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On Friday April 26th at 9:40am a sweet little boy, Ryker Warner, earned his angel wings and went to his Heavenly Father.


Ryker Warner was born on May 7th to Jason and Rachel Warner.  Diagnosed with Heterotaxy RAI (right atrial isomerism) with Asplenia and ventricular discordance at birth. It affects his heart and other organs. Ryker’s specific diagnosis is-
Heterotaxy RAI (right atrial isomerism) with Asplenia, Right Dominant AtrioVentrical Canal (AVC), Total Anomalous Pulmonary Vein Return (TAPVR), Double Outlet Right Ventricle (DORV), Left-Sided Pulmonary Vein Stinosis (PVS), & Ventricular Discordance.

At the second of many doctor appointments Jason and Rachel were given the option to terminate the pregnancy. Doctors said their baby would not have quality of life. They instantly declined the option and continued with the pregnancy knowing their lives would be changed forever.

Ryker spent most of his almost year of life in the hospital, going outside only three times. At just two weeks old Ryker underwent the first of many open heart surgeries. His family strived to make the best of this time and stay positive; Rachel’s blog filled with God and light.

Rachel often called Ryker her “miracle boy”. Here is an excerpt from one of her first blog posts, “He is such an AMAZING miracle boy & continues to inspire & teach everyone around him!”

The Warner’s will be celebrating Ryker’s life at the South Mountain Community Church (14216 Bangerter Pkwy Draper, UT 84020) Saturday May 4th at 11 AM. There will be a viewing at the same location Friday May 3rd from 6-9 PM.

They are also looking for a Videographer that would be willing to donate time for Ryker’s Celebration of Life on Saturday May 4th. They would also love to find someone willing to do a live streaming of the event for all of those unable to attend. Please contact Jen at 801-554-1170 with any suggestions.

You can read Ryker’s full story on their blog –

Here is a video Rachel made of Ryker’s life.

Reminderband has found this story truly touching, we have created “Miracle Ryker” bands to commemorate his fight.


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Wristbands are the latest fashion trends, gaining importance in day-to-day activities. Silicone wristbands allow people to make personalized, custom statements. As people all want to stand out and look fashionable, they strive to wear the latest clothing fashions, perfumes, hair styles, makeup and accessories. Promotional wristbands have become a necessary go-to fashion accessory for teenagers and young adults. They can easily be used to promote a wide array of events, ideas and causes. Wristbands gained popularity and notoriety with Lance Armstrong’s yellow cancer fighting “LIVESTRONG”wristbands in 2004.

The advantages of promotional wristbands include:

  • As an inexpensive, fashionable promotion piece, wristbands can fit into any type of budget.
  • They are easily incorporated into conventions, parties, festivities and concerts.
  • Nightclubs, to promote events and control crowds, often use wristbands.
  • Wristbands also help limit underage drinking at promotional events and parties.
  • They can be used to honor employees’ achievements.
  • Wristbands are excellent for promoting new events, including product releases.
  • They are commonly used for music events, sporting events, fun parks, schools, entertainment venues and conferences.

Wristbands can easily be distributed via a number of means, including placing them in reception or front desk areas so customers can take one that their convenience. They can also be personally distributed to customers on a one-on-one basis.

Wristbands are excellent promotional items, for the following reasons:

  • As fashion increases in importance, wristbands give people an individual sense of style.
  • Available in a variety of colors and styles, wristbands are the perfect fashion accessories.
  • Promotional wristbands are one of the most popular fashion accessories for teenagers.
  • They help promote causes and ideas, giving teenagers and young adults an outlet for personal beliefs.
  • Directly printing promotional messages on wristbands and distributing them to potential customers can help promote products.
  • Wristbands can also be used to promote campaigns in person, instead of relying strictly on print advertising and social media.

There are a number of different types of wristbands. Embossed wristbands contain raised words that are not engraved. Debossed wristbands are the exact opposite of embossed wristbands. Additionally, silk printed wristbands offer printed messages instead of engraving or raised lettering. Lastly, wristbands are clean, safe, secure, waterproof, tamperproof, sweat proof and are extremely durable.

