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Memorial Day Support

There are two main holidays to support our American military troops: Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day. Memorial Day is held every May and is a day for celebrating, remembering and honoring the military personnel that died while defending and preserving our U.S. freedoms. This day also honors the men and women who perished or sustained wounds in battle.

In 1966, the U.S. Congress declared Waterloo, New York to be the official birthplace of Memorial Day. One hundred years prior, a ceremony was held at that same location, honoring the veterans who had served so valiantly in the U.S. Civil War. After World War I, this day was further expanded to include those men and women who died in all U.S. battles, wars and conflicts.

Memorial Day is a day when soldiers’ graves are decorated, adorned with flowers and wreaths in honor of the soldiers who perished while preserving our valuable U.S. freedoms.

Today, Memorial Day is celebrated by raising the flag to the top of the staff and then resting at half-staff where it traditionally remains until noon. It is then raised to full staff again. The half-staff position signifies the government’s remembrance and appreciation to the one million men and women who perished while serving our country and preserving our freedoms. The flag is raised again to express that the men and women who died, did not pass in vein but their fight for justice and liberty continues to be a vital component to the very essence of the U.S.’ constitution and character.

Many events and parades are held nationwide on Memorial Day, especially in military-towns, including Air Force, Navy, Marines, Army and Coast Guard cities and communities. Many of these parades feature local marching bands, military themes, participating veterans and even lines of military vehicles from different war eras. One of America’s deepest traditions associated with Memorial Day is the Indianapolis 500. This auto race has been held the Sunday before Memorial Day since 1911.

Many ardent military supporters distribute custom wristbands free or for donation purposes, giving the proceeds to local military chapters, wounded veterans or memorial foundations. These silicone wristbands can signify military support, military awareness and military service or simply serve as fundraiser bracelets for local widows and children whose parents were killed in the line of duty. Others wear Support Our Troops wristbands as a day-in, day-out reminder of military service past and present.

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