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Religious wristbands



Individuals and organizations across the country are using custom religious wristbands to promote religious and spiritual causes — with more than just the classic WWJD bracelets. Here are some ideas for using custom wristbands in your church group or faith practice:

* Create a personal religious reminder

Reminderband wristbands are completely customizable, meaning you can choose your own color and size as well as phrase, symbol or image. Whether it is a scripture, a name, a question or other meaningful words, there is no minimum order, so you can create your own unique religious wristband and order between one and one million of them.

* Fundraise for church or community

Wristbands can make a great fundraising tool for church repairs, buildings or community members in need.

* Unify a youth group, club or congregation

* Memorialize an activity or service project 

* Hand out at vigils, devotionals or conferences

Religious wristbands make a great reminder of an event or way to distinguish/admit attendees and promote unity.

* Spread awareness of a spiritual message

Wristbands have been used to encourage prayer and support among communities. In Indiana, schools, communities and churches rallied around a girl critically injured with the message to “Pray for Emily,” using signs and wristbands to demonstrate their support.

* Raise money for a cause:

Selling religious wristbands can be a great way to raise money for a cause, such as aid after a natural disaster or poverty alleviation. The inexpensive wristbands can be designed with a custom message and then sold to benefit a religious or humanitarian cause. Wristbands are cool and desirable and promote a faithful message even after the money has been raised.

* Express your faith

Religious wristbands can be a conversation-starter and a subtle way to show your belief. The popularity of T-shirts and jewelry with faith messages is increasing, and custom wristbands are an inexpensive, infinitely unique way to express faith.


Here are some ways previous Reminderband wristband users have used custom religious wristbands:

“I ordered wristbands for my church. The turn around time was unbelievable and the bands were perfect. I will be ordering again in the next few weeks and have recommended your company to others that have placed orders as well. Great job and thank you.”

Doug from St. Paul, MN

“Have used Reminderbands the last few years for our church youth camp. We are very pleased with the product and the ordering process.”

Cigi from Hobbs, NM

“I have placed 4 orders total. The bracelets I ordered have become a local hit stretching from Florida panhandle to parts of Georgia and Alabama. I use it as a tool to get the message out there to ‘Put God First.’ I will be ordering many more in the future… Thanks for an awesome job.”

Josh from Destin, FL
For more ideas and ways wristbands have been used for religions, check out Reminderband’s web site.

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