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A tattoo alternative: wristbands

silicone wristbands

“I use these bands to remind me of what is very important to me. Mostly, it’s important lessons learned that I want to be reminded of daily, but not something I would want tattooed on me. Reminderband’s slogan should be: ‘Because tattoos are too permanent.’”

Ryan from Houston, TX
Tattoos are becoming a popular way to memorialize a loved one, encapsulate life lessons, practice self-expression, or deliver a daily personal reminder. Interest in wrist tattoos is especially growing — Google queries for “wrist tattoos” or “wrist tattoo” doubled in the past five years. But instead of inking oneself with something that is unchangeable and must be hidden in many professional settings, why not consider a wristband instead?
Wristbands can feature words and art in a unique creation. Long-lasting, high-quality silicone means wristbands can be worn for years (even swimming, in the shower, etc) but they can also be removed if needs be. Wristbands or awareness bracelets are also acceptable in the business environment: Most school, workplace, and religious dress codes don’t mind a wristband but may ban visible tattoos. Alternately, if you have a wrist tattoo you’re trying to cover up, wristbands (especially extra-wide phat bands!) can help with that, too.
If you’re still considering a tattoo, especially a wrist tattoo, why not try it out in wristband format first and see if you get tired of the images or message? You can also change it up for variety’s sake, share and swap with friends, or tweak if you find a better or more effective design.
Choose from several wristband styles, 30 colors, or add your own custom color, font, or artwork with our wristband design tool to create your own daily reminder, no needles required.

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