What size wristband should I get?

Silicone wristbands are a hit with charities, fundraisers, memorials, sporting teams, and family reunions — just to name a few. But people come in lots of different shapes and sizes, and so do their wrists. Silicone wristband sizing, especially when ordering for a large event, can be confusing.


How big are wristbands?

Reminderbands® come in three sizes: large, medium and child, to make wristband sizing a cinch. The large bands are 8 3/8 inches around (21.3 cm) and will fit most adults and large-framed teenagers. The medium bands are 7 3/8 (18.7 cm) inches around and generally fit ages six and up, including most teenagers and small-framed women. The child bands are 5 7/8 inches around (15 cm) and typically fit children 4-6 years old. (Wristbands are not intended for children younger than four years old.)


Fits most adults


Fits kids & teenagers


Fits kids 4 to 6 years


8 3/8″ (21.3 cm)

7 3/8″ (18.7 cm)

5 7/8″ (15 cm)


1/2″ (1.27 cm)

0.4″ (1 cm)

0.4″ (1 cm)


0.08″ (.2 cm)

0.08″ (.2 cm)

0.08″ (.2 cm)

If measurements aren’t helping you, try printing this document, cut out the strips of paper and try them on to see how the size fits. (When you print, be sure to scale at 100 percent). Keep in mind that silicone wristbands do stretch to get on the wrist, but wristbands shouldn’t stretch while they are on the wrist.

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