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Official Wristbands at Tour de France

August 5, 2005
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Logan, UT— Reminderband, the official providers of the wristband of the Tour de France, was worn by thousands at the Tour including cyclists, fans, police security and reporters.

Fans of all ages were seen wearing the signature wristbands as they cheered on the cyclists with great enthusiasm.

“The Tour de France wristbands are fantastic and they are not only fashionable, they are unifying,” said customer Michele Antonelli of Saint-Etienne, France.

There are two different wristband designs that were sold at the Tour. The first wristband symbolizes the journey through the mountain stages by mirroring the esteemed polka-dotted jersey, in honor of victory in these difficult stages. The second band uses the colors gold, black and white, the official colors of the Tour de France’s logo.

“I bought some wristbands for my whole family so we would be a part of this worldwide sporting event,” said Antonelli.

Numerous cyclists wore the bands as they glided across the finish line after yet another grueling day of conquering a course full of hills and difficult terrain.

Kiosks set up along the course sold almost 20,000 in only the last ten days of the event.

Reminderband earned the official license to be the designer, manufacturer and distributor of such a prestigious event as the Tour de France in July of this year.

“It was exciting for us to provide the official band for such a prominent event as the Tour,” said Aaron Bishop, one of Reminderband’s partners.

The Livestrong wristbands inspired Reminderband to promote causes whether big or small by making custom silicone bands affordable. Reminderband continues its commitment to community and donates tens of thousands of wristbands to great causes and fundraisers they believe in, such as disaster relief and cancer research.