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Nick Whatcott Fights Cancer.jpg

At the start of 2018, six-year-old Nixon Whatcott was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma.  He had been complaining that his leg hurt for a couple of weeks. Doctors performed an x-ray where they found tumors in his femur. Further tests at Primary Children’s Hospital in Utah showed the tumors were malignant and had spread to his lungs. Osteosarcoma is a very rare and aggressive cancer. Nixon started aggressive chemotherapy that lasted 10 weeks, at which point they did additional tests and scans to evaluate what the next step would be in his treatment.

Nixon’s father, Nick Whatcott, said:  “Nixon is a fighter, he is strong, and if anyone can beat this it will be him! This boy is fighting for his life.  [Our] family is overwhelmed by the love and outreach we have received and continue to receive! [We] have an army of support here and an army of angels above!  Nick’s Facebook page is available to give family and friends updates as he takes on this beast and punches it in the face!”

Nixon’s family is using Reminderband wristbands to raise money for Nixon’s treatment and other expenses.

Additional Information on Childhood Cancer

“Childhood cancer remains the leading cause of death by disease among children in the United States.  Every day, 43 children are diagnosed with cancer and the average age of diagnosis is 6. Cancer affects all ethnic, gender, and socio-economic groups and more than 40,000 children undergo treatment for cancer each year.”  (

Childhood Cancer Diagnoses Per Year.png

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Need customized silicone wristbands that look amazing and won’t break the bank? Check out these Dual-Layer Wristbands, one of our most popular styles. By the way, they’re 25% off through 5/18/18 at! Just use this discount coupon code at checkout.

FB%2FWebsite Dual Layer promo images (2).png

Debossed Wristbands are as popular as ever. Often times, the most desirable look is to have the imprint in a different color, but that can take a bit of extra time. That’s where the Dual-Layer bracelets come in. If you’re looking for high-quality rubber bracelets on the cheap and with a fast turnaround, look no further.

Dual Layer Band.pngA Dual-Layer Wristband has all the awesome advantages of traditional, “LIVESTRONG”-style bracelets, but with a twist: instead of painting a spray or “silicoat” on the surface of the wristband, we actually fuse two different-colored layers of our sturdy 100% silicone material together. Then we engrave your personalized message and/or artwork through that top layer for a vivid contrast! It’s our very own proprietary design you won’t find anywhere else.DualLayer-AquaHotPink.pngUnlike silicoat or color-coated wristbands, the color on our Dual-Layer wristbands won’t rub away or wear off. They also have a sleek, semi-matte feel to them, without the sticky, tacky texture. As always, our wristbands feel like rubber but are pure silicone and also latex-free. Did we mention we also offer them in a sweet assortment of eye-popping color combinations?

DL bands engraved.png

Dual-Layer bracelets are perfect for just about any occasion:

  • Parties
  • Sporting Teams
  • Resale or Promotional use
  • School Events
  • Fundraisers
  • Events like Festivals, Concerts, Benefits, and Charities
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Personal Reminders for Motivation
  • Personal Medical Id Bracelets
  • And Many More!

We offer oodles of free font and clipart options for you to make your wristband design absolutely perfect. Go ahead and get creative! Head over to Reminderband today to start designing your wristbands while this sale lasts.

Need just one or two? No problem. There’s no minimum order.

Our user-friendly online wristband maker gives you a preview image so you can see what you’re creating every step of the way. Or, simply give our world-famous customer support team a call and we’ll do it for you over the phone in just a few minutes.


We’ve seen tons of great success stories with how people use custom wristbands for their causes or events. What will your story be?


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Since 2004, we’ve never stopped thinking of new ways to expand our lineup of custom silicone wristbands. Today, we are giving a shoutout to a couple specialty wristbands that have actually been around for awhile, and have been super popular in our long history of making awesome wristbands!

Which is more your style? Tire or golf?

Lots of motocross and biking groups order custom tire bands annually. On the other hand, the golf bands are a great way to memorialize someone or to do a fundraiser or charity event. One thing is for sure–no other wristbands look quite like these!

For more ideas on how to customize your next masterpiece and to share your message with the world, head over to Reminderband today and see just how creative you can get!



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Young Survival Coalition (YSC) is the premier organization dedicated to the critical issues unique to young women who are diagnosed with breast cancer. YSC offers resources, connections, and outreach so women feel supported, empowered and hopeful.

The YSC was founded in 1998 by three women who were each under age 35 at the time of their diagnosis. Discouraged by the scarcity of resources and awareness of young women with breast cancer, so they formed an alliance through which they could make an impact.

unnamed (13).jpg

YSC has three charity bike rides each year: one in each of the South, East, and West Coasts. This event, the Tour de Pink (TdP) is “an inspiring three-day charity bike ride, with a one-day option, that raises funds for young women affected by breast cancer.”

