Awareness Bracelets

Promotional Wristbands for Fundraising

Silicone wristbands are quickly becoming one of the most effective and popular advertising mediums for small and large businesses. However, many fundraising organizations are beginning to use wristbands to help advertise causes and raise awareness.

Fundraising wristbands are a great way for organizations and charities to promote advertising causes with a specific message, reaching thousands of people. While wristbands are extremely inexpensive to produce, most fundraising organizations can afford to sell them for a donation profit, helping raise funding for certain medical conditions and social awareness causes.

Additionally, many fundraising campaigns can be spur of the moment, especially when they are related to community tragedies or helping raise funds for someone suffering from a devastating medical condition. In cases such as these, Reminderband focuses on creating a high quality product that can be delivered in as few as six business days, depending upon shipping type, order type, color-filled debossing and order quantity.

The following wristband colors represent different awareness causes:

  • Purple – Domestic Violence, Lupus and Cystic Fibrosis
  • Orange – Asperger’s and Self Harm
  • Grey – Brain Cancer and Diabetes
  • Gold – Childhood Cancer
  • White – Fighting Poverty
  • Pink – Breast Cancer
  • Green – Organ Donor and Leukemia
  • Blue – Prostate Cancer
  • Black – Melanoma
  • Red – HIV and Heart Disease

Charity and fundraising wristbands or cancer bracelets help promote a variety of other causes, including education for poor children, helping needy patients with medical treatments and providing free medications those less fortunate, even funding research for disease-causing solutions.

Popular fundraising hints include:

  • Volunteers – Assigning volunteers tasks for fundraising efforts is extremely helpful in reaching necessary goals. Dividing work into smaller tasks among several volunteers is recommended, so one volunteer doesn’t feel overwhelmed. Always thank volunteers for their support and relay how valuable their contributions are to fundraising efforts.
  • Members – To keep members motivated, fundraising groups can offer prizes and other small rewards, including lunch, local business donations or even complimentary advertising at fundraisers. Always be positive, excite and enthusiastic – as energy is contagious.
  • Parents – Parents are necessary for successful community and school fundraising events. Sending emails, letters and calling parents is a great way to stay in constant contact without appearing too pushy or forcing anyone to participate.

Reminderband offers a wide selection of custom wristbands and cancer bracelets, which are perfect for any fundraising event.

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