Fundraising with Wristbands

Are you planning a fundraiser through your school or community? Our legendary wristbands are a classy and fun way to share a message, raise money, or support a cause.


Our band builder makes it easier than ever before to design every aspect of your bracelets, right down to the color, font, size and phrase.


So how many wristbands would you need to sell to hit your fundraising goal? Here’s a hypothetical for you:


Check out our nifty calculator on our fundraising page to┬áplay around with the numbers to help you decide how many bands you’ll need and how to price them. You’ll most likely find that people are willing to be more generous than usual for these bands when it’s for a good cause. One popular rule of thumb for selling wristbands at a fundraiser is “One for three, two for five.”

Still have questions about fundraising with silicone wristbands? Give us a call or send us an email; we’d love to chat with you. Good luck!

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