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Colors and sizes: where to start

We get it. We’ve put you in a difficult position.

You’ve come to Reminderband to design something for your event but with so many awesome options, you’re at a crossroads. Don’t worry! We’re way ahead of it and we’ve already thought up some helpful resources so you can pin down your colors and sizes for your wristbands–whatever the occasion.

First up, let’s talk colors. If you are designing something for a cause, event, fundraiser, or awareness, and you’re just not quite sure what colors to go with, we’ve got a great reference point for you. Some causes and awareness movements have a commonly associated color, but some situations are less obvious. Our Color Guide gives a basic run-through of our traditional stock colors and the general moods and meaning of each color, to help you decide how to best convey your message.

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 12.56.17 PM.png


So, you’ve nailed the color and look of your wristbands; stellar work! Now, what sizes to choose? That’ll depend on who will be wearing them. Our recommendation is that most folks up to about 190 lbs can fit comfortably in a Medium-sized wristband. Adult males or folks who want a bit more room on the wrist would probably be better served with a Large. Elementary school age kids can usually fit in a Small with no issues.

And YES, you CAN mix your sizes within your order at no extra cost!

If you want to get a better feel for exactly how big each size really is, you can use our sizing guide. This will allow you to cut out a strip and fit it around the wrist to determine the best sizes to order. You can view and download it here.

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 1.34.56 PM.png

As always, let us know if you have questions. We’re here to help you succeed in making your design work. Happy band building!




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Feature Friday: Lupus Awareness

Alexis Teixeira was diagnosed with Lupus at age 14 and has fought for many years through testing and treatments to get proper help. When she was eventually married, she was currently receiving exams but developed preeclampsia after becoming pregnant with their daughter Gianna. Lupus played a part in her high-risk pregnancy and Gianna was born prematurely.

Thankfully, Gianna is doing quite well and is almost four-years-old. Alexis’ husband Luis saw the need for a great deal of awareness that Lupus just wasn’t getting; so he took matters into his own hands. Since his epiphany, Luis has used his rally driving career as a way to promote better awareness for Lupus. His race team Wicked Nasty Motorsports took to representing Lupus awareness (purple) in their team colors. This has allowed the whole family to share the message of awareness and the struggles of Lupus with many, many others.


“So often we overlook the loved ones of those suffering from Lupus who are living through the difficult experiences with them.”

Alexis says her husband’s efforts to raise awareness is a good example for the community, and that everyone can help.

Part of their campaign to raise awareness includes handing out Reminderband wristbands at the racing events, which have been designed with the Wicked Nasty Motorsports logo along with “Lupus Awareness”.

If you would like to learn more about Lupus, head over to

We wish Alexis and her family all the best and we thank them for sharing their story with us!


Have your own awareness cause or design idea? Check out to get started and see how easy it is to raise awareness or funds.

Awareness Bracelets Who's Wearing Wristbands? Wristband Ideas

The fight for justice

Ronnie Long has been in prison for more than 30 years and maintains he is innocent of the crime he was imprisoned for. DNA evidence could free him, but the court denied his lawyers’ request for DNA testing.

“Ronnie Wallace Long was not given a fair trial… He has been incarcerated for 36 years for a crime he did not commit. He will die in prison if justice is not served,” reads the organization’s website.

Dramatic, dual-layer black-and-white silicone wristbands are being used by the organization to build awareness.




When you are trying to establish awareness for a cause, it is essential to provide a way for people to know and remember what you are fighting for. Silicone awareness bracelets can do just that — subtle, yet visible, and able to be worn almost anywhere. If funds are needed, wristbands can also make a good way to fundraise. By providing a bracelet that people can wear, with a phrase or logo specific to what you are trying to provide awareness about, wristbands go a long way towards advocacy.

Awareness Bracelets

Awareness wristbands: wearing your heart on your sleeve, er, wrist


Do you have a cause? A foundation? A personal message? Do you want an access point for conversation about something that is important to you?

When you are trying to establish awareness for a cause, it is crucial to provide a way for people to know and remember what you are fighting for. Awareness wristbands are an instant conversation starter and constant reminder of your cause or message.

