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School’s out and vacation is on! The first day of summer was officially June 21st. With its arrival comes major summer recreation and major group events. Festivals, races, family reunions, parades, sporting events, fairs, community events… you name it.

Whether you need admission identifiers, memorabilia, souvenirs, a handout, a way to show support, or a fundraising or promotional item, silicone or rubber bracelets can be really useful this time of year. No matter what your summer event, we put together a handy guide for buying bracelets in bulk.

Spot Your Source

What wristband type works best for your event? Tyvek, silicone, paper? Do you want a temporary, disposable wristband or a keepsake/long-lasting promotional tool? Once you Find a list of suppliers that will deliver to your country. (Of course we’re biased towards Reminderband, but if Tyvek is a better fit for your event, by all means look into that.)

Check out possible suppliers ahead of time by comparing prices and quality. The BBB, Yelp, and SiteJabber are good sources for business reviews. Social media sites may also be a good place to read feedback from previous customers. That might help you check out wristband quality and if there are customer service problems, delays, or hidden costs.

If you’re unsure about the security of a site (which is important, especially since if you order from them you’ll be giving them credit card information!), Norton and are free and easy places to check for suspicious activity with the URL of the company site you’re considering.

Design Your Band

Using a designing tool, decide which colors, artwork, styles suit your cause. Reminderband’s wristband design tool instantly generates and renders silicone wristbands as they are designed, so that’s a good one to play with.


Estimate Order Amount

How many are coming to your event? Will you use the bracelets for promotion before or after? Will you give them to family and/or local community members in addition to your event?

“When the event is a fundraiser, especially to support someone in need, we will tell them to order more that what they think they’ll need because often times most of the people who attend will want to wear a band to support the person,” says Stephanie, customer service specialist at Reminderband. “The response is usually higher than the customer’s initial expectations.”

Wristbands are popular, so you might want to order more bracelets in bulk than you are planning for just in case. Plus, especially when making large orders, it’s often cheaper to buy extras as part of your initial order than it is to make a follow-up order, which brings us to our next item: the budget.


How much do you have in your budget for these handouts? Do they need to pay for themselves? Are you giving them away? Are they part of the cost of entry/a ticket? If you’re fundraising, how much will you be selling each wristband for? Do you value bold, unique design or cost-efficiency more?

These are important questions to consider for your event. Once you have a mass or per-band budget, check out pricing for your chosen company. Reminderband’s pricing chart is here.

Typically, the more you order, the less expensive each bracelet will be. With Reminderband, if you order fifty or more, bracelets are less than a dollar each. In quantities of a thousand or more, they’re a quarter each, making cheap bracelets even cheaper.

Another budget consideration is design. Custom artwork adds .15 a band, and for other unique looks you could add may also affect wristband price.Paying for shipping (especially if you need to rush your order) will also be a factor, so be sure to plan for that (see the next section for details). When calculating price, if the company you choose requires a minimum order or has a mold fee, be sure to incorporate that as well (Reminderband has neither).

Order Ahead of Time


Depending on your bulk bracelet type, be sure to order ahead of time so you can be sure your wristbands arrive on time. Color-fill, orders larger than 500, or international orders add time.

If you do get in a pinch and need bands in a hurry, Reminderband offers some rushed and priority order options. Standard priority orders are delivered in six business days. If you really get in a bind, there’s also a next-day option, where you can get your debossed bands delivered the next business day.

Expedited shipping will cost more, however, so be sure to budget for that if you need it!

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Reminderband users are amazing. They use wristbands to rally, to mourn, to communicate, to build, to raise awareness, to fundraise, to promote, to love, to change the world. We here at Reminderband are continually impressed and inspired by the diverse, creative, fun, and beautiful bands you produce: day after day, year after year.


Which is why we’d like to start sharing your stories. Every week, we’re sharing a new cause on our blog and social media channels to get the word out and get attention for your efforts. We hope that our sharing will lead to increased awareness and your stories will inspire others further, whether to donate to your cause, get inspired by wristband design, or simply feel better about the world and the good people in it.


Screen Shot 2012-07-17 at 11.31.05 AM

We’ve added this sharing option to checkout on our website and are loving the stories we’ve received thus far, but you don’t have to put in a new order to share your cause with us. Email us at social@reminderband [dot] com or fill out this form to let us know how and why you use Reminderband wristbands to #bandtogether, whether it’s past, present, or future.

Send us a photo, send us a cause, send us your story. We’re excited to hear from you and share your experience.

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Introducing the first-ever custom wristband app

Reminderband has long been a pioneer in the wristband industry, and we’re excited to announce the next big change in the buying experience. We want you to be the first to know — we’ve launched the first mobile app for designing and purchasing silicone wristbands.

Wristband Inspiration, the Reminderband mobile app, allows you to make debossed and color-fill wristbands on the go. You can design, preview, and order your own custom silicone wristbands, or get inspired by motivational phrases and wristband ideas.

Our app is free through iTunes and sleek and easy-to-use, rendering wristband previews instantly and generating hundreds of inspirational quotes. Placing orders is also a breeze — credit card checkouts are securely encrypted and processed so you can buy custom bands from your phone hassle-free.The Wristband Inspiration app is currently available for free download from the iTunes store (Android users, stay tuned!). We hope you’ll try it out and let us know what you think! If you don’t have an iPhone or if you are interested in seeing even more wristband creation options, visit our main web site.

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A cool wristband idea from @coach_kenzie on Instagram

workout wristband

She uses custom Reminderband wristbands as a daily workout reminder for those she coaches. When they’re done with their workout for the day, they can flip them over from “One Thing” to “Done Thing.”

We love this innovative wristband use for motivation and fitness!




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