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Best of 2013: Wristband Roundup

2013 was a big year for Reminderband and those using wristbands to support, educate and remember. Looking back, here are some of our favorite news stories from around the world involving wristbands:

Cedar Hills honors lung cancer survivor,” Cathy Allred, Daily Herald. A city recognized a resident’s efforts to build awareness of lung cancer while battling the disease.

Firefighter widow receives message from Mormon husband of eternal family,” Heather Hemingway, Chron. A wristband brings hope to the family of a deceased firefighter.

“Always play smart, sometimes play fast,” David Buchanan, The Ledger Independent. How a football team used wristbands to make the right plays.

Wristbands provide incentive for better performance at Land O’Lakes High School,” Jeffrey S. Solochek. A student-designed incentive program uses wristbands to motivate students to get on-track for graduation.

“UG students wearing pinkwristbands to mark week against bullying,” Orangeville Citizen. In Canada, a school district uses wristbands to encourage students to stand up against bullying.

Thunder Quartet hosts fit clinic,” NIck Gallo, Oklahoma City Thunder. Four Thunder players helped promote healthy living to nearly 50 children from the Kickapoo Tribe.

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