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Reminderband announces its donations to local Hurricane Katrina victims. Reminderband wanted to donate to local victims of the disaster and so donations were sent to St. Stanislaus College, the Transitional Recovery Action Center for Katrina (T.R.A.C.K.) created by the Acadiana Outreach Center and the Salvation Army.

Reminderband donated approximately $20,800 to each of these organizations in an effort to help out those organizations that are locally helping rebuild what was so devastatingly lost.

“We are so thankful for Reminderband’s support and generous donation of $20,814! This past year was a very traumatic one, but we believe that this year is the year of new beginnings,” said Director of Acadiana Outreach Center Valerie Keller.

The TRACK program is committed to helping those in need in the Lafayette community as well as continuing their efforts assisting hurricane evacuees.

“Through your donation, we are able to offer hope to those who need it most, helping them create a new chapter in their lives during 2006,” said Keller.

The St. Stanislaus College located in Bay St. Louis Mississippi was hit hard by Hurricane Katrina ruining their library and dormitories. St. Stanislaus is the oldest continually operated school on the Mississippi Gulf coast and the largest Catholic Boarding School in the United States. It was persisted through the Civil War, the Depression and battering hurricanes and devastating fires since 1854 according to the school’s history.

“We are most appreciative of Reminderband’s generosity, the support plays an important role in the rebuilding of St. Stanislaus and the Bay St. Louis community,” said Director of Development Michael Reso.

The Salvation Army has been meeting the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of over 500,000 disaster survivors. The Salvation Army has served over 5 million meals in response to Katrina and Rita and is providing direct aid to survivors in more than 30 states across the country according to a letter sent to Reminderband.

“Thank you for your gift donation designated to help victims of the Katrina and Rita Hurricanes in the gulf area of the United States,” said Lt. Colonel Raymond Peacock.

Reminderband is committed to helping foundations for disaster relief as well as other organizations such as cancer research.

For more information on the KARE campaign and ways to help Katrina Relief efforts visit

Imagine waking up one day and having to hurry and grab a few items that are expensive or close to you and driving off leaving everything behind. This is what many had to do when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. For Craig Karger, a sophomore at Tulane University, he left with just his lap top and iPod as he drove off to the Houston airport to fly to Miami to meet his parents.

Like many others Karger had to find a new place to go to college so he enrolled in Miami but wanted to be able to go back to Tulane as soon as possible. He wanted to make a difference even if it was just him raising money for his school.

“Craig was so upset and he wanted to do something to help his university so we told him we would do whatever it took for him if he wanted to raise money or help in some way,” said Craig’s mom Lori Karger.

With his parents help he started a Web site for Tulane University called
and created the Save Nola wristbands with the university president’s permission to use the Tulane wave. Craig wanted to sell the wristbands to raise awareness and money for the university he loved.

“Craig was on an online forum for Tulane when he asked President Cowen of the university if he could use the wave on the wristbands and he was granted permission,” said Lori.

After generating buzz about the wristbands and getting media coverage the Save Tulane project has raised $8,000 all of the proceeds from the wristbands go to the Commission to Bring Back New Orleans. Craig gave all the members of the commission a bracelet.

The entire Tulane basketball team is wearing the wristbands along with former Vice Presidential Nominee John Edwards.

“It’s really taken off and it’s been great to see my son put so much effort into such a great cause, all on his own,” said Lori.

“We have had a great experience working with Reminderband and appreciate all the help we have received,” said Lori.

For more information on how you can order the ROLL WAVE and Save NOLA wristbands visit

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