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Wristbands required for trick-or-treat?

After trick-or-treat chaos last year, one New York borough is requiring would-be trick-or-treaters to wear a wristband in order to get candy.

Last Halloween, North York Borough was flooded by children from nearby boroughs after many neighborhoods canceled trick-or-treat due to the bad weather of Hurricane Sandy. This year, local children will wear wristbands to designate that they live in North York and are free to trick-or-treat in their own neighborhood.

ABC 27 quoted Richard Shank, North York Vice President:

“There are some elderly people here that can’t afford a lot of candy, and they want to make sure they are giving it to the neighbors and the people in the borough rather than people from other municipalities. This is sort of our way to tell the people outside the community to stay in your community to do your trick-or-treating and let our kids do theirs in their community, and we’ll have enough candy to go around.”

Residents have mixed feelings about the wristbands, according to Fox.

“I don’t understand how you could deny a child candy, I don’t. To say you have a wristband, you don’t, you can’t have candy, is just rude,” said North York Borough resident Breanne Spangler.

It will be left to home owners’ discretion whether to give children without wristbands candy. Children get the requisite wristband by bringing proof of address to the North York borough office the week of Halloween.

Is requiring wristbands for trick-or-treating fair or cruel? How do you feel about wristbands being used this way? What kind of wristband would go best with your costume?

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