a shoutout to a couple specialty wristbands that have actually been around for awhile, and have been super popular in our long history of making awesome wristbands!

Which is more your style? Tire or golf?

Lots of motocross and biking groups order custom tire bands annually. On the other hand, the golf bands are a great way to memorialize someone or to do a fundraiser or charity event. One thing is for sure–no other wristbands look quite like these!

For more ideas on how to customize your next masterpiece and to share your message with the world, head over to Reminderband today and see just how creative you can get!



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Colors and sizes: where to start

We get it. We’ve put you in a difficult position.

You’ve come to Reminderband to design something for your event but with so many awesome options, you’re at a crossroads. Don’t worry! We’re way ahead of it and we’ve already thought up some helpful resources so you can pin down your colors and sizes for your wristbands–whatever the occasion.

First up, let’s talk colors. If you are designing something for a cause, event, fundraiser, or awareness, and you’re just not quite sure what colors to go with, we’ve got a great reference point for you. Some causes and awareness movements have a commonly associated color, but some situations are less obvious. Our Color Guide gives a basic run-through of our traditional stock colors and the general moods and meaning of each color, to help you decide how to best convey your message.

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 12.56.17 PM.png


So, you’ve nailed the color and look of your wristbands; stellar work! Now, what sizes to choose? That’ll depend on who will be wearing them. Our recommendation is that most folks up to about 190 lbs can fit comfortably in a Medium-sized wristband. Adult males or folks who want a bit more room on the wrist would probably be better served with a Large. Elementary school age kids can usually fit in a Small with no issues.

And YES, you CAN mix your sizes within your order at no extra cost!

If you want to get a better feel for exactly how big each size really is, you can use our sizing guide. This will allow you to cut out a strip and fit it around the wrist to determine the best sizes to order. You can view and download it here.

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 1.34.56 PM.png

As always, let us know if you have questions. We’re here to help you succeed in making your design work. Happy band building!





Rubber vs. silicone wristbands

A Materials Showdown

Some people think that “rubber bracelets”* and “silicone bracelets” are the same — but the terms are not interchangeable. Rubber and silicone are very different and while the results may look similar in the form of the wristband, the two materials yield very different results in terms of flexibility, durability, and long-term wear.

Why silicone wristbands?

Silicone is stronger and longer-lasting than rubber, meaning that silicone bracelets are stronger and last longer than rubber wristbands or rubber bracelets of comparable size and thickness. Rubber bracelets wear out quickly and break much more easily. Silicone is also recyclable at certain recycling centers. At Reminderband, we make wristbands out of 100% industrial-strength polished silicone.

*not to be confused with rubber band bracelets, which are something else entirely.


Religious Bracelets

Churches, religious youth groups, and individuals have been using Reminderband wristbands to fundraise, build awareness, and share spiritual messages for years. We’re excited to offer a selection of predesigned religious bands on our website to represent some of the many religious bracelet possibilities Reminderband has to offer.

Use our predesigned religious bracelets to order directly, get ideas, or as a jumping-off point for designing your own religious wristbands. You can also further customize the bands for specific references, names, artwork, colors, or symbols.

Let us know if there are other predesigned ideas you’d like to see or if you have suggestions for how we can improve!

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Color-fill: making your wristband stand out

Typical wristbands can sometimes be hard to read from a distance. While crisp debossing is legible close-up, sometimes you want a wristband that makes a bigger statement or stands out from the other wristbands people are wearing so you can share your message to the fullest. In those cases, adding a vivid phrase color to your wristband design is a great option.
While some wristband companies offer screen printing on wristbands, ink-printed bands are just printed on the surface and tend to wear away over time or with water. Designs and lettering that are screen-printed onto silicone can flake away and wear off the wristband quickly, especially with water — often making it an uneconomic choice.
For something that stands out and lasts long, color-fill is a great option. Color-fill is made of silicone and molded to the wristband itself, so it will stay colorful and crisp through elements and wear-and-tear and last as long or longer than the rest of the wristband. Adding phrase color allows for a beautiful and durable wristband design that won’t wear off or fade away.
How does it work?
With the color-fill method, Reminderband debosses (etches, or engraves) your phrase/logo into the wristbands, and then molds another color of silicone into the imprint. The silicone from the fill bonds to the silicone of the wristband and is there forever. Durable, the color-fill design will never fade or flake off and can withstand any temperature the wristband would reasonably encounter.
Color-fill/phrase color can also be incorporated into symbols or artwork on the band. Multiple colors can be used for added effect.
How much does it cost?
There is no minimum order for color-fill wristbands, and the additional cost is $.25 per band. To make your phrase really stand out, color-fill is a perfect option that always turns out looking great. You can also add custom art, symbols, or text with your color-fill for a variety of effects. Some examples of phrase color silicone wristbands are shown below, or check out other color-fill wristband designs.



“When I got the bands in, they exceeded my expectations. The thick silicone and deep embossment made the band look sharp, and the color fill was immaculate. I recommend Reminder Band to all my friends and family because of the fantastic customer service and quality products.”
Chris from Scranton, PA
“I ordered 200 glow-in-the-dark bands for my students who were putting on a fundraiser. The quality of the bands (glow and color fill) were all we could have hoped for. I needed customer service because of a section I left blank, and the service was quick and easy. Reminderband will be my go-to in the future.”

