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David G. Wilhelm, agent for the Department of Homeland Security, was killed on the evening of March 11, 2005, while working on his new home during the time of the Atlanta courthouse shootings.

Friend and colleague Ryan Spradlin wanted to raise awareness of Wilhelm’s legacy by selling wristbands. He is selling the bands in an effort to raise money for Wilhelm’s favorite charity – the Rowan Vocational Opportunities.

Spradlin said Wilhelm’s reminder to everyone was always to give it all you got. When things would get overwhelming, he would say “Handle your business” and motivate others to work hard.

“I didn’t want people to lose sight of Dave’s extraordinary dedication and to never give any less effort than what he would have given,” said Ryan Spradlin, agent for the Department of Homeland Security.

The motivational wristbands were red, white and blue in tribute to the work Wilhelm did for his country.

“Dave stood for what is right in this world and what is good about law enforcement and he should be remembered for it,” Spradlin said.

To get “Handle Your Business” wristbands contact Ryan Spradlin at

Reminderband donated wristbands to a scholarship fundraiser in memory of Corbin Burnett – a smart, athletic 11-year-old boy – who died after a short battle with a brain tumor.

An annual softball tournament held in Corbin’s memory housed 7 teams and brought in 200 people. All proceeds benefited his scholarship fund. Corbin was suppose to graduate high school in 2009 and the scholarship will go to a person who may not have the chance to attend college unless provided with a scholarship.

“The wristbands are a big hit with the kids,” said Cristy Burnett.

Reminderband donated 500 wristbands for the Corbin Burnett Scholarship fund. To learn more about Corbin’s story visit the site To customize your own wristbands for a good cause visit

On the tragic day of September 11, 2001, four commercial airplanes were hijacked by terrorists and three of the planes were used as a means of mass destruction against the people of the United States. The fourth plane, Flight 93, had been delayed at the airport. After the plane took off, the passengers and crew were informed of the intentions of the terrorists on the plane.

The passengers on Flight 93 fought back against the terrorist hijackers and stopped the plane from going into the White House or the Capitol Building. They crashed the plane into a vacant field in Pennsylvania, sacrificing their lives to save hundreds of others.

The original destination of Flight 93 was the San Francisco Airport. Many of the passengers lived, worked or grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area.

A memorial for the heroic actions and great sacrifice these brave people made is being built in Union City, which is in the heart of the San Francisco Bay area.

“This memorial is being built to give people a chance to come and visit the memorial. To remember, reflect and honor the heroes of Flight 93 that died for their country and their fellow men,” said Michael L. Emerson of Hayward, California, who is the originator and project manager of the memorial.

According to the Flight 93 memorial Web site, the memorial “proposes a space with feelings of remembrance for loved ones lost and thoughts of a positive hope for the future.”

“Almost everything has been donated toward building the memorial,” said Emerson. “Donations include the park location, granite remembrance stones, concrete, benches, landscaping and most of the labor to build it. We are using the donated wristbands to collect donations for the performance bond so we can begin construction of the memorial.”

Reminderband donated 500 patriotic red, white and blue wristbands that say “NEVER FORGET 9/11 – FLIGHT 93 MEMORIAL” in an effort to raise awareness to never forget those heroes who died for their country.

The wristbands also will symbolize everyday American heroes, across the nation and across the world.

“Your company really came through for us and is helping us raise awareness for these heroes. I cannot thank you enough for your generosity and kindness,” Emerson said.

The wristbands will be sold at the benefit concert taking place on August 26, 2005, in San Jose, California, and all proceeds will go toward the memorial.

To donate, get involved and learn more about the Flight 93 memorial, please visit their Web site:

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