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2013 was a big year for Reminderband and those using wristbands to support, educate and remember. Looking back, here are some of our favorite news stories from around the world involving wristbands:

Cedar Hills honors lung cancer survivor,” Cathy Allred, Daily Herald. A city recognized a resident’s efforts to build awareness of lung cancer while battling the disease.

Firefighter widow receives message from Mormon husband of eternal family,” Heather Hemingway, Chron. A wristband brings hope to the family of a deceased firefighter.

Always play smart, sometimes play fast,” David Buchanan, The Ledger Independent. How a football team used wristbands to make the right plays.

Wristbands provide incentive for better performance at Land O’Lakes High School,” Jeffrey S. Solochek. A student-designed incentive program uses wristbands to motivate students to get on-track for graduation.

UG students wearing pinkwristbands to mark week against bullying,” Orangeville Citizen. In Canada, a school district uses wristbands to encourage students to stand up against bullying.

Thunder Quartet hosts fit clinic,” NIck Gallo, Oklahoma City Thunder. Four Thunder players helped promote healthy living to nearly 50 children from the Kickapoo Tribe.

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Two years ago, Hannah Mayer’s father was in a life-threatening bicycle accident. Now, for her mitzvah project, 12-year-old Hannah is using custom silicone wristbands to raise funds and awareness for Memorial Hospital’s Regional Trauma Center.

“To me, Memorial is a place where miracles are made… My Dad is an example of this. About two years ago, he was in a horrible bike accident that was very difficult to overcome. But he did so thanks to his hard work and dedication, along with the endless hard work of the Trauma Center team,” writes Hannah.

“In honor of the Trauma Center’s work for my father, and the many lives they have saved, my service project will benefit the Memorial Regional Hospital Trauma Center – raising money to provide awareness to traumatic accidents and educating people about ways to avoid traumatic situations.”

In addition to a school Trauma Awareness Day and participation in the Bayfront Challenge Triathlon (where she placed first in her age division), part of Hannah’s project included a fundraiser selling customized, high-quality silicone wristbands from Reminderband that read, “Trauma Awareness & Prevention.” In addition to earning money for the cause, these bands will also raise awareness about trauma awareness and prevention in the community. Additionally, these strong, comfortable bands will serve as long-lasting reminders to stay safe.

According to Florida’s Sun-Sentinel, Hannah raised about $5,000 for Memorial Regional Hospital.

“I’ve learned a lot of what being Jewish means to me and I also learned a lot more of what safety means to me.”

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Colored wristbands are not just for kids and teens. They can also be for adults for like to make a strong statement or support a cause. These silicone bracelets were popularized in 2004 by the Livestrong bracelets, which started the trend of using customizable wristbands to promote a charity or a cause.

So if you’re wondering if promotional wristbands can also be used for your company or organization, here are a few reasons why:

  • Personalized designs. With Reminderband, you don’t need to order large amounts to get the bracelet design you want. You can order just 1. Of course, the more you order, the more you save on the cost for every unit. You can have fun designing your customizable wristband and find satisfaction in being able to create a unique product.
  • Versatility. These custom silicone bracelets can be worn by kids and adults alike. This can be used by companies who want to advertise or by civic and non-profit organizations who want to increase awareness for a certain cause. Families and groups can also use these for reunions, festivals and fairs. Concert or event organizers can outfit their team with these bracelets for added security and to restrict access to key areas only to authorized personnel. These bracelets can also be used in memory of a departed loved one or to be reminded of your group’s motto. You can even use these wristbands to make self-affirmation statements. Some enterprising couples have also been known to have uniquely designed wristbands as one of their wedding favors.
  • More advertising mileage for your budget. These highly affordable awareness bracelets provide more bang for your advertising buck. Promotional wristbands only come at a minimal cost per unit so that it can easily be distributed as giveaways.
  • Great for fundraising. These are not called fundraiser bracelets for nothing. With its minimal per unit cost, this can be given as gifts to generous donors. In turn, these donors get a beautiful bracelet that they can proudly wear so that they can proclaim their support for their chosen cause.
  • Durability. These wristbands are made of 100% silicone and will last a long time. They can be worn in the sun, in the shower, in hot or cold weather. These can be worn for days (or even weeks) without the need for taking them off. For silk-screened bracelets, the paint used is designed to stretch with use so that it does not easily peel off. Debossed wristbands are even more durable, as the wordings and designs are molded into the bracelet. The design is recessed into the bracelet itself.
  • Coolness factor. Wearing Reminderband’s bracelets ups anyone’s coolness factor. With its attractive color and unique design, you and your customers can proudly wear these and feel confident. Kids love how the wristbands give them a sense of belonging. It’s like proclaiming “I am a fan of…?” “I support ….”
  • Fun. Kids and kids at heart love how the bracelets exude a certain air of fun.  Wearers can also mix and match wristbands of various colors.
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Today’s modern advertising silicone bracelet vessel began with the Lance Armstrong Foundation raising cancer survivor awareness by selling yellow silicone wristbands in 2004. Selling for $1 each, this promotional campaign generated $80 million in donations. The advantage of this campaign was touching a wide demographic, including breaking age barriers, income groups, cultures and geographies – ultimately reaching people everywhere.