These rides are completely equipped with the proper furnishings of bike and motorcycle marshals, vehicle support, and plenty of rest stops. They also have lodging and meals for the three-day riders, who commit to raising $2,500 each.

Tire (1).png

Rachel Kelley, a three-day rider in the YSC Tour de Pink West Coast, will be selling the wristbands to contribute to her fundraising efforts. All proceeds from her wristbands will be donated to YSC through her fundraising page, here.


For ideas and options on running your own fundraiser with custom wristbands, check out!

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In case you missed it, here are some neat causes we’ve featured on our social media pages lately. We admire these strong individuals and communities working with issues such as loss, disease, and depression.





In January of 2014, a 12-year-old young man named Christopher was diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma, a rare bile duct cancer. Four of his friends coordinated a fundraising effort to raise money to help the family with Christopher’s treatment costs, called the ChangeWorks Foundation. The four girls set a goal of raising $750 and ordered bracelets with their new organization’s name in Christopher’s favorite color (green). Word quickly spread through the community and they were soon inundated with requests for green bands and donation boxes.

Unfortunately Christopher lost his battle with cholangiocarcinoma only 74 days after he was diagnosed with the condition. Because of the awareness efforts and wristband campaign, over $15,000 was raised and given to the family, and ChangeWorks! fundraisers spread across the entire community.

After Christopher passed away, 15 youth bonded together to create a 501(c)(3) foundation to organize other youth and community members in his memory, to help other families experiencing the financial and emotional burden of diagnosis and treatment, and to help institutions find cures for childhood cancer.

You can read their story and find out more at

Kevin Shipley

Sixteen-year-old Kevin lives with a particularly aggressive form of Muscular Dystrophy called Deuchenn’s. Incredibly painful and debilitating, no facility near home can provide the necessary care and both parents are needed 24/7. Despite the difficulties, Kevin remains positive and his family of seven has strengthened. His story has been featured on the news twice:

Family and friends have formed a group in solidarity and use Reminderbands to raise funds to support the family.



Saddened by youth suicide rates, Jeremy embarked on an effort to spread love on his college campus. He asked students at the College of New Jersey to write something they loved about themselves on a piece of paper and hold it up in front of the camera. The resulting video was set to music and is a beacon of positivity:

Jeremy also uses Reminderbands marked ‪#‎belove‬ to raise money for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. You can follow his campaign to show love to everyone, especially those who may not feel included, on Facebook at

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 2.44.57 PM603762_1427136910934703_6569552850791621349_n

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Charities, nonprofits, school groups, clubs … all face the same problem: raising money. Fundraising can be difficult at the best of times, even more so in an economic downturn or during the busy fall season. Volunteers and leadership should not despair, however — wristbands offer a unique solution.


Custom silicone wristbands inscribed with art, slogans or or logos serve a dual purpose: 1) they are in themselves a desirable good, and 2) they further promote awareness for the cause. They serve as both awareness-raising and a tangible item.

Wristbands can be used in several ways for fundraising events. Giving out wristbands can incentivize volunteer service and donations, and the more people who wear them, the more your cause will be known.

If you’re running an event like a race or pancake breakfast, wristbands can be used to identify staff or participants.

Wristband also make great sale items in and of themselves. Selling wristbands for $3-5 provides an easy way for people to give and a great profit margin for money to go towards the cause. Wristbands can also be included as part of a larger package or reward for donation.

A simple way to raise awareness is to get politicians, community leaders, celebrities, etc to wear the bands as well.

Here are some recommendations from those who have used Reminderband wristbands to fundraise in the past:

“I’ve placed orders that aren’t very big, to raise money for our church and the convenience of being able to do that has made it possible to let our small youth group feel like they are involved and can contribute”

“I have worked with Reminderband numerous times to help schools in our area raise money for needed programs, the product they sell are second to none, and the customer care we received in designing the unique bands for the schools were outstanding, when we need something special & classy our first call is to Reminderband.”

Its a pleasure doing business with you guys. The reminder bracelets were for a charity, we were very impressed with the way the service was quick and the product was great.. couldnt ask for a better company.. I will for sure ONLY use your services for bracelets. thanks very much guys for your hard work. Leila from Toronto”

Leila from Toronto, ON

“I ordered 200 reminderbands to raise money for a local boy with a rare form of tissue cancer. The bands sold out within hours. I ordered another 300 bracelets. We were able to raise over $1,000 in a matter of days. I placed my first order via phone. What a pleasant group of people. I placed my second order online. Super easy process. Great product”

Gwynetta from Robstown, TX

“They were perfect! Perfect way to help me in my fundraising efforts. I would recommend them to anyone!”