Angelo from Torrington, CT
“ReminderBand is a great company. They handle small orders with respect and efficiency. The quality of the bands, colors and fills are the best that I have seen. I am very happy with their service!”
Jim from Los Angeles, CA

What are wristbands made of?


Reminderband® silicone wristbands are made of 100% industrial strength polished silicone. Silicone is a synthetic compound designed to be heat and allergy-resistant and durable. Making wristbands from silicone ensures that they will not break or tear easily and can be worn for months (or even years!).

Why not rubber?

Even though silicone wristbands are often referred to as “rubber bracelets,” most aren’t made of rubber. Rubber wristbands and bracelets that are made of rubber break much more easily and wear out much faster than silicone wristbands.

How high is high-quality?

Many wristband companies contract with independent Chinese factories to make the bands. Using multiple factories means that quality can vary from order to order. Reminderband works with its own production team to produce its wristbands to ensure and guarantee high-quality wristbands. Reminderband also conducts research and production tests to make sure the silicone wristbands are of the highest quality, and every order is double-checked to ensure wristbands are of the highest quality, both with silicone and customization.

Reminderband wristbands are also made thicker than wristbands produced by other companies, meaning that they break or tear less easily and are thus stronger, longer-lasting and more durable. Silicone is also tested across batches to ensure color and quality are consistent.

What about decorations and customizations?

Reminderband customizations also use high-quality silicone and are built to last long.

Debossing, for example, is the process Reminderband uses to etch phrases and logos into custom silicone wristbands. Letters and symbols aren’t just printed on the surface, but are instead molded into the silicone of the wristband for a clear, durable message.

Color-fill uses the same high-quality silicone that Reminderband wristbands do. The phrase is debossed into the band, and then the etching is filled with silicone of another color. The two silicones bond permanently, so the wristband stays clear, sharp and colorful and, unlike painted bands, will not chip, crack, fade, or peel.

Reminderband also backs the quality of its silicone wristbands with a guarantee: “All our wristbands come with a 30 day money back guarantee, if you are not satisfied with the quality of our wristband.”


Religious Custom Wristbands

Having a special saying that will lift your spirit in the time of any hardship, kept close with you, provides a gift that goes straight to the soul in a time of need. Having a wristband with a personal message does just that. A wristband is also a great way to raise money for your church all year round and promote a constant awareness of your church’s needs.

With our wristbands you can order in small or large quantities and provide any phrase or logo you wish. This will allow you to have bracelets for church camps, church sports teams, or simply to remember your church, your values and what you stand for.

A religious wristband that someone can wear and talk about is a great way to get a church’s need out to the people, as well as provide a way for members to introduce the church to others.


“I’ve placed orders that aren’t very big, to raise money for our church and the convenience of being able to do that has made it possible to let our small youth group feel like they are involved and can contribute”

“The wristbands arrived this past week and they look great! Both phrases with their different fonts and color fills really make the bands special. Thank you so much; I can’t wait to share them with my friends!”


Band Your Club or Group Together!

Sample fundraising wristband

Much better than a bumper sticker, a wristband showcasing your club or group will show it off with class, pride and style. Not only will you be able to promote your club, but you will also have a reminder of any goals you are trying to meet and accomplish.

Our wristbands are a great way to provide fundraising to meet any need your club or group may have and help support any cause they are fighting for.

At Reminderband we offer small and large quantities providing for any need you may have whether it is just five bracelets or whether it is 200 or even 2000. We also provide unbeatable quality, using only 100% silicone, and provide the fastest service.


“Your company is great! The setup process online is one of the simplest and quickest I’ve seen. The reminder bands came in quicker than most of the items that I order from other vendors. I am amazed with the positive response that my students have had with your product. We use the bands both to market our martial arts academy to prospective students and to reward our current students for their efforts.”


Wristbands Bring People and Communities Together

Whether to remember a friend, support your local high school dance, or promote the Fourth of July picnic, personalized wristbands will help you share and remember your community.

Silicone bracelets are a great way to promote any goal your community may have as well as to band together in supporting a cause. They are a great way to help raise money for the community as well. They can be personalized with the phrase or logo of any cause, team, person, or venue that may need your help.

Since we know just how important these causes are to you and your community we provide the absolute best in quality, the fastest shipping and incredible customer service support to guarantee your silicone wristbands get to you quickly and are fabulous!

“My son’s elementary school decided that wristbands with the school slogan would be a great spiritwear prize and fundraiser. An economical cost, speed of delivery and quality were all critical as time and money were tight, yet everyone wanted a fantastic result. Reminderband hit the mark on all points….we could not be more delighted, and so are the kids. Thank you!”

“I order bracelets to help keep the memory of my niece alive and it is so comforting to see so many people wearing her bracelet that I order from Reminderband. I have people come up to me all the time wanting to know where they can get one so I always carry them with me so that I can give them one. Thank you Reminderband for helping my cope with the loss.”