In essence, this successful cancer awareness campaign has been emulated, copied and praised, ultimately helping raise awareness for other causes, events, organizations, businesses, etc.

While the idea of advertising on bracelets was not new with the Lance Armstrong Foundation, it was popular in the flower power 1970’s era where people wore metal wristbands to remember those Americans who were imprisoned in Southeast Asia, due to America’s involvement in the Vietnam War.

Now wristbands have become a common, inexpensive advertising medium, helping promote concepts, including Christianity, animal welfare, support for military troops, disaster relief efforts, college sports teams, anti-hunger campaigns, disease awareness, anti-racism measures and anti-bullying.

In fact, many high schools and churches utilize silicone bands as colorful fashion accessories to advertise friendship and school spirit. With America’s economy decreasing, more awareness campaigns are centered on public consciousness. In fact, this was evident with the “Occupy Wall Street Movement,” as eBay offers a minimum of six different colors of personalized silicone bracelets that support this cause.

Additionally, experts agree that custom silicone bracelets are not simply a fad, but have made their mark on society, both in America and globally. When comedians, such as Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert, begin to mock this successful advertising phenomenon, it’s confirmation that it’s made it mark on the public. In 2007, Colbert attempted to sell “WristStrong” bands, helping raise awareness for what he termed the, “Epidemic of wrist violence,” in response to him breaking his wrist. It was all in good fun, as Colbert reportedly donated all the proceeds from his hotly debated bracelet to the Yellow Ribbon Fund, which helps offer support for injured military service members.

Other successful promotional wristband campaigns have included the American Heart Association using a red-dress logo and its “Go Red for Women” campaign, in addition to the Susan G. Komen pink ribbon for breast cancer support.

Silicone wristbands and cancer bracelets are a part of our society and culture and have become synonymous with supporting causes, raising awareness and offering support for those in need. Reminderband works with customers to create unique silicone bands, including customizing colors and messages.

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What are power balance bracelets?

Have you ever seen a power balance bracelet? How it came about? It is said that it was created by athletes for better performance. According to the makers it is said that its technology is revolutionary. The technology comes from an old remedy that was used thousands of years ago.

This remedy was used for the wellness of others, which are rocks, minerals, crystals, and plants. They relate the metal that is in the bracelet to the kinesiology used for foods and how they react positively to the body.

The promotion of this idea or persuading people to think that it works is not a 100% concrete. All-in-all according to the natural elements in the bracelet it is supposed to create better performance in strength, flexibility, and balance.

The purpose of the power balance is to bring the best performance out of each person due to natural elements that are combined by technological advancements. Let’s say the purchase can’t hurt you. For if one thinks positive, he gets positive results.

Who doesn’t want anything positive in their life?

By changing the way you think will also help the way you perform. An important item is depended on its value and if you’re willing to pay for its value then it makes it important.  If it is important then it has outer beneficial purposes; just as the promotional bands, power bracelet has done for individuals that believe in its value.

What does frequency have to do with its power?

The holograms are composed of Mylar/polyester film that is used for movies, pictures, music and other forms of media. Hologram is composed of complex surface area that requires much data in a certain minimal area.

As it is complex in the nature of the element resonates at a certain frequency, it can come in contact with our bodies that also resonate with a frequency. These energies of positive reinforcement for your body are duplicated into having a positive energy field.

To be honest the bracelets look really cool and who wouldn’t want to have some custom wristbands that give you positive reinforcement. We must have some kind of luck that will give us extra energy to be happy to feel great about our performance and so forth.