Cara from Staten Island, NY
Jun 16, 2010

“I ordered from ReminderBand to have a small fundraiser and raise awareness for the rare disease my Dad has been diagnosed with. Ordering was quick and easy, very straightforward. I even got my order earlier than I expected. Great service! ”

Steph from Rochester, NY
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Silicone wristbands are quickly becoming one of the most effective and popular advertising mediums for small and large businesses. However, many fundraising organizations are beginning to use wristbands to help advertise causes and raise awareness.

Fundraising wristbands are a great way for organizations and charities to promote advertising causes with a specific message, reaching thousands of people. While wristbands are extremely inexpensive to produce, most fundraising organizations can afford to sell them for a donation profit, helping raise funding for certain medical conditions and social awareness causes.

Additionally, many fundraising campaigns can be spur of the moment, especially when they are related to community tragedies or helping raise funds for someone suffering from a devastating medical condition. In cases such as these, Reminderband focuses on creating a high quality product that can be delivered in as few as six business days, depending upon shipping type, order type, color-filled debossing and order quantity.

The following wristband colors represent different awareness causes:

  • Purple – Domestic Violence, Lupus and Cystic Fibrosis
  • Orange – Asperger’s and Self Harm
  • Grey – Brain Cancer and Diabetes
  • Gold – Childhood Cancer
  • White – Fighting Poverty
  • Pink – Breast Cancer
  • Green – Organ Donor and Leukemia
  • Blue – Prostate Cancer
  • Black – Melanoma
  • Red – HIV and Heart Disease

Charity and fundraising wristbands or cancer bracelets help promote a variety of other causes, including education for poor children, helping needy patients with medical treatments and providing free medications those less fortunate, even funding research for disease-causing solutions.

Popular fundraising hints include:

  • Volunteers – Assigning volunteers tasks for fundraising efforts is extremely helpful in reaching necessary goals. Dividing work into smaller tasks among several volunteers is recommended, so one volunteer doesn’t feel overwhelmed. Always thank volunteers for their support and relay how valuable their contributions are to fundraising efforts.
  • Members – To keep members motivated, fundraising groups can offer prizes and other small rewards, including lunch, local business donations or even complimentary advertising at fundraisers. Always be positive, excite and enthusiastic – as energy is contagious.
  • Parents – Parents are necessary for successful community and school fundraising events. Sending emails, letters and calling parents is a great way to stay in constant contact without appearing too pushy or forcing anyone to participate.

Reminderband offers a wide selection of custom wristbands and cancer bracelets, which are perfect for any fundraising event.

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In a town as small as Ripon, everyone knows your name — or at least they know someone who knows your name.

For Krystan Souza, this is a very good thing.

The 16-year-old Ripon High School student who will begin her senior year in the fall, was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia two weeks ago. The onset of the cancer was sudden and furious, and Krystan is now undergoing treatment in Santa Clara at a Kaiser Permanente pediatric oncology ward.

The Ripon community has rallied together support for the Souza family with a blood drive, fundraisers, and countless prayers.

Hundreds of people from Ripon and the surrounding communities came to Ripon High School Monday to donate blood to Krystan through a Delta Blood Bank blood drive, organized by Ripon Chamber leaders, Helen Lopez and Dorothy Booth.

The donors came from all walks of life and were each touched in some way by the Souza family.

Renee Ohland, Tara Garrison, Christine Chapple, and Stephanie Sikma all came to donate because they know Krystan’s sisters, Jennifer and Rochelle. Phil Weerheim came because he takes his dog to get groomed at Krystan’s mom’s business, Debbie’s Dog Grooming. Steve Fredriks donated because Krystan’s sister once dated his nephew. There was even a kind stranger who came to donate and brought a card to the family because she heard Krystan’s story on the evening news.

Jennifer, Rochelle, Casey Jaspar, and Krystan’s best friend, Vanessa Mendoza all donated their blood and chopped off their hair to donate to Locks of Love.

“All of Ripon has been incredibly supportive – even people we didn’t think would be there, are,” said Jennifer Souza.

The Souza family began worrying about Krystan three weeks ago when she complained of pain in her knees. When the pain got worse, Krystan was taken to the emergency room where she was told that it was probably growing pains and that she should take some ibuprofen.

Krystan collapsed two days later and was rushed to Doctor’s Hospital in Manteca. Krystan’s family stayed with her through the night and went with her in the morning when she was taken by ambulance to the Kaiser hospital in Santa Clara which was better equipped to handle the severity of Krystan’s condition.

