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On May 19th, Braylen was killed in an automobile accident.  Sue Calvert, his grandmother, said the following of the accident:

“This has left a hole in her heart that nothing can replace.

I ordered the bracelets in remembrance of him to show people that his memory will never leave us. He will always be a part of us just as he used to be.

A love for somebody’s gone never fades it just goes into the heart more deeper. Thank you and God Bless.”

We join with Sue in remembering and celebrating the life of such a sweet boy.

Fly high, Braylen.

Reminderband Team

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Happy Monday!

Today we have just a quick little FYI for those who are thinking of adding that extra special something to their wristband design. As you may already know, we offer a massive assortment of free clipart right on our website. Did you know that we also have the option of imprinting your own artwork or logo right on your wristbands, keychains, or Tyvek? Now you know! Let’s talk a bit about that.

navy with yellow and cardblack with goldorange with neon

One of the most common uses for a Reminderband is to memorialize someone who has passed. There are quite a few design options from which to choose. Some folks find that it adds just the right amount of class to upload a signature of their loved one for the band to be a more personal memento to family and friends. Here’s how to make it happen:

Take a clear picture of the signature you’d like to use. It works best on white paper, with a head-on angle that’s well-lit. You may want to make it bolder and more visible by tracing over it. Once you get to the second design step, just click to add artwork. You’ll notice there’s an option to upload your own image.

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 10.06.51 AM.png

Simply attach the picture of that signature and proceed to finish placing your order–we’ll take care of the rest!



As always, if you have questions about any aspect of the design process, our band specialists are available to help!

Until next time…

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Popularly used at community vigils, family memorial services, or even just as personal reminders or tributes, memorial bracelets are a way to honor loved and lost ones for years to come. Inexpensive, durable, and customizable, silicone wristbands are often a popular token, especially when they can be ordered in bulk or in orders as small as one band.

This begs the question: what to put on the memorial band? There are a couple of factors to consider when designing or customizing a memorial bracelet. One is its intended use: is it a gift for those attending a funeral, or intended to rally a community around a cause, or serve as an individual, personal reminder? Another is visibility. People often ask questions about silicone awareness bracelets — how much are you willing to or wanting to share? If you don’t want to talk about it, a less vibrant color and design might be better suited to your purpose. Finally, the bracelet should serve as a reminder of the cause and/or person and honor them. Use words, phrases, colors, or artwork that represent them.

Examples of things people have put on Reminderband memorial bracelets in the past include:

  • A memorial or religious phrase
  • Names
  • A hashtag or URL for more information
  • Dates
  • Symbols or artwork to represent a cause or a person who passed away

Is there anything we missed or you would like more information on? Leave us a comment or tweet us at @reminderband to let us know.

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Once a year, Bob Rettger rides 220 miles over the course of three days in memory of his best friend, Rob.

“He volunteered two days a week at the food bank, and so I do this ride to keep his efforts and his memory alive at the food bank where he did so much for so many people,” says Rettger.

After Rob died of a rare form of cancer three years ago, Rettger began asking for donations before riding his bike from the Chicago area to Central Wisconsin. The donations go to the Northern Illinois Food Bank, where Rob volunteered.

In two years of riding, Rettger says he’s raised enough for 40,000 community meals.

25876135_food_bank_bike_picture He also has Reminderband wristbands made that say “The Rob Ride NFIB” and “Cool Change,” the motto of the ride. He doesn’t sell the bands, however. Instead he gives them out to people he meets along his ride.

“It’s three days of serenity that I get to spend with my friend,” says Rettger. “I’ve always met amazing people along the way who want to hear the story. Everybody I encounter I give them a wristband.”

Rettger says he sees the purpose of the wristbands as to share his friend’s legacy.

“They are small tokens that keep spreading Rob’s memory.”

For information on how to volunteer or donate to the Northern Illinois Food Bank, visit If you’d like to share how you use Reminderbands, let us know about your cause here.
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The passing of loved ones is the most difficult and universal of all things. Many people use custom wristbands as a way to remember and cherish those who have passed on.

memorial wristbands

Custom memorial wristbands have been used to thank those who lent support, commemorate an anniversary, and fundraise for a foundation or memorial scholarship. Custom wristbands are inexpensive to give out at funerals, vigils, and other events, or can be ordered in small amounts for a personal group of family or friends. Silicone memorial wristbands are safe for everyday wear and long-lasting, beautiful and customizable.

Memorial wristbands have been used for Memorial Day, to create a memorial scholarship, to remember a toddler and bring awareness for Shaken Baby Syndrome, and memorialize a beloved football player.

Here are some reviews from customers who used Reminderband to create memorial wristbands:

“We have ordered twice now for funerals so it was a rush both times. The bands have been excellent each time. We have been extremely grateful for the compassion and willingness to help us out.”

Kyla from Lakeside, CA

“I have recently ordered wristbands for my passing boyfriend. Another company I had dealt with has been and still is giving me a very hard time when I tried sending them back for their poor quality. After explaining the situation to Reminderband, they not only took the time to go over the order with me, but I was also contacted after I received the bracelets to make sure I was happy. Everyone loves the bracelets. It’s one last thing that we can all carry around as a reminder of him, and Reminderband did an amazing job!”

Elisa from Cortlandt Manor, NY

“Chris, at Reminderband, was absolutely incredible to work with. I had called several other companies, but none were considerate of our situation (a student death), and none were willing to work with us in the time crunch we were in (we needed them shipped the next day and in our hands a day later for the visitation). Not only did Chris fulfill his duties, but he went above and beyond to make sure we were happy with our order. I have raved about him to several people because I am truly THANKFUL for what he did for our school… I am SO impressed with Reminderband and we will DEFINITELY be going with them in the future!!”