Awareness wristbands are washable, inexpensive, long-lasting and fit almost everyone. They’re also customizable, meaning you can share your own message, artwork or image with the world and order in quantities great or small.

In times of tragedy, fundraising, gratitude or learning and sharing, awareness wristbands can bring communities and people together.

Here are some examples of people who used awareness wristbands to share their cause with the world:

“We live in the very tight community of Glide, Oregon. It is a wonderful place to raise a family with the majestic North Umpqua River meandering/gliding through it. A local teen was diagnosed with Osteogenic Sarcoma last Spring, as a community we immediately responded with ‘What can WE do to help?’ The ‘Livestrong’ bracelets were so popular, we thought that seemed like an obvious route to take, we would distribute bracelets within the community in support of our friend, Daniel. Daniel is an avid soccer player so we wanted to think of something catchy…….my daughter Amanda came up with ‘Kick It Daniel.’ Our first order of 600 bracelets sold out within the first week. We ended up distributing/selling well over 3000 bands. It is very heartwarming to be out and about within the community and seeing these bands donned on small children to the elderly. Our focus was not just to distribute them as a fundraiser, but more of a display of support for Daniel … we DID end up making some funds for to help with the families traveling expenses they incurred in their travels to Portland. Daniel has had the tumor removed, a knee-replacement surgery and is almost done with his chemo. Thank you Reminderband for helping to show unity within our community.”

Sandy from Glide, OR

“The Reminderband folks were great to deal with, responsive and professional and didn’t mind questions via emails and phone calls. Once the order was placed, it was easy to pay for online and arrived in a timely manner. Our private non profit organization, OFFER, now has a unifying symbol for all sufferers of chronic fatique syndrome and fibromyalgia. The Green ‘OFFER HOPE’ wristbands are a symbol of hope for us, because all proceeds from them go to our research fund, dedicated to bringing about the eradication of these silent but devastating illnesses. The green is a symbol of spring, rebirth, new growth and hope that the future will bring us a better tomorrow. Oddly enough, wearing one of these is also a personal reminder to ‘OFFER HOPE’ to others we come in contact with. Thanks Reminderband!”

Terry from Sandy, UT

“My husband has a very rare disease that effect only 8 out of 1 million. We felt the need to get the awareness out on this disease. We are selling the bracelets and the profits will go to research. You company is helping us with our hope for the future for those who have this ugly disease.”

Pam from Indianapolis, IN

“I ordered wristbands through Reminderband for our non-profit group. I chose them because they did not have an outragous minimum, had good prices,a fast turnaround, and a secure web-site. I was very pleased with the wristbands and would suggest that everyone should order from them. ”

Anne from Montrose, PA

“I wanted a way to show the world that I was not embarrassed of my son who suffers from Schizophrenia and as a bonus, earn some money for my walk team to celebrate our second time attending the NAMI Mass walk. The money let us purchase team T’s as well as goodie bags for whoever walked with us. Me and my family wear our bracelets everyday and now sell them to pay for ink to print out our newsletter. The bands were so much better than the printed ones. The wording lasts forever! Their low minimum enabled us to purchase only what we needed.”

Karen from Methuen, MA

“Thanks so much for your service. My wife and I are working towards adopting a little girl from China and the process is SO expensive. This has provided a nice way for us to try and raise a little money for the adoption without breaking our bank with a huge upfront investment.”

Stephen Johnson from Artesia, CA

“Our bands were PERFECT! Everybody loves them thanks so much! My friend was killed in a shooting and her mom was shot also, we are reselling bands that say in memory of Kirsten and all of the money is going to her mom since she didn’t have health insurance. They were exactly how I wanted! Thanks so much. They are a big success!”

“I ordered wristbands from another company to raise awareness for my son’s genetic syndrome. I planned to hand them out at a local 5K race for this cause but almost cried when they arrived and I saw what they looked like. The quality was horrible. I should have come to you first. There is NO COMPARISON. We have been wearing ours for weeks now, and they look brand new. I love way they are individually wrapped, and they are LEGIBLE. It is obvious you care about what you do. I will be ordering more soon. Thanks a billion.”


