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Silicone has been our mainstay for 12 years, but we’re excited to announce the addition of Tyvek wristbands to the Reminderband repertoire. And we can’t help but brag: we’ve got the best Tyvek wristband builder on the Internet.

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 1-1.51.23 PM.png

Design your own custom, professional-quality wristbands by choosing custom text, colors, and graphics, or uploading your own artwork with our easy-to-use builder. They will be printed in HD on durable, waterproof, and authentic DuPont Tyvek.

Also brag-worthy: we offer the smallest quantities of Tyvek available. (“Smallest quantities?” you say. “Wouldn’t you want larger quantities?”) Well, we offer large quantities too, but most Tyvek sellers require a minimum order of 100 bands or more. Our minimum is just one sheet: 10 bands. That way you don’t have to order more than you need, saving you money. We also don’t charge a setup fee, saving you more money.

So that’s our big Tyvek bombshell! Keep us in mind if you’ve got an event, cause, or business that could use custom disposable wristbands. Let us know if there’s patterns, fonts, or images you’d like to see that aren’t already in our builder. Happy designing!

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Did you see our wristband keychains?

You can now put your custom silicone wristband on a keychain! We’ve started securing our high-quality, 100% silicone wristbands with a metal clamp and keychain ring and they are available for customization and order. The new Wristband Keychain is only available with Classic bands right now (so no Thin or Phat), but you can still choose from a variety of colors and patterns and artwork, or design your own:



You can also check it out in 3D below:

Let us know what you come up with and what you use them for — we’d love to see your designs and final bands!

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Cyber Monday Sale: 15% Off


Happy holidays! We’re celebrating at Reminderband by offering a discount. Use promo code CMOND14 for 15% off the base price on any wristband order today. This discount does not include shipping, which is the usual rate, or extras such as second-side or color-fill.

Check out our predesigned bands or design your own!

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10 Years, 10% Off to Celebrate

Happy anniversary! We’re celebrating our ten-year anniversary this year! Reminderband first started creating and selling custom silicone wristbands in 2004. It’s been a wild and wonderful journey, and we’d like to thank you for making it with us.

To celebrate, we’re offering a special two-day sale. Enter promo code 10YR14 at checkout anytime today or tomorrow (October 14-15) for ten percent off your entire order (shipping excluded). Design your own wristband or check out our predesigned Military, School, Religious, Medical Alert, Cancer, or Awareness Bracelets.

Thanks for ten fantastic years!

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Support Our Troops Bands (and Blue Camo!)

In addition to our Military Wristbands page, Reminderband is proud to offer another predesigned selection of “Support Our Troops” and “Support Our Veterans” wristbands.

These wristbands can be ordered from our site or used as a jumping-off point for further design and customization.


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A True Story About A Dog Named Baby

This true story of a three-legged white poodle named Baby and the inspiration for hope of dogs everywhere. Andy Rooney once said, “The average dog is a nicer person than the average person.”

Reminderband Inc had the honor in making some silicone wristbands to help bring awareness about cruelty in the dog breeding industry. This heart wrenching story about how Baby endured a nine year ordeal at a puppy mill. Her vocal cords cut, so that her cries could not be heard and one of her legs had to be amputated due to the abuse she encountered. Jana Kohl is an author and is now the new owner of this beautiful dog named Baby. For more information, please visit Jana’s website at

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Wristbands Help Remember Fallen Teammate, Inspire Team.

16-year old Ben Lyman was killed on June 23rd when he dove 30 feet off a bridge over Bear River near Logan Utah. The accidental death stunned his teammates on the football team at Sky View High School, and they decided to dedicate their season in Ben’s honor. And what a season it has been.The Bobcats are 8-0 for the first time in school history, and will be one of the favorites to win their first state title in school history. The Bobcats wear custom wristbands from Reminderband that say, “Remember Ben,” and they tap his #25 jersey every time they step onto the field.

Hard work and precision execution are big reasons why the Bobcats are undefeated. But they say an even bigger reason is they feel Ben with them every time they play.


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Reminderbands Help Children in Africa Stay Healthy and Happy

This month Reminderband® would like to focus on a group that has taken Reminderbands® to the next level and used them not only as a “reminder” but to support and uplift others.

Africa Is Life Changing, Inc is a group which travels to Africa to teach thousands of orphaned children as well as many women about HIV/AIDS Prevention. Here they use Reminderbands® debossed with the phrase CHOOSE THE RIGHT as an empowerment principle. “ShoSho” Nielsen, the Founder of Africa Is Life Changing, relates, “As we enter the classroom (or just gather children together around a tree in a village) we begin by asking them if they want to be happy. Then we ask them if they want to be healthy and happy. The process of identifying happiness to them is a wonderful opportunity for us as Americans to step into their world of how so little can still create happiness in their lives (and teach us an invaluable lesson for life!).

