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Awareness, advocacy, love: cancer bracelets


Reminderband wristbands have been used for everything from family reunions to New Year’s resolutions to conventions, but one of the most frequent orders is for cancer bracelets. The silicone wristbands are inexpensive and long-lasting and work for both men and women, making them a popular choice for spreading awareness or personal use.

You can read more about cancer bracelets here, but here are some stories of folks and how they used cancer bracelets to help families, individuals, and communities, and advance the fight against cancers of all types:

  • Lung cancer survivor and advocate uses glow-in-the-dark, leopard-print cancer bracelets to educate her community about lung cancer and how it’s not just for smokers.
  • A football coach wears a cancer wristband for inspiration through chemo and practices.
  • A family and a community in California uses cancer wristbands to raise funds for leukemia treatment.
  • High school students use memorial cancer bracelets to raise funds for a late student and teacher’s families.
  • Cancer survivor Ben Teller uses Reminderband cancer bracelets to fundraise and build awareness for his organization, “Cuck Fancer.”
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A tattoo alternative: wristbands

silicone wristbands

“I use these bands to remind me of what is very important to me. Mostly, it’s important lessons learned that I want to be reminded of daily, but not something I would want tattooed on me. Reminderband’s slogan should be: ‘Because tattoos are too permanent.’”

Ryan from Houston, TX
Tattoos are becoming a popular way to memorialize a loved one, encapsulate life lessons, practice self-expression, or deliver a daily personal reminder. Interest in wrist tattoos is especially growing — Google queries for “wrist tattoos” or “wrist tattoo” doubled in the past five years. But instead of inking oneself with something that is unchangeable and must be hidden in many professional settings, why not consider a wristband instead?
Wristbands can feature words and art in a unique creation. Long-lasting, high-quality silicone means wristbands can be worn for years (even swimming, in the shower, etc) but they can also be removed if needs be. Wristbands or awareness bracelets are also acceptable in the business environment: Most school, workplace, and religious dress codes don’t mind a wristband but may ban visible tattoos. Alternately, if you have a wrist tattoo you’re trying to cover up, wristbands (especially extra-wide phat bands!) can help with that, too.
If you’re still considering a tattoo, especially a wrist tattoo, why not try it out in wristband format first and see if you get tired of the images or message? You can also change it up for variety’s sake, share and swap with friends, or tweak if you find a better or more effective design.
Choose from several wristband styles, 30 colors, or add your own custom color, font, or artwork with our wristband design tool to create your own daily reminder, no needles required.
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Color-fill: making your wristband stand out

Typical wristbands can sometimes be hard to read from a distance. While crisp debossing is legible close-up, sometimes you want a wristband that makes a bigger statement or stands out from the other wristbands people are wearing so you can share your message to the fullest. In those cases, adding a vivid phrase color to your wristband design is a great option.
While some wristband companies offer screen printing on wristbands, ink-printed bands are just printed on the surface and tend to wear away over time or with water. Designs and lettering that are screen-printed onto silicone can flake away and wear off the wristband quickly, especially with water — often making it an uneconomic choice.
For something that stands out and lasts long, color-fill is a great option. Color-fill is made of silicone and molded to the wristband itself, so it will stay colorful and crisp through elements and wear-and-tear and last as long or longer than the rest of the wristband. Adding phrase color allows for a beautiful and durable wristband design that won’t wear off or fade away.
How does it work?
With the color-fill method, Reminderband debosses (etches, or engraves) your phrase/logo into the wristbands, and then molds another color of silicone into the imprint. The silicone from the fill bonds to the silicone of the wristband and is there forever. Durable, the color-fill design will never fade or flake off and can withstand any temperature the wristband would reasonably encounter.
Color-fill/phrase color can also be incorporated into symbols or artwork on the band. Multiple colors can be used for added effect.
How much does it cost?
There is no minimum order for color-fill wristbands, and the additional cost is $.25 per band. To make your phrase really stand out, color-fill is a perfect option that always turns out looking great. You can also add custom art, symbols, or text with your color-fill for a variety of effects. Some examples of phrase color silicone wristbands are shown below, or check out other color-fill wristband designs.



“When I got the bands in, they exceeded my expectations. The thick silicone and deep embossment made the band look sharp, and the color fill was immaculate. I recommend Reminder Band to all my friends and family because of the fantastic customer service and quality products.”
Chris from Scranton, PA
“I ordered 200 glow-in-the-dark bands for my students who were putting on a fundraiser. The quality of the bands (glow and color fill) were all we could have hoped for. I needed customer service because of a section I left blank, and the service was quick and easy. Reminderband will be my go-to in the future.”

Angelo from Torrington, CT
“ReminderBand is a great company. They handle small orders with respect and efficiency. The quality of the bands, colors and fills are the best that I have seen. I am very happy with their service!”
Jim from Los Angeles, CA
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What are cancer bracelets?

What are cancer bracelets?

You have probably heard of awareness ribbons: symbols in different colors to raise awareness for the battle against certain diseases. For example, the pink ribbon represents the fight against breast cancer. Ribbons were tied on trees or pinned to lapels to bring attention to certain causes.

Nowadays, ribbons aren’t as common. Instead, wristbands, or cancer bracelets, can raise awareness and funds in the same way ribbons do, or just serve as a personal reminder — except they can be worn all the time, and by anyone, no pin necessary.

How are they used?

While all cancer bracelets spread awareness, they have a variety of uses and spread awareness in different ways. Cancer bracelets are worn by both women and men in the battle against cancer to show support for loved ones or as a personal reminder. Cancer bracelets are handed out at awareness events and hospitals and worn by families and survivors. Cancer awareness bracelets are also sold to raise funds for cancer research, pay for medical bills, or fundraise for a related cause.

For example, breast cancer bracelets are handed out at races, sold during October as part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, or worn by friends and family of a survivor to promote breast cancer awareness.

How can they be made?

With a wide variety of uses, cancer bracelets need to be customizable. Reminderband cancer wristband bracelets can be made with any color, name, message, logo, symbol or art to fit any wrist. There’s no minimum order on Reminderband cancer bracelets, so you can order as few as one or as many as one million bulk custom bracelets.