‘Cuck Fancer’ : Ben Teller’s Survival

Cancer survivor Ben Teller isn’t giving cancer the time of day. In fact his non profit makes that quite clear! Rightly named “Cuck Fancer” Teller’s foundation fundraises to cancer awareness.
When Teller found out he had cancer again he was already a two time cancer survivor and finishing up his fourth year at the University of California at Irvine. He came home to a voicemail from the doctor; unable to fathom what was coming next.

Teller and his mother listened to the recording that said, “Ben, we want you to know that we found something abnormal on your scan.”

Teller had already battled cancer at ages 18 and 21 and had his life stopped by Hodgkins Lymphoma; the possibility that finally living normal life might be taken away didn’t even cross his mind. Then the doctor told him they had found a mass, on the left side of his chest off of his heart. Teller recalls having things due for school; his mother sadly informing him he wouldn’t be going back. Teller took the news with stride and no one had yet to utter the word “cancer”; after he woke from his surgery his outlook changed.

Teller recalls the day of the surgery, “I was in really high spirits, I’m at the hospital, not worried about the anesthesia, I wake up…I have a tube in my chest, I’m not breathing on my own, I have a seven-inch scar on the side of my chest, I have a tube hanging out of me, and I don’t know what’s going on.  I have zero idea and I’m in so much pain, I can’t talk, I’m having an allergic reaction to the morphine, and it hits me, this is serious.  That’s when I realized that [the cancer] was going to do something to me physically, and that’s when it started to affect me mentally.” – (New University)

This was Teller’s turning point; the point at which his foundation began to blossom. He started by selling cancer bracelets and grew immensely from there. We at Reminderband are honored to be his wristband company of choice.


Teller said, “Well, as I was looking for companies to make my bracelets, the top hit on google with the best customer satisfaction was Reminderband. I was introduced to a man named Sean, who I still order my bracelets through today. We talked about what I wanted, and we sent a few samples back and forth and finally came up with the lime green with the white writing. It has been a huge hit amongst the cancer community. The color of my disease is lime green, so it was fitting that Reminderband had the perfect color to match. I have never had one problem with Reminderband and will continue to bring my business to them.”

Teller’s strength, ambition and goals for the future has brought him toe to toe with stars like Halle Berry, Will Ferrell and Ellen Degeneres. Teller has decided that cancer will not control his future. Reminderband greatly admires this survivor and send our love and support!

Awareness Bracelets

Celebrities that Support Causes

A number of celebrities, including movie stars and musicians, help use their platform of popularity to increase awareness about causes that are near and dear to their hearts. Years ago Princess Diana came to the aid of thousands, supporting charity relief work and AIDS awareness. Even though Princess Diana is gone, her memory and dedication to charity continues to persevere. Today, some of the most popular celebrity figures to support charitable causes include:

  • John Legend – Mr. Legend is a devout supporter of LIFEbeat, Global Fund, Second Harvest, Peace One Day, Malaria No More and Live Earth.
  • George Clooney – A devout supporter of the United Way, Mr. Clooney is also on the board of trustees and supports other groups such as Ante up for Africa, CARE and Rock for Darfur.
  • Sir Elton John – A longtime friend to Princess Diana’s, the Elton Johns AIDS Foundation has helped raise more than $150 million in more than 55 countries. Mr. John also supports Move for AIDS, MusiCares, War Child and Kids.
  • Ellen DeGeneres – While funny on television, she’s serious about her charity support off screen. She devoutly supports human and animal rights, and is an activist against suffrage movements.
  • Brad Pitt – Mr. Pitt’s lengthy list of charities includes fostering, adoption, organ donation, human rights, weapons reduction and many more. He also donated to the Hurricane Katrina devastation relief funds and the rebuilding of New Orleans, Cure Autism Now, ONE Campaign, Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs of Canada and the Mineseeker Foundation.
  • Bono – Not just the lead singer of the cult-classic group U2, this music legend supports Live 8, Mencap, DATA, Zero Hunger and Witness.
  • Former President Bill Clinton – Former President Clinton founded The Clinton Foundation Climate Change Initiative, the Clinton Global Initiative and the William J. Clinton Foundation, which has a special focus on cancer and HIV/AIDS.
  • President Barrack Obama – President Obama has helped donate money towards a cure for neurofibromatosis, supports CARE and KIDS.
  • Annie Lennox – Once simply a pop diva, this British musical talent is a force to be reckoned with. She raises money for Amnesty International, Greenpeace, Nelson Mandela’s 46664 Foundation and the British Red Cross. She is also the recipient of the British Services to Humanity Award, bestowed upon her in 2008.
  • Angelina Jolie – As a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nation’s Refugee Agency, Ms. Jolie donates time and assistance to humanitarian crises around the world, including Doctors without Borders and Global Action for Children.

