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Easter Basket Stuffers | Non-Candy & Allergy-Friendly

With Easter soon approaching, and parents everywhere looking for new ideas to fill their kids’ Easter baskets, we thought we’d throw together a quick idea list for some unique Easter basket stuffers and gifts. An easy go-to is candy, but there’s only so many sweets we can logically give our kids without going overboard. Whether your child has a nut, dairy, or other allergy found in most types of candy or you’re looking for non-candy items, you’re in the right spot!

Customized bracelets make great gifts as they’re affordable, meaningful, and unique. Kids especially love custom made bracelets, but they’re popular among teenagers and adults as well. From kids wristbands and religious bracelets to sports wristbands, event wristbands, and everything in between, there’s an idea for everyone!

Customized Wristbands


The sky is the limit with customized bracelets! Create a bracelet for each of your kids with a motivational phrase, message of love, or favorite quote. Try adding their initials or meaningful coordinates for a cute, trendy bracelet in the color of your choice. You could also order matching bracelets for the whole family with a special message, or maybe a family hashtag.

Not sure what to add to your custom bracelet? Check out our custom bracelet gift guide for a few ideas!

Religious Bracelets

Religious wristbands are a great gift for the Easter season. Create your own scripture verse wristband design using a favorite quote, verse, or saying. We also offer a couple of premade designs, including our classic WWJD bracelet (What Would Jesus Do?) or our Philippians 4:13 band.


Whether you use your religious bracelets as Easter egg stuffers or standalone gifts in Easter baskets for you kids or grandchildren, they’re a small but meaningful gift that will help everyone remember the reason for the season.


Blank Wristbands


If you’re filling Easter eggs or shopping for prizes for a large group of kids, blank silicone bracelets or wholesale wristbands might be the way to go. Kids love the fun, bright colored silicone bands, making them the perfect children’s accessory. Of course, you can always go for customized bracelets instead, choose one phrase for all of your bracelets to make ordering a breeze.

If you’re looking for other custom bracelet gift ideas, check out our gift guide! Shopping for your sweetheart? Head over to our couples bracelets ideas page to get started!

Add an extra pop of color to your Easter celebration this year with silicone wristband Easter basket stuffers! Whether you choose to order custom made bracelets or religious bracelets, you and your loved ones will proudly share a message that matters.

Reminderband News Wristband Ideas

Couples Bracelets | Custom Valentine’s Gift Ideas

Valentine’s day is just around the corner, and you’re looking for a gift for your special someone. You want something meaningful, but not too expensive. Something cute to represent your relationship and the time you’ve spent together, but not too over-the-top. Is that even possible? Jewelry is always a good choice, but fine jewelry is out of your price range. What’s the solution?

Custom silicone bracelets.

Often overlooked on gift guides and idea lists, silicone wristbands are a completely customizable gift—perfect for you and your sweetheart. Create one custom bracelet for your loved one, or design two for a matching couples bracelet set. Not sure where to begin? Here’s a few ideas to get you started:

The Classic “I Love You”

I'll Love You Always Custom Couples Bracelet

If you don’t have an idea in mind for your custom couples bracelets, here’s a classic idea. Simple messages of love and affirmation are always a great choice to add to your custom gift! Add a phrase like “I’ll Love You Always” or “I Love You Baby” for a sentimental Valentine’s gift.

Use your significant other’s nickname or choose a heart image from our clipart library for an extra special band. We offer two sides of customization and 30 characters on each side, so choose one message for both sides or two messages for your personalized wristband.

I Love You Baby Custom Couples Wristband
Custom Couples Bracelet Ideas

Still not sure what to add? How about a few lyrics from your song, or an inside joke. If you’re creating a couples bracelet set, consider adding half your phrase on one bracelet and the other half on the second bracelet for a fun matching set that completes each other, just like you two.

Couples Memento Bands

Commemorate a specific date, like your anniversary, with a custom remembrance band. Add words, numbers, and clipart to represent a favorite memory such as your first date. Try adding your initials, or maybe create a cute couples hashtag for your couples bracelets.

Happy Anniversary Bracelet, Anniversary Gift Idea

Favorite Quotes & Sayings

Always & Forever, To the Moon and Back Couples Bracelet Set

Have a favorite saying or a goodbye phrase like “Always & Forever”? Add it to your custom bracelet for a fun and quirky band that represents you as a couple. Remind your loved one that you love them “To the Moon and Back” in a special bracelet that they’ll adore.

Coordinate Bracelets

We hold locations near and dear to our hearts. Add the coordinates of a meaningful location in your relationship for a subtle message of love. The coordinate bracelet might not hold significant meaning to others, but it will always be special to you.

Matching Couples Bracelet Set Ideas

No matter what message you choose to add to your custom couples bracelets, they’ll be a gift that came straight from your heart. It really is the thought that counts, so put on your thinking cap and engrave a personal message of love for your lover, or any loved one in your life. Everyone deserves to feel loved and appreciated, so create a bracelet that will remind them each and every day.

