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Time is money and at Reminderband we don’t take your time lightly! We pride ourselves in getting your bands to you in record time!

We are very proud to be able to offer our customers The Next-Day Band Delivery Program. We are able to get you your wristbands the next business day after you order them. Although there are certain restrictions which enable us to be able to follow through with our commitment, most customers will probably find that your order fits within the requirements.

  • The deadline for orders must be 12:00 noon Mountain time. Orders received after noon MST will be processed with the following morning’s orders.
  • All orders must be processed through a customer service representative.
  • Availability of in stock inventory and current backlog of other Next-Day orders.
  • No color fill, double sided debossing or individual wrapping.
  • Orders are limited to Continental US delivery.
  • Standard FedEx Priority, Express or 2nd day shipping rates apply based on your shipping preference. Your customer service representative will quote your rates for you based on your area.
  • See the table below for priority rush order fees.
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Reminderband produces high-quality silicone bracelets that are fully customizable in 24 stock colors with the ability to mix and match. Anything you like can also be embossed on the bracelet, whether it’s your name, a group organization or something that you hold close to your heart. They can be ordered in any size batch, or a single bracelet at a time, and typically arrive within the week. So, how can you put these wristbands to use? Here are some ideas.

1. Show Support for the Troops

If you’ve served in the military, you’re the spouse or family member of a soldier or you simply want to show your support, order a Reminderband to show your love for the people who serve our country. You can order the Reminderband military bracelet with the name of the service branch or your loved one’s name to keep them near you while they’re overseas.

2. Use Them as a Fundraising Tool

Fundraising is usually most successful when you give something away to donors. Higher quality items can also be much more effective at raising the necessary funds. You can have Reminderbands embossed with a specific phrase, a logo or even a website address to not only promote your company or group but receive long-lasting promotional benefits. Reminderbands last for years and they’re something people actually want to wear!

3. Create Custom Wristbands for Your Club

If you’re a member of a club or an organization, why not promote your club and give everyone a reminder of what they work hard for? You can order the specific number of Reminderbands you need and have them personalized with a color and your group’s name or slogan.

4. Give Out Reminderbands to Your Customers

If you own a small business, you know just how expensive and difficult promoting your name can be. If you’re still trying to get your name out to the community and generate some new leads, try ordering Reminderbands with your company name and website address to generate some attention. These wristbands are a great replacement for the cliché key chain giveaways that few people use anymore and they help you get cheap advertising when your customers wear them around town.

5. Support Your Child’s Team

If your son or daughter participates in team sports, think about ordering Reminderbands in their team colors to encourage their efforts. You can order Reminderbands for the whole team and even personalize them with everyone’s name and jersey number. This is a wonderful personalized gift the kids will love to wear and it will serve as a great souvenir of a wonderful time in their lives.

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Reminderbands are fun silicone bracelets that let you raise awareness for a cause or a business, show off your love of your favorite sport or even serve as a fundraising tool. Unlike store bought bracelets, they also won’t snap on you within a week. The greatest thing about Reminderbands is how easy they are to customize! Here are some ideas to get you started.

Tire Bands

These silicone wristbands have a neat tire texture and come either plain or with a debossed area to add your own phrase. This style is the perfect choice for an automobile enthusiast, an auto shop interested in advertising their name in the community or a group of people who restore classic cars in their spare time. Wearers won’t forget your name because it’s right there on their wrist.

Multi-Color Bands

These bands can be customized with only two colors or more than four. A fun way to use these Reminderbands is creating wristbands with the colors of your school, favorite professional sports team or your child’s sports team. They make a wonderful school fundraising gift but they can also help your child feel more motivated in team sports. Some people also order these bands in their country’s colors to show their pride.

Golf Bands

Like the tire bands, these wristbands have a really fun texture; in this case, that of a golf ball. They’re also available either plain or with a debossing area to add a team or business name. They make great promotional bands for a company that sells golfing equipment and apparel or a gift for your favorite golf fan.

Debossed Bands

These bands come in dozens of colors, including camo, neon green, orange, hot pink, glow in the dark and even red, white and blue. If you want to keep a reminder of a loved one who’s passed away, why not order a Reminderband in their favorite color with their name embossed on the front? You can also order the colors of the United States to show your patriotism. The camo and desert camo colors are great for displaying your pride of the troops or support for a loved one serving in the military.

These bands are so versatile, nearly anything is possible! Do you have a friend or family member who loves to spend time in their garden? Why not order them a yellow or solar flare band with a loving phrase embossed on the front? For the poetry lover, how about a smoked orchid wristband with a quote from Walt Whitman? The white and silver wristbands can even make thoughtful Christmas gifts for teachers or stocking stuffers for the kids. As you can see, the possibilities are truly endless!

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