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High School Graduation Traditions

The latest trend in high school graduations is senior classes wearing silicone bracelets that highlight school colors and the graduation year. These are worn throughout high school as a reminder and motivator to look towards graduation, or these can simply be worn senior year to commemorate the last year of adolescence, before adulthood takes hold and lifelong responsibilities take affect.

The latest high school traditions include:

  • Senior Pictures are always popular. Consider putting in an order ahead of time with friends and family to ensure that orders are accurate.
  • Hosting a graduation party is a great way to commemorate a special venture into adulthood. This party can feature the graduate’s favorite food, activities and closest friends.
  • To make sure that pictures look professional and last a lifetime, graduates must wear their cap and gown properly. The cap’s top is parallel to the ground and the gown evenly disperses across both shoulders.
  • Saving extra space in graduation albums for after party comments and thought provoking memories is a great idea.
  • Graduation rings and bracelets are a great way to preserve a graduation tradition, passed down from generation to generation throughout the years.
  • Parents can decorate their graduate’s cap with a special momentous message and even a photo, to help set the cap apart and ensure its safe return after its voyage into the air.
  • Private high schools often maintain traditional religious ceremonies, conducting religious services to celebrate faith and students’ achievements.
  • If a graduate is asked to provide a graduation speech, a parent can offer to help. Speeches are an opportunity for a graduate to provide diverse viewpoints about the current class’ future.
  • If people are looking for a graduation gift, consider a gift certificate to a furniture store, as this allows graduates to set up small college-style apartments with kitchen utensils, dishware, furniture, computers and even a television.

One of the best reminders students have of high schools are the mementos that were with them throughout their “good ol’ days.” Today’s popular memories include rubber wristbands and awareness bracelets, offering a blank slate for students to promote campaigns, causes, school sporting events, clubs and fundraisers.

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