Which cancers need more funding and awareness? An infographic

We hear a lot of stories at Reminderband of cancer survivors spreading awareness and fundraising for cancer, whether for individual treatment costs or for research. We also hear about a lot of events such as races, benefit dinners, and walkathons to raise money to fight cancer.

In terms of research grants, some cancer gets more funding than others. According to numbers from the American Cancer Society, the breakdown of cancer grants is as follows:

Cancer Grants 2015

According to numbers from the American Cancer Society, the breakdown of cancer deaths is as follows:

Cancer Deaths 2015

Lung cancer is definitely underrepresented in funding when compared with percentage of cancer deaths — only a small sliver of the whole of cancer funding goes toward lung cancer specifically, while it makes up nearly a quarter of all cancer deaths in the U.S. Pancreatic, kidney, and liver cancers are underrepresented as well.

Individuals tend to fight for a cause that has affected them or loved ones personally, and any awareness or fundraising against cancer is good. Cancer research can overlap too — a development in fighting brain cancer may also help in treating breast cancer, for example. But keep the above data in mind when seeking a new cause or considering need, because some cancers are getting more funding than others.

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