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Feature Friday: Brenden Writes

Today’s feature focuses on a writer whose books are part of a mission to stop bullying. 11-year-old Brenden Santos has published not one, but three books to date.   Says Santos, “I have a few missions in life and I have a campaign against bullying.” Santos began working on his three books at age ten […]

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Wristbands in the News

A roundup of news articles featuring innovative wristband uses from around the world! This week begins Red Ribbon Week in the United States, a week-long alcohol, tobacco and other drug and violence prevention awareness campaign. Once school district is handing out more than 70,000 wristbands to promote a healthy lifestyle among its students and serve as […]

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Wristbands and freedom of speech

Should wristbands with a message be banned from the sporting arena? A member of the national English cricket team was banned from wearing rubber wristbands in support of Palestine during international cricket matches by the referee. “Moeen Ali has been banned from wearing ‘Save Gaza’ and ‘Free Palestine’ wristbands in the remainder of the third […]

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Reminderband Causes: Universal Kitchen

The Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments estimates the number of homeless adults in D.C. at more than 12,000, half of which are part of families. Every weekend, volunteers gather in Allan Millington’s apartment and take to the streets to make a difference. “Wealth disparity is spreading in the nation,” says Allan. “It’s especially [visible] in the nation’s […]

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Wristbands in the News: Fatherhood, Senior Safety, & World Cup

Here’s a roundup of some cool news stories and creative uses involving wristbands: Birchbank Public Elementary School rewarded its students’ good deeds with wristbands in its “Make a Difference” Campaign. 100 students received blue rubber bracelets for acts of kindness observed by staff and fellow students. “If you tell some people about being good… they tell […]

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April: Autism Awareness Month

April 2 is Autism Awareness Day and the entire month of April is Autism Awareness Month. A variety of activities, fundraisers, and other outreach efforts are used to commemorate and spread awareness for autism. Whether you’re fundraising, hosting an event, or just want to show some support, custom awareness bracelets can help with that. Here’s a story […]

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Silicone wristbands track chemical exposure

Researchers at Oregon State University are using silicone wristbands to track chemical exposure. In a paper entitled “Silicone Wristbands as Personal Passive Samplers” published in Environmental Science and Technology, Kim A. Anderson and colleagues used silicone wristbands to identify exposure to a variety of chemicals. Capturing and tracking chemical exposure is important to understanding the risk factors […]

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Best of 2013: Wristband Roundup

2013 was a big year for Reminderband and those using wristbands to support, educate and remember. Looking back, here are some of our favorite news stories from around the world involving wristbands: “Cedar Hills honors lung cancer survivor,” Cathy Allred, Daily Herald. A city recognized a resident’s efforts to build awareness of lung cancer while battling the […]

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11/11: Wristbands in the News

Veterans’ Day in the U.S. and Remembrance Day in the Commonwealth is a day to honor sacrifices made in war. This year, some innovative uses of awareness wristbands are helping communities commemorate this day and show appreciation for veterans. While Remembrance Day is traditionally marked by the wearing of a red poppy on the left […]

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Wristbands and school uniforms

A U.K. schoolgirl was banned from wearing her “Help the Heroes” wristband at school, the Express reported, because of safety and uniform concerns. Elly Sandwell, 11, of Packmoor, Staffordshire in the U.K., wears the wristband in support of her cousin and brother who are in the military. But school administration says wristbands violate the strict school […]