Wristband Ideas

Silicone Wristbands Gaining Popularity

No longer just simply a wristband, silicone wristbands comes in a wide variety of styles, symbols and colors. Gaining in popularity, wristbands have helped organizations and foundations crusade against cancer and disease, helping spread the word and increasing fundraising efforts.

Today, silicone wristbands are a common symbol for harmony or charity – as at a glance, people know a wristband supports a cause that is close to one’s heart. With a variety of colors, many youngsters and teenagers simply think these trendy bands are “in” and the latest styles to grace the pages of fashionable teen magazines. However, each color signifies a different cause or awareness effort, making these vibrant silicone wristbands both fashionable and fun. Ultimately, they are easily wearable awareness advertisements.

Despite the reasons many people wear silicone wristbands, it is undeniable that their popularity with youngsters has skyrocketed. Custom wristbands are inexpensive and are affordable with teenagers’ restricted budgets. Affordability makes them even more accessible to today’s younger generation, and many teens wear two or three different bands on each wrist.

Highly durable, custom bands last a long time, which in the teen world is simply sensational. Come rain, sleet, snow or frost, these silicone bracelets are virtually indestructible, meaning children are not going to constantly bug their parents for a new replacement. Whether someone is looking for a sporty or casual look, silicone wristbands fit the bill, looking marvelous with t-shirts and jeans or a cute trendy summer dress. With thousands of colors, styles and sizes to choose from, parents can easily afford to stuff their child’s Christmas stocking with several varieties.

Another popular niche market is personalized silicone bracelets. Reminderband® carries a wide variety of customized silicone wristbands, including debossed bands, plain bands, custom color bands, debossed tire bands, plain tire bands, phat bands, multi-color bands, marbleized bands, silkscreen bands, golf bands, three-striped bands and two-striped bands.

Great for raising fundraising efforts, promoting memorial causes, celebrating our nation’s great military, promoting awareness causes, celebrating religious organizations, spreading the word about events, highlighting local sports memorabilia, celebrating school spirit, raising community awareness, promoting businesses or groups, these designer bands are the moment’s new must have accessory.

Consumers should not let this valuable opportunity pass them by – not only can organizations raise awareness about certain causes, but they can take the opportunity to jump onto a trend that is adored and admired by young children, tweens, teenagers, 20-somethings and 30-somethings alike.

Wristband Ideas

Silicone Wristbands Are More Than a Fashion Statement

There is something catching on to wearing a wristband around your wrist; so what is it?

This trend has caught the eye of everyone, whether it is little children, teenagers or adults; we have seen all ages wearing wristbands. The wristbands have come a long way from being used to remember an event, cause or loved one. Today you will see so many different varieties of wristbands being worn.

There are certainly different styles of wristbands that have different colors, sizes and print styles. This accessory is inexpensive and easy to put on and has become a pretty attractive item to wear. Silicone wristbands can be a way to start a conversation, a way to express your style or spread the word on the story behind the wristband.

People have used wristbands as promotional bands, for promoting a business, a favorite team, diseases, incidents and much more. Wearing a wristband is more than just a fashion statement it is your support and idea of helping out your community. Showing that you help your community by wearing a custom wristband is a way of telling that you have contributed to a certain need or fund.

What makes it so attractive?

You can make your own bracelet or wristband by coming up with different kind of styles depending on your preference. Customizing your own wristband is really simple. It gives you the option to design the wristband the way you want by choosing the colors, phrase and style. It also gives you the opportunity to make your wristband unique.

Whether you’re making custom bands or charity bands, you want to make it a fashion statement, something that catches the eye of others so you can promote what you’re wearing. It has to be something that others want to wear and soon it will catch on and will be contagious. So remember to figure out what kind of colors you want to put on it; because colors all have different meanings. Red can mean love or power, blue can mean peace and etc… Also the size of the band can also help with the label put on it.  The bigger the size of the band the easier it can be to see what you’re supporting.

Customize your own band by adding a message that you can use to inform, educate, and promote. What makes this fashion so great is that the product is durable and can be affordable to all; you can where these during various activities such as swimming, soccer, football. They are quite practical for its use and the more you order the cheaper it is.

Want To Promote Something on a Low Budget?

They can provide various purposes; they can carry slogans, messages that are used for fund raising, team events, and group activities. Silicone wristbands provide a perfect way to raise funds and raise awareness in the community with a low cost to provide a logo on the wristband.

At, they show you how you can customize your band. The types of prints are embossed, debossed, and print; where embossed is where the letters are lifted up and debossed is the opposite where it is engraved in the band. And print is the normal way of laying out letters. Depending on what you wish or your preference you can order custom wristbands that you have made. They are easy to make and quick to deliver, so don’t miss out on making your idea known.

