Custom Family Reunion Wristbands

Summer is swift upon us! Do you have a family reunion brewing for the year? Family reunions can be exausting, stressful and quite the chore to plan! It is also so very hard to keep all those families organized. We are here to help. Martha Stewart has created quite the webpage to help you plan your best family reunion yet-

Reminderband would also love to help you plan! Below are steps to help you create your perfect custom wristband! A great way to keep all those family member organized. You can have the Jones’ in red and the Smith’s in blue; then you can really know who won that potato sac race!

  • Text and design. What is the text and design you would like the bracelet to have? Be sure to have a high-resolution copy of the artwork you want included. Also, each side of the bracelet can hold up to 25 characters.
  • Wristband type. There are standard wristbands, as well as heart-shaped wristbands, dual-layer wristbands, silkscreen wristbands and textured wristbands.
  • Color. Choose from Reminderbrand’s 32 standard colors. However, if you desire to have wristbands of a particular color, Reminderbrand can create custom-colored silicone bands. There is a minimum requirement of 200 units for custom-colored orders. You also have the option for color combinations and multiple colors marbleized together.
  • Specifications. Wristbands come in different widths (.4” or .5”) and circumferences (5 7/8” for children, 7 3/8” or 8 3/8” for adults. There are also Phat wristbands that are 1inch wide.

–          Determine the number of silicone bracelets you need. Remember, the more you order, the lower the cost per unit. Ask, what is the purpose of the wristbands? What market is it trying to reach? How wide is the scope that the wristbands are intending to reach? If these are for your employees, how many employees are currently in the company and are expected to be added to the team in the near future?

–          Consider the timeline. If you need the wristbands for a particular event, it will be helpful to order them well in advance. Depending on the size of the orders, as well as the type of bracelet being ordered, it’s best to order at least 4 weeks in advance, although standard orders usually have a 1-week turnaround time. Color-fill debossing and very large orders will require an additional week. This will give you with extra time allowances for any possible glitches.

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