Awareness Bracelets Wristband Ideas


Charities, nonprofits, school groups, clubs … all face the same problem: raising money. Fundraising can be difficult at the best of times, even more so in an economic downturn or during the busy fall season. Volunteers and leadership should not despair, however — wristbands offer a unique solution.


Custom silicone wristbands inscribed with art, slogans or or logos serve a dual purpose: 1) they are in themselves a desirable good, and 2) they further promote awareness for the cause. They serve as both awareness-raising and a tangible item.

Wristbands can be used in several ways for fundraising events. Giving out wristbands can incentivize volunteer service and donations, and the more people who wear them, the more your cause will be known.

If you’re running an event like a race or pancake breakfast, wristbands can be used to identify staff or participants.

Wristband also make great sale items in and of themselves. Selling wristbands for $3-5 provides an easy way for people to give and a great profit margin for money to go towards the cause. Wristbands can also be included as part of a larger package or reward for donation.

A simple way to raise awareness is to get politicians, community leaders, celebrities, etc to wear the bands as well.

Here are some recommendations from those who have used Reminderband wristbands to fundraise in the past:

“I’ve placed orders that aren’t very big, to raise money for our church and the convenience of being able to do that has made it possible to let our small youth group feel like they are involved and can contribute”

“I have worked with Reminderband numerous times to help schools in our area raise money for needed programs, the product they sell are second to none, and the customer care we received in designing the unique bands for the schools were outstanding, when we need something special & classy our first call is to Reminderband.”

Its a pleasure doing business with you guys. The reminder bracelets were for a charity, we were very impressed with the way the service was quick and the product was great.. couldnt ask for a better company.. I will for sure ONLY use your services for bracelets. thanks very much guys for your hard work. Leila from Toronto”

Leila from Toronto, ON

“I ordered 200 reminderbands to raise money for a local boy with a rare form of tissue cancer. The bands sold out within hours. I ordered another 300 bracelets. We were able to raise over $1,000 in a matter of days. I placed my first order via phone. What a pleasant group of people. I placed my second order online. Super easy process. Great product”

Gwynetta from Robstown, TX

“They were perfect! Perfect way to help me in my fundraising efforts. I would recommend them to anyone!”

Cara from Staten Island, NY
Jun 16, 2010

“I ordered from ReminderBand to have a small fundraiser and raise awareness for the rare disease my Dad has been diagnosed with. Ordering was quick and easy, very straightforward. I even got my order earlier than I expected. Great service! ”

Steph from Rochester, NY

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