There are many great things about the power balance bracelets, where you can make your own bracelet for an affordable price. The best way to get some power balance wristbands is to order them in packages and will cost cheaper than individually. Usually people use them for charity bands, which is a great way to have a fundraiser or to promote a certain group.

Wristband: An Inexpensive Alternative for Any Event, Cause, or Fundraiser

Everyone is wearing wristbands these days. From teenagers with a message, celebrities with a cause and to schools who want to share their school spirit. These colored rubber bracelets around the wrist can be seen almost everywhere you go and are used for all sorts of reasons in all kinds of situations. For causes, fundraisers and special events. They have replaced t-shirts, tickets, coupons, and many other more costly items to become a fashion statement of their own.

Many people have begun to wear them as charity bands, featuring a charity of their choice in the inscription. They are often purchased in large quantities to help raise awareness for the chosen charity, such as breast cancer awareness. With the slogan “Save the Tatas,” breast cancer bracelets replaced t-shirts in many areas, and helped raise thousands of dollars for the cause of breast cancer. The charity wrist bands are one of the most popular trends of this decade.

Another famous use for wristbands is to wipe out bullying. A middle school teacher came up with the idea, and it quickly went global. This year, thousands of students joined together during the week of November 19th which is National Anti-Bullying week in the UK. Those kids each wore colored rubber wristbands which were meant to show that they will give bullies the cold shoulder. Youngsters all over the world have been wearing their anti-bully bracelets with pride, and many of them will continue long after the week is over.

Cheap custom rubber wristbands were made popular by the Lance Armstrong Foundation when he brought out the yellow bands. These bracelets were released in May of 2004 as a fund raising effort to raise money for cancer research, to raise cancer awareness, and to encourage people to live their lives to the fullest. Lance Armstrong is a cyclist who has won the Tour de France seven times. He is also a cancer survivor. Over seventy million of these ‘LIVESTRONG’ bracelets have sold since the beginning.

Wristbands are also used in the place of tickets for admission to places such as air shows, amusement parks, carnivals, church and social events, concerts, bars, arenas, day care, hospitals, fairs and festivals, cinemas, nightclubs, raceways, roller rinks, sporting events, water parks, and many other places. These custom made wristbands are used for many different purposes, such as admissions, advertising, controlling crowds, age verification in bars, identification, in the place of coupons, tickets, and labels.

Wristbands have come a very long way since the yellow bands of Lance Armstrong. A wide variety of colors, textures, patterns, slogans, causes, uses, and purposes have sprung forth from the brain child of one man seeking to send a message. People from all walks of life wear these customizable wristbands proudly, bearing their message, or showing their identity. Whether to get back into a park, or to order drinks from a bar, these colorful bracelets seem here to stay.

Customized wristbands are simple little silicone bracelets that became popular when Lance Armstrong launched the “Livestrong” movement. He was fighting cancer with a simple wristband. They have been bringing people of every race, religion, nationality, and economic level together ever since, while making their very own fashion statement.

Reminderbands come in small medium or large, and are made of one hundred percent silicone. They are much stronger than the rubber counter-parts and are worn by anyone who wants to be a part of a good cause. They can be ordered in large quantities and customized to your phrase, which makes them wonderful for groups to order for their specific cause.

Cushing’s Awareness Silocine Bracelets are a good example. These little light blue custom bracelets feature the saying “Support? It’s About Time!” on one side and “Cushing’s Help” on the other between two small hearts. Cushing’s syndrome occurs when tissues of the body have too much cortisol for too long. The bands helped people be more aware of the syndrome and helped support those who had it.

Another cause which was spread by reminderbands was Red Ribbon Week’s Anti Drug Campaign. Schools and businesses all over the United States “banned” together and wore these red wristbands with the phrases “I Like Me Drug Free,” “100% Drug Free,” and “Too Smart to Start.” Some schools even ordered those bands with their school name or logo on the other side to show their support of the movement against drug abuse. Red Ribbon Week is something that has been around for years and why not remind students the importance of staying drug free?

The “Bands for Freedom” which are in support of the United States military have been worn by hundreds of celebrities as well as thousands of everyday citizens to show their support. NFL stars sported these red, white, and blue bands, as did country stars such as Rascal Flatts. Journalists, politicians, musicians, students, and religious personnel all proudly wear these bands still today. It comes to show how supportive our country is with the military troops.