In working to support fundraisers and charities, many support groups have turned to utilizing awareness bracelets, which are simply rubber bracelets (wristbands) that serve as promotional bands. Reminderband offers a wide selection of sizes, colors and designs, perfect for helping spread the word about organizations, causes and fundraising events.

Awareness Bracelets

Monthly Awareness Causes

America celebrates a number of awareness causes and many of these are assigned special months. This helps organizational groups and non-profits raise awareness for causes and charities over a specific 30-day timeframe, helping bring their causes to the forefront of media attention.

Reminderband, makers of silicone awareness wristbands, works with a number of charitable organizations to help create unique advertising campaigns on silicone bands. These fundraiser bracelets are affordable and extremely cost-efficient, helping charities raise valuable funds for research. What months coincide with certain cause events?


  • Mental Wellness
  • National Birth Defects Prevention
  • Thyroid Disease Awareness
  • National Glaucoma Awareness


  • National Wise Mental Health Consumer
  • National Eating Disorders Screening
  • National American Heart Month
  • National Have-A-Heart Day
  • National Women’s Heart Health Day
  • American Heart Association
  • National Cardiac Rehabilitation Week
  • Low Vision Awareness Month
  • National Burns Awareness Week


  • Hemophilia
  • Mental Retardation Awareness
  • National Kidney
  • National Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Awareness
  • Pulmonary Rehabilitation
  • American Diabetes


  • Cancer Control
  • National Autism Awareness
  • Counseling Awareness
  • National Minority Cancer Awareness
  • National STD Awareness
  • WalkAmerica (March of Dimes)


  • Better Hearing and Speech
  • Asthma and Allergy Awareness
  • Breathe Easy
  • Huntington’s Disease Awareness
  • Hepatitis Awareness
  • National Arthritis
  • National High Blood Pressure
  • National Digestive Diseases Awareness
  • National Mental Health
  • National Melanoma/Skin Cancer Detection
  • National Neurofibromatosis
  • National Trauma Awareness
  • National Stroke Awareness
  • Tuberous Sclerosis Awareness
  • National Suicide Awareness
  • Childhood Depression Awareness
  • National Alcohol and Drug-Related Birth Defects
  • National Osteoporosis
  • National Stuttering Awareness


  • National Hernia Awareness
  • National Aphasia Awareness
  • National Scleroderma Awareness
  • National Headache Awareness
  • Helen Keller Deaf-Blind Awareness


  • Hemochromatosis Screening Awareness


  • Spinal Muscular Atrophy Awareness


  • Leukemia Society
  • National Cholesterol Education
  • Prostate Cancer Awareness
  • National Pediculosis Prevention
  • Ovarian Cancer Awareness
  • National Sickle Cell
  • National Rehabilitation
  • Hearing Aid Awareness
  • National Reye’s Syndrome
  • National 5-A-Day Week
  • Childhood Cancer Awareness


  • Breast Cancer Control
  • Health Lung
  • Celiac Spruce Awareness
  • National Breast Cancer Awareness
  • National Liver Awareness
  • National Campaign for Healthier Babies
  • National Lupus Awareness
  • National Physical Therapy
  • National Spina Bifida
  • National Spinal Health
  • Rett Syndrome Awareness
  • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Awareness
  • American Heart Walk
  • Mental Illness Awareness
  • National Depression Screening
  • National Red Ribbon Celebration
  • National AIDS Awareness
  • World Mental Health
  • National Psoriasis Awareness
  • National Brain Injury Awareness
  • Pastoral Care


  • Diabetic Eye Disease
  • National Alzheimer’s Awareness
  • National Diabetes
  • National Epilepsy
  • National Brain Aneurysm Awareness
  • National Home Care
  • National Hospice


  • World AIDS Day
  • National Aplastic Anemia Awareness Week