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Custom Bracelet Gift Ideas | 2021 Gift Guide

The holiday season is in full swing, and we’re in the gift-giving mood. Just one problem…why is it so hard to find gift ideas that are meaningful, useful, and affordable? Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up a few of the best ideas for you to use when creating custom made bracelets for your friends and family.

Looking for wristbands for kids or a unique stocking stuffer? Simple, but effective gifts for friends and family? How about a fun, themed addition to a gift basket you’re putting together?

If you need a gift idea, keep reading, and get inspired.

For the gamer in your life.


Choose a popular phrase or video game theme and create something unique for your gaming enthusiast. Do they love Tetris 99? Design a t-spin inspired custom bracelet. We even have fun video game clipart options to choose from! The options are endless, so do a little digging and let your artistic side come out.

If you’re not feeling so creative, we also sell a contra code bracelet you can purchase. Choose to customize the second side or leave it as-is for a classic gift for your gamer.

For your sentimental loved ones.


If you’re looking for an extra meaningful gift idea for your sentimental loved one, you’re in the right place. Draw on one of their favorite memories or phrases to make a custom bracelet that they’ll cherish and love to wear. Choose to add the coordinates of a location that is near and dear to their heart. Where you met, their hometown, their wedding venue, etc.

Add a special phrase that is meant just for them, and you’ll be sure to impress with your custom gift!

For your sporty and athletic friends.


For your sporty friends and fitness fiends, add a motivational message to help them crush their workouts and daily routine. Messages are powerful, so this inspirational wristband is a gift that keeps on giving throughout the day. When things get hard, your gift will help them push through and reach their personal best!

Whether your loved one is just starting their journey to the healthiest version of themselves or they’ve been on the path for a while, customized bracelets with uplifting messages are the perfect loving reminder that you believe in them.

For the outdoor enthusiast.


Leather bracelets are a popular choice for jewelry among men and women alike. We offer four different bracelet styles for you to choose from, so pick out a new favorite bracelet for your gift recipient! Made from genuine leather and hemp, this adjustable bracelet is one-size-fits-all, and matches with everything.

From outdoor lovers to those who prefer simplistic, neutral jewelry, our rope craft bracelets are sure to please!

For your significant other or closest friends.


Show your significant other or closest friends how much you care with customizable bracelets. These custom made bracelets are wearable messages of affirmation, created for you! Add a cute quote like “two halves of a whole”, “partner in crime”, or a simple “I love you!” for a unique gift. Customize your gift even further by selecting from our free clipart library.

Friends and family will appreciate this simple, thoughtful gift, so add this custom bracelet gift idea to your repertoire!

For the person who has everything.


Let’s face it, some people are just hard to shop for. Whether your gift recipient has very specific tastes, or they seem to have everything, a motivational bracelet with a personalized message will bring a smile to their face. Everyone has bad days, so give your loved ones something to help them through theirs.

For your old man.

Finding the perfect gift for dads is notoriously difficult as they already have everything they want. However, you wouldn’t want to give your patriarch another generic necktie! Instead, give him something personalized and sentimental.

Whether your old man is into camping, cooking, or bodybuilding, a customized bracelet made just for him is sure to warm his heart.

If none of these gift ideas seem quite right, customize a silicone bracelet that will fit the bill with our easy-to-use band builder. The possibilities are endless with custom wristbands, so find your creative side and get gifting!

This post was originally published on 11/24/20 and was updated on 3/1/21.

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