The Continual Love Project Motivates Others With Wristbands

The Continual Love Project is a Non-Profit Organization, which is all about ensuring and promoting love as well as providing guidance to ones who are in need.  They help adults, parents, students, and children alike. They are within the inner city of Cincinnati to maintain a positive outlet for the youth and adults.


The CL Project recently purchased Marquee Rectangle wristbands with motivational phrases to give away to whoever needs encouragement–from being in hospitals for treatments to being in a household with little to no income or even to being homeless.


Great work, CL Project!

Check out their website and Facebook page.

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How much are they I have 4 family members that this would be perfect please let me know I am one of of those 4 I can’t even wear the necklaces due to the metal making my skin break out who ever thought of this great .

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