Krystan’s parents haven’t left Santa Clara since then and will be renting a house in the area, as treatments are likely to continue for at least another year. Krystan’s siblings, Jennifer, Rochelle and Kevin have been holding down the fort at home in Ripon, quitting other part time jobs to run their mom’s dog grooming business with long time employee, Casey Jaspar.

Krystan, meanwhile, has just finished 10 days of chemotherapy in which she was getting five doses each day. (In most cases, chemotherapy is administered once a week.) She has received blood transfusions every day that she has been in the hospital and desperately needs blood platelets.

Jennifer says that their main concern has been Krystan’s white blood cell count. In a normal immune system, white blood cell counts are about 10,000. Doctors generally start to worry when the count reaches 60,000, explained Jennifer. When Krystan was admitted in Santa Clara, her white blood cell count was at 170,000 and by the second day had doubled to more than 300,000.

Krystan had a stroke on Sunday night and has been running a 105.6 degree temperature. Jennifer says that hospital staff have been trying to keep Krystan’s temperature down with wet washcloths and ice cold water.

She has also developed pneumonia because she has no immune system due to the many blood transfusions. Her lungs filled with fluid and she now wears an oxygen mask at night and has tubes in her nose and throat during the day. On Monday, doctors installed a feeding tube.

Doctors are currently running tests to find out how effective the treatment has been so far, so that they can attack the disease from the best possible angle.

Jennifer describes her sister as feisty, stubborn, fun and energetic.

“She’s a girl who cares a lot about people and is up for anything,” said Jennifer. “It’s been really hard for us, because we’re a really close family. She’s the baby, we would all die for her.”

Krystan’s amazing strength and feisty nature has played a key role in her fight against cancer. Jennifer says that Krystan has been cracking jokes in the hospital and only cried once, when she saw their dad crying.

“My parents are all right. The first week was really emotional and there were a lot of break downs. Now they’re in fighting mode,” said Jennifer. 

A fund to help with ever-mounting medical costs has been set up for Krystan at the Bank of Stockton in Ripon.

State and private organizations in Utah are mobilizing to help victims of Hurricane Katrina:
* State of Utah: A toll-free number and e-mail address have been established for people willing to volunteer their expertise to aid victims or help rebuild New Orleans. Call 1-866-873-2437 or e-mail
* Rite-Aid: Customers of Rite-Aid stores in Utah can donate money at any checkout stand. Rite-Aid will forward the customer donations to the American Red Cross. The company’s foundation said Thursday it plans to send $250,000 to the Red Cross.
* The Regence Group: The Regence Group will donate $100,000 to American Red Cross. The Regence Group, the largest health insurer in the Northwest/Intermountain area, is an affiliation of four state Blue Cross and Blue Shield health plans, including Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Utah. Regence also will encourage and facilitate employee donations to local Red Cross organizations.
* Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort: Snowbird is accepting and matching donations to the American Red Cross Hurricane Relief Fund. Through Oct. 9, guests and employees will be able to make donations at the resort, which will match up to $10,000.
* Wristbands: Reminderband, the silicone wristband-maker based in Logan, will donate $100,000 in bands to a . . . project designed to earn $1 million for relief efforts.

Your Week Quotes

“My feeling is that even though I have a little, I have more than they do.”
– Julie McNair, an Eagle Mountain resident collecting clothing and food for the Katrina victims.

“These are my people. We’re ready to do whatever we can do.”
– Jeff St. Romain, the president of Volunteers of America in Salt Lake City who spent 37 years in the New Orleans area.

“It was just a plea for help. We need to find shelter. We need to find food and [provide for the refugees’] basic quality of life. The other issues will sort themselves out.”
– Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. on taking in hurricane refugees from the Gulf states.
My feeling is that even though I have a little, I have more than they do.”
Julie McNair, an Eagle Mountain resident collecting clothing and food for the Katrina victims
These are my people. We’re ready to do whatever we can do.”
Jeff St. Romain, president of Volunteers of America in Salt Lake City, who spent 37 years in the New Orleans area
It was just a plea for help. We need to find shelter. We need to find food and [provide for the refugees’] basic quality of life. The other issues will sort themselves out.”
Gov. Jon M. Huntsman Jr. , on taking in hurricane refugees from the Gulf states

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Sunday, December 12, 2004
On the Wings Blogspot

You probably have seen Lance Armstrong’s yellow Livestrong wristbands designed to help raise money for cancer research. Other organizations have made their own wristband for causes like AIDS and muscular dystrophy.

The Detroit Red Wings organization has created a wristband of their own. The red rubber wristband has the word “Believe” on the front and “DRW est. 1926” on the back. Proceeds go to Ilitch Charities for Children, which benefits children mainly stricken with cancer or AIDS in education, health and recreation.


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