“FreedomBands” were created and are processed by a family who wanted to raise money for the support of the United States troops. Kib Jensen, his wife Lisa, his daughter Stephanie, and their sons all work to fill the tens of thousands of orders from out of their home.

“Life, Liberty and Freedom,” is engraved on these bracelets, with a star between each word. Jensen is a former Air National Guardsman and hopes to raise at least 25 million dollars to give to A Million Thanks; the Air Force Aid Society; the Army Emergency Relief; the Fisher House Foundation; the Navy & Marine Corps Aid Society; the Red Cross and the United States Service Organization, and any other charity which supports the US military and their families.

Another charity which uses Reminderbands as a way to raise awareness is “Love Our Children USA” which was founded to break the cycle of violence against kids, before it starts. They wish to get to the root of the causes of child abuse and help parents to practice safe parenting. For every donation they receive of five dollars, they will send the donor a “Break The Cycle” silicone wristband.

Reminderbands were also given out to the countless volunteers who had helped with the demolition and restoration of the Pauni home on “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition”. In an effort to give recognition to the people who invested their time and energy into helping on the project as well as a way of identifying them, the volunteers were given the bright yellow Reminderbands with “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” engraved in black.

Aside from the bracelets which were passed out to the volunteers, students from the Utah State campus also took donations of a dollar for the bracelets. The proceeds went to the Pauni family.

The Logan area Sky View High School’s football team also used reminder bands for their “Push it for Ben” and “Support Ben” engraved wristbands in memory of Ben Lyman, who was a former member of the team. Ben was killed in an accidental drowning and the school team in Smithfield, Utah wished to dedicate that entire season to his memory.

Reminderbands have come a long way on the fields of fashion, fund-raising, and raising awareness since Lance Armstrong first debuted them. Thousands of people have become more aware of Reminderbands. I would be surprised if there is anyone that has never come across a wristband at least once in their life. They are becoming more and more common.

As the Holiday Season began in 2008, one journalist in Cleveland decided to bring Thanksgiving in different than usual. Instead of the fear instilling stories which were prevalent in much of the media at that time, Toni Garbo, who was a managing news editor decided to spread joy and hope with her new custom wristband, which she had created with the words “Thank You God, I am Grateful”.

She had been watching the various celebrity award shows which air during the last months of the year. As she watched many of the celebrities stand up and thank God for everything they had accomplished she was touched that they would do so in front of the world, and decided to order the wristband for herself. She had so many people comment on the wristband. After people’s comments, she ordered a thousand in black and gray. She gave them to political figures, journalists, TV executives, celebrities, soldiers, students, and many more people.

But her message didn’t stop there. Members of the Ohio State Buckeyes Football Team got wind of Garbo’s wristband, and wanted some themselves. They began to wear the “Thank You” band on and off the field. The Associated Press eventually photographed one of the Ohio State players making a catch while wearing the “Thank You God, I Am Grateful” bands on both arms.

The Ohio State Buckeyes are not the only sports team with members who wear or have worn custom bracelets for one cause or another. In 2007, Terrell Owens, wide receiver of the Dallas Cowboys was known for wearing a dark green rubber bracelet with the phrase “I own the guy guarding me” inscribed on it. The phrase came from a quote from Michael Jordan.

Another well-known campaign from the sports world which featured the custom bands was the intentions of the 2007 receiver for the Denver Broncos, Brandon Marshal, in memory of his fallen team mates. Both Darrent Williams and Damien Nash died that season. Williams died from a gunshot to the neck after a scene at a club, and Nash collapsed in his home of what was called “natural causes”. Marshall had been with both men just before their deaths.

Marshall had intended to wear a memorial Reminderband for each man during every game of that season. The emotional toll began to get to him, however, and he placed the bands in a trophy case in his home, where he would remember the men always, but could still focus on the game.

At the 2005 Pro Bowl and Pro Bowl festivities in Honolulu, Hawaii, twenty football players from the NFL wore reminder bands to show their support of United States troops. Aside from those twenty, many more NFL players have worn the wristbands to support the US military including such names as Michael Irvin, Ahman Green, Daunte Culpepper, Sam Adams, Steve Atwater, Mitch Berger, Kris Brown, Mike Golic, Tony Gonzalez, Ted Hendricks, Warren Moon, Mishin Mihammed, Ed Reed, Ike Reese, Lito Sheppard, Tra Thomas, and Jeremiah Trotter.