Katie from Adams, MN

For more information on memorial wristbands, click here.

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Kassidy Foster was a 12-year-old sixth grader just like any other.  She was a level 7 gymnast at Virginia Techniques Gymnastics and a member of Faith Fellowship Church. Her favorite color was pink and her favorite flowers were roses.  All fairly typical for a 12-year-old American girl.

To the regret of many on Thursday, March 29, 2007, she was diagnosed with osteosarcoma – the most common type of bone cancer.  The doctors have found cancerous cells on her right femur near the knee and close to hip hip.  They also found cancerous cells in her chest between my heart and lungs.  All not so typical for such a young and spirited girl.

On April 4 she started chemotherapy. The doctors expected her to need chemotherapy for about 40 weeks and surgery to replace her femur with a rod.  Unfortunately these efforts were in vain.  Kassidy passed away on July 16, 2007 after a long and grueling fight against her cancer.

Though Kassidy’s body has gone, her spirit of selflessness and dedication lives on.  To remember Kassidy and her short legacy family members had small cancer bracelet wrist bands made in her honor. The wristbands help their wearers to remember Kassidy and and try to incorporate in their lives many of the wonderful traits she possessed.

A tribune banner for Eric Medlen, the 2005 Northwest Nationals Funny Car champion who died in March from injuries suffered in a testing accident earlier that week, was available all weekend for racing fans to sign.

Drivers for John Force Racing – Force himself, Ashley Force and Robert Hight – have remembered their fallen teammate by wearing a rubber wristband made by Brittany and Courtney Force, John’s daughters.

“I wear it all the time,” Ashley Force said. “When I leave mine at home, I send someone to go get it.

“We know he’s watching over us. It just shows how many people adored him.”

Top Fuel drivers J.R. Todd and Brandon Bernstein, two of Medlen’s closest friends on the tour, also wear wristbands that bear his name.

Pit stops

The cause of Medlen’s death was determined to be severe head shake. In the months since the accident, his father, John Medlen, has studied safety innovation for Funny Car drivers. One of the inventions for the racers is wearing earplugs that measure the G-force changes during a run.

16-year old Ben Lyman was killed on June 23rd when he dove 30 feet off a bridge over Bear River near Logan Utah. The accidental death stunned his teammates on the football team at Sky View High School, and they decided to dedicate their season in Ben’s honor. And what a season it has been.The Bobcats are 8-0 for the first time in school history, and will be one of the favorites to win their first state title in school history. The Bobcats wear custom wristbands from Reminderband that say, “Remember Ben,” and they tap his #25 jersey every time they step onto the field.

Hard work and precision execution are big reasons why the Bobcats are undefeated. But they say an even bigger reason is they feel Ben with them everytime they play.

There is a video with interviews of teammates and more information on this touching story at the ABC4 website.

Ken and his wife Carolyn found out Ken had bladder cancer in 1993. For Ken and Carolyn and their four children, this was a very difficult time. Ken started going to the doctor’s at least once a year for the doctor to scrape the tumors out of his bladder. After each procedure he would have to wait three months and then go back for a check-up and on April 15, 2005 he found out the cancer had spread.

“At the time we found out the cancer had spread it was time for chemo and by this time Ken and I were divorced,” said Carolyn. “Ken was undergoing some difficult interferon treatments during 2000-2003 and his attitude changed toward the family, we were divorced on paper but not in our hearts.”

For Father’s day of this year Carolyn wanted to do something very special for Ken and that is when she found Reminderband. She ordered 20 wristbands with Ken’s favorite saying from Star Trek “Make It So”.

“Ken loved the wristbands and was so thrilled and touched when he received them for Father’s Day,” said Carolyn.

Ken and Carolyn remarried on October 29, 2005 at 10 a.m. and Ken passed away that evening at 6:50 p.m.

“I held Ken’s hand and told him that it was time to go home and he didn’t have anything to worry about here,” said Carolyn.

Carolyn said she is going to wear her wristband until the day she goes home to be with Ken. She hasn’t taken her wristband off since the day she got them for Ken and will wear it forever as a constant reminder of a best friend.

To order your own personal reminder for a special cause or person in your life visit

Julie Paige McAvinn passed away on February 25, 2004 at the young age of 40 leaving behind her husband and three children. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in November 2003 and died three months later.

Julie was an avid runner and extremely athletic competing in races including the Boston Marathon in 1999.

The Julie Fund was established after Julie’s death, however she thought up the idea when she was battling the cancer.

“Julie thought up the fund before she died and told us she wanted to do something to help other people who are faced with this terrible situation,” said close friend Peg Fischer.

The Julie Fund was established by Julie’s family and friends in partnership with the Massachusetts General Hospital and Partners Healthcare, a system of Massachusetts’ leading academic medical centers and community hospitals.

Fischer’s 11-year-old son thought up the idea to sell wristbands in order to raise money and awareness for the Julie Fund.

“We kicked off in June selling wristbands at a race held for the Julie fund and we sold 1,000 in a month,” said Fischer.

The Julie Fund expects to impact three key areas relating to women’s cancers including non-medical expenses, research and raising awareness.

“The wristbands are worn by the people of Wellesley and we have to keep ordering more,” Fischer said.

The Julie Fund has sold thousands of the cancer bracelet wristbands with the profit from the bands assisting the goals set by Julie before she passed away.

There will be a gala held for the Julie Fund on Oct. 8 for further fundraising. Wristbands will be worn by those attending.

Reminderband has been incredible to work with and we are grateful for the support as we move quickly to launch the Julie Fund,” Fischer said.

For more information about the Julie Fund visit the Web site

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