Awareness Bracelets

Awareness wristbands: wearing your heart on your sleeve, er, wrist


Do you have a cause? A foundation? A personal message? Do you want an access point for conversation about something that is important to you?

When you are trying to establish awareness for a cause, it is crucial to provide a way for people to know and remember what you are fighting for. Awareness wristbands are an instant conversation starter and constant reminder of your cause or message.

Awareness wristbands are washable, inexpensive, long-lasting and fit almost everyone. They’re also customizable, meaning you can share your own message, artwork or image with the world and order in quantities great or small.

In times of tragedy, fundraising, gratitude or learning and sharing, awareness wristbands can bring communities and people together.

Here are some examples of people who used awareness wristbands to share their cause with the world:

“We live in the very tight community of Glide, Oregon. It is a wonderful place to raise a family with the majestic North Umpqua River meandering/gliding through it. A local teen was diagnosed with Osteogenic Sarcoma last Spring, as a community we immediately responded with ‘What can WE do to help?’ The ‘Livestrong’ bracelets were so popular, we thought that seemed like an obvious route to take, we would distribute bracelets within the community in support of our friend, Daniel. Daniel is an avid soccer player so we wanted to think of something catchy…….my daughter Amanda came up with ‘Kick It Daniel.’ Our first order of 600 bracelets sold out within the first week. We ended up distributing/selling well over 3000 bands. It is very heartwarming to be out and about within the community and seeing these bands donned on small children to the elderly. Our focus was not just to distribute them as a fundraiser, but more of a display of support for Daniel … we DID end up making some funds for to help with the families traveling expenses they incurred in their travels to Portland. Daniel has had the tumor removed, a knee-replacement surgery and is almost done with his chemo. Thank you Reminderband for helping to show unity within our community.”

Sandy from Glide, OR

“The Reminderband folks were great to deal with, responsive and professional and didn’t mind questions via emails and phone calls. Once the order was placed, it was easy to pay for online and arrived in a timely manner. Our private non profit organization, OFFER, now has a unifying symbol for all sufferers of chronic fatique syndrome and fibromyalgia. The Green ‘OFFER HOPE’ wristbands are a symbol of hope for us, because all proceeds from them go to our research fund, dedicated to bringing about the eradication of these silent but devastating illnesses. The green is a symbol of spring, rebirth, new growth and hope that the future will bring us a better tomorrow. Oddly enough, wearing one of these is also a personal reminder to ‘OFFER HOPE’ to others we come in contact with. Thanks Reminderband!”

Terry from Sandy, UT

“My husband has a very rare disease that effect only 8 out of 1 million. We felt the need to get the awareness out on this disease. We are selling the bracelets and the profits will go to research. You company is helping us with our hope for the future for those who have this ugly disease.”

Pam from Indianapolis, IN

“I ordered wristbands through Reminderband for our non-profit group. I chose them because they did not have an outragous minimum, had good prices,a fast turnaround, and a secure web-site. I was very pleased with the wristbands and would suggest that everyone should order from them. ”

Anne from Montrose, PA

“I wanted a way to show the world that I was not embarrassed of my son who suffers from Schizophrenia and as a bonus, earn some money for my walk team to celebrate our second time attending the NAMI Mass walk. The money let us purchase team T’s as well as goodie bags for whoever walked with us. Me and my family wear our bracelets everyday and now sell them to pay for ink to print out our newsletter. The bands were so much better than the printed ones. The wording lasts forever! Their low minimum enabled us to purchase only what we needed.”

Karen from Methuen, MA

“Thanks so much for your service. My wife and I are working towards adopting a little girl from China and the process is SO expensive. This has provided a nice way for us to try and raise a little money for the adoption without breaking our bank with a huge upfront investment.”

Stephen Johnson from Artesia, CA

“Our bands were PERFECT! Everybody loves them thanks so much! My friend was killed in a shooting and her mom was shot also, we are reselling bands that say in memory of Kirsten and all of the money is going to her mom since she didn’t have health insurance. They were exactly how I wanted! Thanks so much. They are a big success!”

“I ordered wristbands from another company to raise awareness for my son’s genetic syndrome. I planned to hand them out at a local 5K race for this cause but almost cried when they arrived and I saw what they looked like. The quality was horrible. I should have come to you first. There is NO COMPARISON. We have been wearing ours for weeks now, and they look brand new. I love way they are individually wrapped, and they are LEGIBLE. It is obvious you care about what you do. I will be ordering more soon. Thanks a billion.”

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