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Charity wristbands and other tales

Whether you’re looking to support a non-profit organization, school, church, sports team, club, charity, or cause, a wristband is a great way to support, advocate, and remember. High-quality, long-lasting silicone wristbands can be sold to raise money, but also continue to promote the cause long after the initial sale as they are worn by members of the community. Wristbands can be customized with any logo, art, or message and ordered in large or small batches. They can be chic, wearable almost constantly for men, women, and children.


Here are some people who used Reminderband wristbands to support a charity or cause:

“This past year, I bought some bracelets that said ‘CECILIA’ to help raise money for a college friend of mine who realized she had a brain tumor on Christmas day and is now suffering from Stage 4 brain cancer. We hope to raise enough money for her to visit her relatives in Sweden. Later on in the year, a fellow 16-year-old coworker of mine was diagnosed with leukemia and died the next day after his first chemotherapy treatment. We ordered some ‘JOEY’ bracelets for him as well, and the money we raised has been donated to Children’s Hospital. It’s been so great to use these bracelets as an opportunity to impact the lives of those who get sick and those affected by them.”

Heather from Burlington, WI

“Many people on our committee were against a ‘silly little piece of plastic’… but now we’re three months out and most people are still wearing their ‘Recovery Unity Service’ and loving it. You were great to work with and very fast.”

Drew from Saint Louis, MO
“I ordered a bunch of wristbands to sell for a charity and they came out great. The quality of the wristbands is excellent, they are well priced, and they were shipped in a timely manner. I would definitely purchase more wristbands from if I needed more!”

Stephanie from Albany, NY

“I have used Reminderband a few times now over the past year, and I have been very happy with the quality of the bands and the people working for Reminderband. I had a large order and re-order last year when my school system sold bands for the Tsunami Relief efforts, and have also used them for my Girl Scout Troop. I would highly recommend Reminderband. You definitely get ‘more bang for your buck’ with this company.”

Kate from Norfolk, MA

“We were arranging a charity function and wanted to sell wristbands. We found Reminderband on the Internet and we were thrilled with the service and the product. The order arrived early and the bands were perfect. We’ve heard many horror stories about other companies where the bands look cheap and shoddy and/or arrive weeks late. Reminderband was terrific, professional and a pleasure to work with.”

Lizzie from Outside New York City, NY

“I ordered Reminderband’s awareness wristbands to support a message being delivered at a conference for 300 people. Other vendors had eight-week lead times which was impossible. You provided our bands in less than a week and at a lower cost. WOW!”

“I am a student in middle school and me and a few friends came up with the idea because we needed to raise money for our school to send a kid are are age who has Down Syndrome to Disney World. I wouldn’t even think of using anyone else!”

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