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Wristbands and school uniforms


A U.K. schoolgirl was banned from wearing her “Help the Heroes” wristband at school, the Express reported, because of safety and uniform concerns.

Elly Sandwell, 11, of Packmoor, Staffordshire in the U.K., wears the wristband in support of her cousin and brother who are in the military.

But school administration says wristbands violate the strict school uniform policy and might even be dangerous.

The Sentinel quotes executive headteacher Sara Stevenson as saying,

“While the Academy fully supports many charities, we also have to maintain high standards in health and safety and in presentation.

“Rubber and plastic wristbands are not permitted in school because, not only do they not form part of our school uniform, but if they were to get caught on items such as door handles they may cause injury.

“Pupils are allowed to attach their wristbands or other decorations to school bags to show their support for their chosen charities.”

According to the Daily Star, Elly is determined to wear the wristband regardless.

What do you think? Should wristbands be permitted with school uniforms? Could they pose a safety risk at school?

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