Awareness Bracelets

Silicone Wristbands for a Cause

Fashion is a great way to raise money. Many organizations have discovered this by selling custom silicone wristbands that sport a selected message. With a variety of colors and designs, friends and supporters can support an organization’s cause while making a strong fashion statement. Wristbands can be pretty popular, not just with the youth, but also for all age groups.

The beginnings

Silicone wristbands were first popularized by the Lance Armstrong Foundation as part of their cancer awareness campaign. The wristbands hit it off in a really big way… and the rest, you can say, is history. Many charities, foundations and even business have jumped into the bandwagon and have used silicone wristbands as part of their fund-raising, awareness and business campaigns.

The Perfect Fundraiser

Silicone wristbands are a perfect fundraiser since it provides great value for money and is eye-catching and can easily be customizable in design. It is catchy yet durable. You can also customize the length of the wristbands to fit your intended market.

Any organization, big or small, (schools, churches, organizations and small groups) can order these custom wristbands online at affordable prices. Of course, the higher the volume of orders, the cheaper the unit cost will be for the items. And, because of the popularity of the items, organizations can sell the wristbands for a dollar, but some can sell these for as high as five or even ten dollars. The more the organization sells the more money it can raise for its cause.

Adults are more than willing to shell out those few dollars – it’s for a cause, after all. And young people are more than eager to wear them because they are colorful. In fact, some have taken to wearing three or more of the same wristbands, or mixing it up by wearing wristbands from different foundations.

Spreading Awareness

More than just a fundraiser, silicone wristbands are effective ways to promote a cause. They are really great movable advertising and awareness mediums. You can emblazon your message on the wristband and your supporters can wear both a fashion statement and a statement of opinion. They can wear them to school, to church or just about everywhere – places where there are a lot of people to see them.

As people get attracted to these colorful awareness bracelets, they also get to see the messages in them. Thus, more and more people are informed about your organization as more and more people buy and wear them.

The key is in having a catchy message. People will see this, get curious and ask the wearer what it’s all about. Then the wearer can explain the message and the organization behind it and may even be able to encourage the person asking to wear one as well. Many people have been inspired and encouraged by the messages in these wristbands. And many people will know about your cause.

The awareness wristbands can continue to do its work even after the fund-raising campaign is over. Supporters can continue to wear it even when the campaign ends. This can still generate enough curiosity that someone can go to the Internet and look your website up. This can lead to more donations given to the organization.

The wristband is, indeed, a simple yet highly effective tool organizations can use. Wear it, believe it, love it!

Reminderband Press Releases

Family sells bands for scholarship for fallen son

As they do at each Law Enforcement Training Center graduation, those gathered to see their loved ones join law enforcement’s ranks observed a moment of silence to honor fallen officers.
On Thursday, that moment was driven home when Michael and Rita Pratt presented one of the graduates with the first scholarship established in honor of their late son, Jason Tye Pratt.

Pratt was an eight-year veteran of the Omaha Police Department when he was shot during a foot pursuit in north Omaha on Sept. 11, 2003. He died eight days later.

“Tye was not great because of the way he left this world but because of the way he lived,” Michael Pratt said. “Tye loved what he did — probably for the same reason you’ve chosen your noble professions — because he wanted to help people.”

After Tye Pratt died, his family began selling custom-made wristbands in his honor and donated the proceeds to the Boys and Girls Club of Omaha. The first bands, which sell for $29.95 each, featured a diamond-etched photo of Tye and a written memorial on aircraft aluminum. Now a variety of photos, etched images and sayings are available.

The proceeds go to the Officer Tye Pratt Law Enforcement Fund at the training center. A $500 grant will be given to one student each session to help them purchase body armor or other necessary equipment.

The recipient from the 164th basic class was Travis King, a 43-year-old father of five who is restarting his law enforcement career in Fremont after serving with the Rollins, Wyo., Police Department. King’s wife also suffers from medical problems, Pratt said as he presented the scholarship.

Pratt said the scholarship was offered through an application process and knew it was going to be tough to decide who should get the money. He said after reading all the applications, he was shocked by the graduates’ nominations of King.

“It was kinda overwhelming,” Pratt said.

He hadn’t expected the men and women applying to do so for someone else but said he shouldn’t have been surprised due to the unselfish nature of those who go into law enforcement.

In addition to the grant, the Pratts presented King with a personalized Tye band featuring the Fremont Police Department’s badge and the words “Thank you for your courage.”

After the ceremony, King said he didn’t know he would be receiving the grant and hadn’t yet decided how he would spend the money.

The Pratts also presented the training center staff with a plaque that features a photo of Tye Pratt and the slogan “These are the bands that tie us all together.”

The plaque is to symbolize the first Tye bands, which were made of solid brass. On Thursday graduate Christifer Folkerts, who received a non-law certification, received one of the brass bands.

The idea that their new professions could cost them their lives wasn’t lost on the graduates. During his address to his fellow students, Jerry Esch of the Hastings Police Department, gave the instructors a plaque as a thank you for all their hard work.

