Awareness Bracelets

Custom Promotional Wristbands

If a group is looking for a great way to promote their next fundraising or promotional event, look no further than Reminderband. Offering a wide selection of high quality custom wristbands, they excel in offering superior customer service, a variety of products, excellent pricing and fast delivery.

Wristbands are ideal for the following:

  • Awareness Causes – Helping promote tragedies, such as tsunami and hurricane fundraising efforts, including local community awareness causes, promotional wristbands are a blank canvas that helps generate and raise money for valuable causes. They can also be used for graduations, events and reunions. Reminderband wristbands make ideal cancer bracelets.
  • School Bus Identification – For younger children that rely on school buses for transportation, parents may want to consider creating a special wristband that highlights their bus schedules, making it easier for children to determine when and where they need to be.
  • Identification – Wristbands are an excellent form of identification. They can be used for church camps, sporting events, concerts and even event security. Additionally, they are also helpful for providing medical information for children and adults with sensitivities and allergies, as well as a great solution for dementia and Alzheimer’s patients.
  • School Spirit – What better way to show and display school spirit than by creating custom school wristbands with graduating years on them, or even highlighting school mascots and sport teams. These are also popular with parents and the general public, especially community members that support local school systems.
  • Religion – Helping support religious causes, religious wristbands can be customized with loving causes and quotes, including salvation bracelets, cross icons, “Saved,” “Jesus Loves Me,” “Rely on God,” purity pledges, Bible quotes and scriptures, “In God I Trust,” “Live for Him,” “Be Strong,” “By His Wounds,” “Heaven Is For Real” and other religious-related sayings. Serving as a constant reminder that is worn, this is especially appealing for churches to distribute to congregations, including Bible schools.

Reminderband offers unique debossed wristbands, plain wristbands, debossed heart wristbands, dual layer debossed wristbands, phat wristbands, silkscreen wristbands, debossed tire bands, plain tire wristbands, multi-color wristbands, plain golf wristbands, debossed golf wristbands, marbleized wristbands, two-strip wristbands and three-stripe wristbands. They also offer a wide selection of hemp necklaces, including rectangular shells and round shells, as well rectangular shell bracelets, round shell bracelets and oval shell bracelets.

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