Fundraising Wristbands / Erika Joy Rowan

One can only imagine the immense hurt the loss of a child brings. On February 25, 2008 the Rowan family lost their sweet daughter in a car accident. Like most who suffer such a loss they seek to remember her each day. They started a foundation in her honor to ensure no one ever forgets her and that we do all that we can to provide our teenagers with the knowledge and resources to make smart driving decisions.

Erika’s story as told by her mother is below. Please visit their site to learn more about teenage driving knowledge.

Nothing prepared our family for the life we would have to try and live without our child. On February 25, 2008 Erika Joy left the house to cruise main. I truly believed as a Mother that loved her child so much that there was no way anything could happen to her on a Monday between the hours of seven and nine. Erika left the house at seven, kissed me goodnight, told me she loved me, I told her I loved her most. I told Erika when she left to be sure and wear her seat belt and not to leave the city limits.

Sometime after Erika left our house she picked up some friends and let another girl drive her car. At 8:04 Erika died in a horrible one car accident. The vehicle rolled over and Erika did not have her seat belt on. There was no alcohol or drugs, just a bad decision by an inexperienced driver. The driver, Erika’s friend had only had her driver’s license for 60 days. She was driving in excess of 70mph on a gravel road. Erika was the only one that died. I do not want to focus on the bad that happened to Erika but believe we should focus on the good that this beautiful child brought to so many people’s lives. If she only knew how sad we all would be. If she had put her seat belt on and stayed in town I believe she would be alive.” -Jackie, Erika’s Mom

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