Reminderband News Wristband Ideas

November Favorites | Custom Gratitude Bracelets

November brings beautiful fall weather, Thanksgiving, and an overall attitude of gratitude. We’ve loved seeing the creative gratitude bracelets and other inspirational bands that have been designed this far, so we thought we’d share a few!

Gratitude Bracelet #1


Hashtags like #Blessed, #Grateful, and #Thankful are extra popular wristband designs this time of year. Choose your favorite inspirational words and add them to your custom bracelets for a fun reminder this season. Keep a positive attitude with you by wearing a positive affirmation bracelet!

Gratitude Bracelet #2


Staying positive can be hard, especially during difficult times. We find that sometimes a simple visual reminder does the trick and can instantly brighten your mood! Create your own ‘Happy Everyday’ band to reminder yourself to ‘Be Happy’. Silicone bracelets also make great gift ideas for anyone on your list, so customize one for a unique personalized gift for friends and family!

Gratitude Bracelet #3


With traditional Thanksgiving gatherings and parties being smaller than usual this year, create family event wristbands to help unite your extended family together this holiday! Even though you’re apart, you can still enjoy the holidays together. Create kids wristbands, or fun family souvenirs, that everyone will enjoy, complete with extra festive clipart.

Gratitude Bracelet #4


We love this daily affirmation bracelet! From motivational gifts, inspirational gifts, self-care bracelets, or even stocking stuffers, gifts that bring positivity with their personalized messages are meaningful gifts.

No matter who you’re buying for, you can choose a wristband color and font that they’ll love. Even the pickiest of gift receivers will enjoy a personalized bracelet memento designed by a loved one. Add a simple “I Love You” and a heart to the second side for an extra-special touch.

Gratitude Bracelet #5


Last up is this ‘Thankful for Everyday’ bracelet. We love this mantra and think it’s perfect to wear day-to-day, especially during this month! Remind yourself to look on the bright side and count your blessings, always. Feel free to add your own mantra to make a custom silicone bracelet that you’ll love to wear!

Personalized bracelets with positive and thankful messaging are the perfect fall accessory to brighten your mood this November and holiday season. Create one for yourself, or order one to gift to a loved one for a positive reminder that no matter what, we can choose to see the good.

Reminderband News Wristband Ideas

Trending Now: 3 Popular Ideas for Custom Bracelets

We see hundreds of creative bracelet designs come through each and every day. This season, we’ve noticed a spike in popularity with three designs in particular. From single wristbands to bulk orders, here are the up-and-coming custom bracelets design trends!

1 – Social Distancing Bracelets

A new bracelet design that has been a big hit this fall is color-coded event wristbands. The red, yellow, and green color combination has been the most common choice for events as they function as social distancing indicators. Guests can feel more comfortable as they choose the wristband color that fits their current level of social distancing and are able to easily communicate this level with other guests. We offer both blank and personalized rubber wristband options!


If red, green, and yellow aren’t your style, we have multiple color options to choose from. Add an event hashtag, slogan, or personal message to create a fun keepsake for guests to take home. You can easily create wristbands for events for any occasion, from weddings, fundraisers, parties, bridal showers, family reunions, & more!

2 – VOTE Bracelets

Michelle Obama’s VOTE necklace has made its way through the jewelry industry, and we’re now seeing orders for similar bracelet designs roll in. This election year you can share your message with the world in our eye-catching silicone bands. We believe that everyone’s message matters, so design something that will help you express yours!


3 – Coordinate Bracelets

Your favorite vacation spot. The city where you grew up. Where you met your significant other.

Our most cherished memories are tied to specific locations. The coordinates of the locations that are most near and dear to your heart make a great addition to a custom bracelet. Design a coordinate bracelet for yourself or to give as a gift that is both thoughtful and meaningful.


Coordinate bracelets are also a popular option for couples bracelets or anniversary gifts! You can add the coordinates on the front and a personal message on the back to make your wristband even more unique and special. Choose from our available styles and layouts to make the perfect memento.

Runner Up: WW_D Bracelets

While the “What Would ______ Do” wristband isn’t new, its demand is growing and, therefore, deserves the runner-up title. While this trend started in the religious bracelets category with the ever-so-popular WWJD bracelet (What Would Jesus Do), we’ve seen more and more customers ordering bands with their own initials and meaning.

One of the most frequently ordered acronyms is “WWMD”. Whether the ‘M’ represents ‘Mom’, ‘Meredith’, or some other name, each acronym has its own meaning. Give meaning to your wristband, and add a source of inspiration to your day, by adding the first initial of your favorite role model.


The possibilities are endless with custom bracelets. Stick around to see more trends and exciting ways to share your message. Whether your message is intended for the world, a friend, or just yourself, wear it proudly!

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