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Alexis Teixeira was diagnosed with Lupus at age 14 and has fought for many years through testing and treatments to get proper help. When she was eventually married, she was currently receiving exams but developed preeclampsia after becoming pregnant with their daughter Gianna. Lupus played a part in her high-risk pregnancy and Gianna was born prematurely.

Thankfully, Gianna is doing quite well and is almost four-years-old. Alexis’ husband Luis saw the need for a great deal of awareness that Lupus just wasn’t getting; so he took matters into his own hands. Since his epiphany, Luis has used his rally driving career as a way to promote better awareness for Lupus. His race team Wicked Nasty Motorsports took to representing Lupus awareness (purple) in their team colors. This has allowed the whole family to share the message of awareness and the struggles of Lupus with many, many others.


“So often we overlook the loved ones of those suffering from Lupus who are living through the difficult experiences with them.”

Alexis says her husband’s efforts to raise awareness is a good example for the community, and that everyone can help.

Part of their campaign to raise awareness includes handing out Reminderband wristbands at the racing events, which have been designed with the Wicked Nasty Motorsports logo along with “Lupus Awareness”.

If you would like to learn more about Lupus, head over to

We wish Alexis and her family all the best and we thank them for sharing their story with us!


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A hostage crisis in Sydney prompted a surprising show of humanity today as a story about compassion on public transport went viral. After the hostage-taker displayed an Islamic flag, Australian Muslims feared harassment or violence in response. But this story inspired Australians to offer to ride or walk with Muslims who felt unsafe wearing religious clothing in public:

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The hashtag #IllRideWithYou began trending as Australians showed solidarity with Muslims who feared being the victims of hate crimes. Some put signs on baggage or wore scarves around their wrists to indicate their willingness to ride with those who felt afraid. More than 90,000 tweets have used the hashtag. We loved this story of responding to terrorism with kindness.

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