Rascal Flats handed out two thousand of the silicone bracelets during their 2005 Persian Gulf Tour. The “FREEDOM” bands were distributed by the band and worn to show their support of the military.

Back in 2005, both Anthony Clark and Mike O’Malley of the then popular television show ‘Yes Dear’ heard about the “Bands for Freedom” foundation’s support of the United States troops. They decided to show their support of the effort, and added their names to the online list of celebrity supporters for the cause. Many other celebrities jumped on the bandwagon and began to wear the bands in support of the troops. Micheal Keaton, Ernie Hudson, Kimberley Locke, and Christina Milian are just a few who also wore the bands.

Tyrus Thomas has taken criticism from the media, been insulted on national television by Charles Barkley, and watched his playing time rise and fall frequently during his rookie season. But whenever Thomas hits times of trouble with the Bulls, all he has to do is look at his left wrist to put the NBA world into perspective.

Thomas wears a rubber bracelet honoring longtime friend Ryan “The Franchise” Francis, who was shot and killed in Baton Rouge, La., while riding in the passenger seat of a car on May 14, 2006.

Sometimes before games, Thomas writes Francis’ name on his shoes, along with the No. 12 his friend wore as a freshman point guard at USC.

“He definitely keeps me focused and keeps me going at the task at hand,” Thomas said. “I write it on my shoes sometimes. But just being on my wrist, I mean, you’ve got to see your wrist all the time. I haven’t taken (the bracelet) off since I got it.”

The Bulls’ Tyrus Thomas wears a bracelet to honor friend Ryan Francis, who was shot and killed in May 2006. (Associated Press)

Thomas guessed that he first met Francis when they were 7 or 8 years old.

“We played almost every day, like pickup, rec ball or biddy ball,” Thomas recalled. “When we got to high school, we went to rival schools.

“He was just a good kid. You ask anybody, they’d say the same. He was the best. A good person. You loved to be around him.”

When asked about Francis, Thomas’ face doesn’t turn sad. Instead, he smiled while recounting memories of his lost friend.

“He was just like one of them guys; you could never be mad at him,” Thomas said. “Even if you were mad at him, you couldn’t be mad at him. He would do something stupid and you’d try. But he was always laughing, always smiling, always clowning around.

“Just one of those guys if you were having a bad day and you were around him, you’d forget about whatever happened. He was just one of those special people.”

Francis wasn’t a bad basketball player, either. He led his high school to an undefeated season and Louisiana state championship as a senior, and then started at point guard during his first year at USC.

“He was more excited for me when I put my name in the (NBA) draft than I was, I think,” Thomas said.

This month Reminderband® would like to focus on a group that has taken Reminderbands® to the next level and used them not only as a “reminder” but to support and uplift others.

Africa Is Life Changing, Inc is a group which travels to Africa to teach thousands of orphaned children as well as many women about HIV/AIDS Prevention. Here they use Reminderbands® debossed with the phrase CHOOSE THE RIGHT as an empowerment principle. “ShoSho” Nielsen, the Founder of Africa Is Life Changing, relates, “As we enter the classroom (or just gather children together around a tree in a village) we begin by asking them if they want to be happy. Then we ask them if they want to be healthy and happy. The process of identifying happiness to them is a wonderful opportunity for us as Americans to step into their world of how so little can still create happiness in their lives (and teach us an invaluable lesson for life!).

We then teach them that the way to be happy and keep their bodies healthy is to know what it means to CHOOSE THE RIGHT and to practice it everyday. We focus a bit more on the girl child and empower her to defend her body. We teach them a motto they chant repeatedly; ‘DO NOT TOUCH MY BODY!’ “ It is at this point where Reminderband’s® CHOOSE THE RIGHT wristbands come in. ShoSho indicates that these bands help the women and children remember how to stay healthy and happy.

ShoSho also states, “Reminderbands® are a powerful tool in our program because they leave a reminder on the children’s arms of the experience they had in the classroom in training them up to prepare for a brighter future.”

To learn more about Africa Is Life Changing, please visit their website at Africa Is Life Changing has two expeditions planned for 2007 in June and October and invite all those who are interested in helping to visit their website.

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