“You’ve saved all our lives,” he said. “It just hasn’t happened yet.”

Reminderband Press Releases

The 1 Year Anniversary Sale ends Wednesday! Act Now!

We want to thank everyone for celebrating with us during our one year anniversary sale. The sale will end this Wednesday, December 20th, so act fast to order your wristbands at the incredible price of $1 or less per wristband.

Free Standard Shipping on orders of 100 wristbands or more.

No standard fees. Reminderband does not charge for mold or set-up fees and we will continue to waive extra character, artwork and double-sided fees. An addional charge of $.25 will be added for custom-color or color-fill wristbands. The sale price does not apply to Reminderband “Tireband”.

No hidden agenda, just $1.00 per wristband with no standard fees! Did we mention that all wristbands are $1.00 per band or less? Orders over 10,000 wristbands call customer service at 1-800-922-5401 for even better pricing.

20 wristbands – $1.00 ea
500 wristbands – $.75 ea
1000 wristbands – $.65 ea
5000 wristbands – $.49 ea

Orders over 10,000 wristbands call for special pricing! 1-800-922-5401

On top of this great deal you can get your order in 6 business days or less, so order before Wednesday and save!

To order visit the Web site or call 1-800-922-5401.

Who's Wearing Wristbands?

Heisman Trophy Winner

Matt Leinart, 2005’s Heisman Trophy winner, has had many close family and friends support him in his football career. Ryan Leinhart, Matt’s brother, purchased wristbands in an effort to thank those family and friends that stuck by him.

“It has been a rollercoaster ride with lots of ups and downs and I wanted to recognize those people who stuck by him and my family through those times,” Leinart said.

Family and friends will wear the wristbands this season in support of Matt and his last year playing college football.

Awareness Bracelets

Uniting National Parks

Anne Dobson, executive director of Lassen Loomis Museum Association, was inspired by Lance Armstrong’s Livestrong wristbands and wanted to raise awareness throughout the nation by promoting the National Park Service’s mission statement. She contacted all the national parks throughout the nation in an attempt for unity.

“It was the goal of our non-profit park partner, Lassen Loomis Museum Association, to create National Park Service awareness bands with part of the park’s mission statement,” Dobson said. The bands say “PRESERVE, PROTECT, ENJOY.”

The National Parks Service chronicles the rich cultural and natural history of the United States dating back to the legacy of Theodore Roosevelt’s attempt to preserve land.

“Reminderband has provided an invaluable opportunity to expand awareness of our country’s legacy,” said Marilyn H. Parris, superintendent of Lassen Volcanic National Park.

“We are a united front, and it’s so wonderful to have these bands out nationally,” Dobson said.

Proceeds from the sale of the wristbands has stayed in parks and allowed the national park projects and programs to continue.

“[Reminderband‘s] timely and personable customer service has made our “Wear Green” campaign both successful and fun,” Parris said.

The National Park Service wristbands are available through the non-profit cooperating association’s Web site

Bracelets in the News Reminderband Press Releases

Healthy Kids Gold Medal Program

Miss Utah Awareness Bracelets

Julia Bachison, the new Miss Utah of 2005, uses Reminderband’s wristbands to increase awareness of her platform “Healthy Weight for Life.” This September she will be joining the Utah school districts with their Gold Medal School programs that provide opportunities for physical activity and educating children about the importance of healthy nutrition.

The goal of the Gold Medal School program is to provide healthy nutrition choices in elementary schools at a time when budget cuts and testing requirements overshadow physical activity and nutrition education.

Miss Utah will go into elementary schools with her Reminderband wristbands to walk a mile with the children. The wristbands provided for the children will help promote the importance of children living healthy lifestyles.

Reminderband is a proud supporter of Miss Utah and her platform for a healthier lifestyle.

“My bands look great and as I distribute them throughout the state, they will play a big part in promoting my platform,” Bachison said.

Reminderband Press Releases

Reminderband News Launched

Extra, Extra – Read All About Reminderband!

Reminderband, the official manufacturer of silicone wristbands for the Tour de France, now has a newsroom link to update consumers on what remarkable things the company is doing.

“Our goal with this newsroom link is to raise awareness of the exciting things that Reminderband is doing,” said Aaron Bishop, one of Reminderband’s partners.

Reminderband, which started in November of 2004, has pushed forward as one of the top leading manufacturers of the silicone wristband craze.

In July of this month, Reminderband earned the official license for the Tour de France wristbands.

The Livestrong wristbands inspired Reminderband to promote causes – whether big or small – by making custom silicone bands affordable. Reminderband continues its commitment to community and donates tens of thousands of wristbands to great causes and fundraisers they believe in, such as disaster relief and cancer research.

Reminderband was recently featured in this month’s issue of My Business magazine as living off the fad of the land.

Many organizations and special causes are able to raise awareness by promoting their causes with Reminderband’s wristbands.