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Military wristbands

More than 40 million Americans have served in the U.S. Armed Forces, affecting family and loved ones as well. Wristbands are a great way to show support for military members both at home or abroad and remember one another in times of separation.



One idea that is popular with military members and loved ones is camo silicone bracelets. Reminderband offers three types of camo: including traditional camo, desert camo and pink camo.

Another idea is that of heart-shaped wristbands. The wristbands fit on the wrist but form a heart shape instead of the traditional circle.

Military wristbands can be worn here or there and can go with military members abroad. The lightweight wristbands can also be shipped abroad very inexpensively.

Wristbands can be made and ordered in bulk for widespread shows of support (such as veterans assemblies or groups) or custom order just a single band for a spouse or family member.

Ideas for messages include “Support the Troops,” “I Remember You,” military slogans, the name of the branch or division of service, or even names.

Here are some Reminderband wristband testimonials from military members and families with how they used wristbands to honor veterans and our armed forces:

“I had a great experience ordering my items with Shawn. We were doing a Vet’s Day tribute for my son’s school. I am currently on active duty in NC. He was SO helpful and the company is supportive of the military. We got them early and he added a few features too. Thank you so much for your support.”

Tracy from Spring Lake, NC

“Reminderband is a pleasure to deal with. Fast and friendly service and the product is receiving rave reviews. Family and friends are wearing [wristbands] to honor our son who is serving in a war zone on the other side of the world. The bands serve as a wonderful reminder to keep him in our daily thoughts and prayers.”

Terri from Temple, TX

“We ordered reminder bands to be given away at a golf outing honoring my brother in law who was killed last year as an Army Colonel, serving in Afghanistan. The reminder bands were a big hit and an easy way to honor him. Thanks.”

Donna from Montville, NJ

“We received our bands in less time than expected and they where amazing. These where for my son who is deployed to Afghanistan. Thank you!”

David from Ocala, FL

“I have always had a great experience with the customer service at Reminderbands. The quality is good and the customer service reps have passion about what your Reminderband is for. My son is deployed in the war in Afghanistan. I have enough to worry about. It helps to have no worries about ordering. This brings him closer to the family and friends.”

Kaye from Lewisville, TX

“For my husband’s deployment, I ordered bands for my children with a special message from their Dad. My order arrived quickly and my kids love their bands.Great quality and sizes. ”

Jennifer from Leonardtown, MD

“Awesome service. The order arrived within days which was perfect. One of our employees was being deployed to Afghanistan. We ordered bracelets to wear while he is gone. They are red/white/blue. They came out great and we got them before he left. Great service.”

Rexie LeStrange from Manteca, CA

For more ideas and examples of military wristbands and “Support Our Troops” wristbands, check out the Reminderband web site.


Awareness Bracelets

November Awareness Month


November is here, and with it comes a bevy of good causes (and awareness wristbands!). Watch for fundraising and awareness events for these good causes. Here’s a breakdown of who is building what awareness this month:


26 million people in the U.S. have diabetes, and another 79 million have pre-diabetes. The ribbon or awareness wristband color is gray and blue with a blood drop.

Alzheimer’s Disease

The Alzheimer’s Association is honoring caregivers this month as part of Alzheimer’s Awareness Month. The awareness color for Alzheimer’s disease is purple.


The Epilepsy Foundation and Epilepsy Therapy Project have thirty ways for the thirty days of November to promote epilepsy awareness. The epilepsy ribbon and awareness wristband color is lavender.

Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer Awareness Month began as an awareness day in 1995, and has since grown to fill the whole of November. The Lung Cancer Alliance has a list of recommended events and activities  to raise awareness for the disease.

The struggle with lung cancer is commemorated by a clear, pearl or white ribbon or awareness wristband or cancer bracelet. To read about how lung cancer can afflict non-smokers and hear the story of how one family was affected, click here.

Child Adoption

November is National Adoption Month in the U.S. AdoptUSKids reports that there are 104,000 children in foster care waiting to be adopted.

There is not an official ribbon or awareness wristband color.

Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic cancer is the fourth leading cause of cancer death in the U.S. The official ribbon or awareness wristband or cancer bracelet color for pancreatic cancer is purple. The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network is working to build awareness so more people will be screened and provide more information to those affected.

Homeless Youth

November is National Homeless Youth Awareness Month, and the National Child Trauma Support Network has resources for building awareness and helping homeless youth in the community. There is not an official ribbon or awareness wristband color for homeless youth.


Prematurity is the leading cause of death for newborns and in the U.S., one in nine babies are born prematurely. The March of Dimes is working to increase awareness of this issue and has launched a November prematurity campaign to do so. There is not an official ribbon or awareness wristband color for premature birth.

To view awareness months for all of the months, click here.


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Awareness Bracelets Bracelets in the News Wristband Ideas

11/11: Wristbands in the News

Veterans’ Day in the U.S. and Remembrance Day in the Commonwealth is a day to honor sacrifices made in war. This year, some innovative uses of awareness wristbands are helping communities commemorate this day and show appreciation for veterans.

While Remembrance Day is traditionally marked by the wearing of a red poppy on the left lapel, in Canada, the symbol is getting a rebrand with the use of rubber wristbands that say, “Lest We Forget.”

“Our organization, as old and traditional as it is, is continuing to (evolve) and seek out changes,” said Gerry Finlay, a provincial command service officer with the Royal Canadian Legion.

Meanwhile, in San Luis Obispo, Calif., the county is offering free wristbands for veterans so members of the community can thank them for their service. The red, white and blue wristbands can be worn all month.

In honor of our veterans, check out or military bracelets.

Bracelets in the News

Wristbands and school uniforms


A U.K. schoolgirl was banned from wearing her “Help the Heroes” wristband at school, the Express reported, because of safety and uniform concerns.

Elly Sandwell, 11, of Packmoor, Staffordshire in the U.K., wears the wristband in support of her cousin and brother who are in the military.

But school administration says wristbands violate the strict school uniform policy and might even be dangerous.

The Sentinel quotes executive headteacher Sara Stevenson as saying,

“While the Academy fully supports many charities, we also have to maintain high standards in health and safety and in presentation.

“Rubber and plastic wristbands are not permitted in school because, not only do they not form part of our school uniform, but if they were to get caught on items such as door handles they may cause injury.

“Pupils are allowed to attach their wristbands or other decorations to school bags to show their support for their chosen charities.”

According to the Daily Star, Elly is determined to wear the wristband regardless.

What do you think? Should wristbands be permitted with school uniforms? Could they pose a safety risk at school?