We then teach them that the way to be happy and keep their bodies healthy is to know what it means to CHOOSE THE RIGHT and to practice it everyday. We focus a bit more on the girl child and empower her to defend her body. We teach them a motto they chant repeatedly; ‘DO NOT TOUCH MY BODY!’ “ It is at this point where Reminderband’s® CHOOSE THE RIGHT wristbands come in. ShoSho indicates that these bands help the women and children remember how to stay healthy and happy.

ShoSho also states, “Reminderbands® are a powerful tool in our program because they leave a reminder on the children’s arms of the experience they had in the classroom in training them up to prepare for a brighter future.”

To learn more about Africa Is Life Changing, please visit their website at Africa Is Life Changing has two expeditions planned for 2007 in June and October and invite all those who are interested in helping to visit their website.

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Reminderband Featured in Local News Story

Less than a decade ago, no one could have imagined a small, local business could be a lucrative contender in the world market. But just a few years ago, no one had heard of companies like Reminderband, Pre-Auto, or either.

With the advent of the Internet, a few Cache Valley residents are taking part in business opportunities previously unheard of. From a go-to guy for technical support to a one-man business and a company that sells millions of products worldwide, local community members are jumping into a flourishing industry: online business.

“There comes a time in life when you realize you just have to take a chance and see where it goes – that’s what we did,” said Clay Broadbent, vice president of Reminderband, a Logan company that makes rubber wristbands. “A combination of fortunate timing, good decisions and forward thinking got us ahead.”

Broadbent said Reminderband’s three and one-half year lifespan has been a “wild ride.”

“We had no idea what we were getting into,” he said. What started out as a plan to capitalize on the fad of Lance Armstrong-inspired wristbands in smaller, personalized quantities exploded in a matter of weeks.

While working other jobs, Broadbent and co-founders Scott Huskinson and Aaron Bishop put together a “bare bones” Web site with an available e-mail address if Internet surfers were interested in ordering wristbands. The next morning, 60 e-mails were waiting in their inbox.

Propelled almost solely by Internet advertising, Reminderband sold seven million bands in 2005 alone. 

“Most of us at Reminderband don’t want to live in big cities,” Broadbent said. “The Internet allows us to live in the valley, where we have roots and we love it here, and be a part of world markets.”….

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News to use: How can you help victims of Hurricane Katrina? (Utah and Wristbands)

State and private organizations in Utah are mobilizing to help victims of Hurricane Katrina:
* State of Utah: A toll-free number and e-mail address have been established for people willing to volunteer their expertise to aid victims or help rebuild New Orleans. Call 1-866-873-2437 or e-mail
* Rite-Aid: Customers of Rite-Aid stores in Utah can donate money at any checkout stand. Rite-Aid will forward the customer donations to the American Red Cross. The company’s foundation said Thursday it plans to send $250,000 to the Red Cross.
* The Regence Group: The Regence Group will donate $100,000 to American Red Cross. The Regence Group, the largest health insurer in the Northwest/Intermountain area, is an affiliation of four state Blue Cross and Blue Shield health plans, including Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Utah. Regence also will encourage and facilitate employee donations to local Red Cross organizations.
* Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort: Snowbird is accepting and matching donations to the American Red Cross Hurricane Relief Fund. Through Oct. 9, guests and employees will be able to make donations at the resort, which will match up to $10,000.
* Wristbands: Reminderband, the silicone wristband-maker based in Logan, will donate $100,000 in bands to a . . . project designed to earn $1 million for relief efforts.

Your Week Quotes

“My feeling is that even though I have a little, I have more than they do.”
– Julie McNair, an Eagle Mountain resident collecting clothing and food for the Katrina victims.

“These are my people. We’re ready to do whatever we can do.”
– Jeff St. Romain, the president of Volunteers of America in Salt Lake City who spent 37 years in the New Orleans area.

“It was just a plea for help. We need to find shelter. We need to find food and [provide for the refugees’] basic quality of life. The other issues will sort themselves out.”
– Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. on taking in hurricane refugees from the Gulf states.
My feeling is that even though I have a little, I have more than they do.”
Julie McNair, an Eagle Mountain resident collecting clothing and food for the Katrina victims
These are my people. We’re ready to do whatever we can do.”
Jeff St. Romain, president of Volunteers of America in Salt Lake City, who spent 37 years in the New Orleans area
It was just a plea for help. We need to find shelter. We need to find food and [provide for the refugees’] basic quality of life. The other issues will sort themselves out.”
Gov. Jon M. Huntsman Jr. , on taking in hurricane refugees from the Gulf states

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