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The popularity of rubber silicone wristbands and awareness bracelets propelled to an all time high by Lance Armstrong’s vivid yellow LIVESTRONG cancer bracelets. Introduced in May 2004, these bracelets have raised more than $80 million to date for cancer research, specifically for the LIVESTRONG Foundation, which is an ardent supporter for cancer survivorship.

No matter what people think about Lance Armstrong’s decade’s worth of performance enhancing drug denials and then his not-so-shocking “coming clean” episode with Oprah in January 2013, there is one fact that should not be lost in this sea of accusations, illegal doings and illicit acts: Mr. Armstrong’s voice for charity.

Yes, some may say that Mr. Armstrong simply created a foundation to draw more attention to his self-infatuation and narcissism (no official diagnosis intended), but the reality is that he did suffer from testicular cancer, which in fact spread to his lungs and brain. After extensive therapies, he received a clean bill of health, returning to his preferred sport of cycling.

While many Americans and people from around the world consider Mr. Armstrong a hero in his own right for cancer survivorship, his claim to cycling glory and claim to fame was winning a record seven consecutive Tour de France titles. Now, these titles have been stripped from the record books by the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA). His cycling name and reputations are forever tarnished, synonymous with doping and destine to coexist on sites such as Wikipedia, being erased from world records and the Union Cycliste Internationale.

No one doubts that Mr. Armstrong reflects the characteristics of a convincing, if not manipulative, man that duped the world with some of the most advanced performance enhancing drugs to ever enter into the professional cycling arena. In fact, the USADA even admitted that Mr. Armstrong participated in “the most sophisticated, professionalized and successful doping program that the sport has ever seen.”

However much of a narcissist and self-preserving attention phene the media claims Mr. Armstrong may be, one reality rings true: his dedication to helping preserve cancer research and offer support for cancer survivors.

While the people employed by the Livestrong Foundation likely feel let down and depressed, as though their dear leader led them dazed into the blinding lights similar to a deer being led to vehicular slaughter, they should be proud of the work the LIVESTRONG Foundation has done and focus on the number of lives they have changed, instead of simply on Mr. Armstrong’s shortcomings and antiquated selfish antics.

Whatever opinion one shares about Mr. Armstrong, it is impossible to deny that he and the LIVESTRONG Foundation team forever changed the popularity and ease of fundraising and awareness events. Without companies, such as Reminderband, mass-producing custom bracelets, including charity bands and cancer bracelets, there are a number of charities that would still be relatively unknown. In fact, without the advance of the yellow LIVESTRONG silicone wristband, the attention given to cancer support survivors may not exist. Today, popular awareness bracelets include Multiple Sclerosis, Support Our Troops, Religious awareness and even Breast Cancer Awareness groups.

Everyone is flawed and no one in the world is perfect. While Mr. Armstrong’s sport image is forever flawed, never to regain a devout following, we can honor and preserve the memory of his foundation that helped save the lives of those suffering from the deadly disease we know as cancer.

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There are two main holidays to support our American military troops: Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day. Memorial Day is held every May and is a day for celebrating, remembering and honoring the military personnel that died while defending and preserving our U.S. freedoms. This day also honors the men and women who perished or sustained wounds in battle.

In 1966, the U.S. Congress declared Waterloo, New York to be the official birthplace of Memorial Day. One hundred years prior, a ceremony was held at that same location, honoring the veterans who had served so valiantly in the U.S. Civil War. After World War I, this day was further expanded to include those men and women who died in all U.S. battles, wars and conflicts.

Memorial Day is a day when soldiers’ graves are decorated, adorned with flowers and wreaths in honor of the soldiers who perished while preserving our valuable U.S. freedoms.

Today, Memorial Day is celebrated by raising the flag to the top of the staff and then resting at half-staff where it traditionally remains until noon. It is then raised to full staff again. The half-staff position signifies the government’s remembrance and appreciation to the one million men and women who perished while serving our country and preserving our freedoms. The flag is raised again to express that the men and women who died, did not pass in vein but their fight for justice and liberty continues to be a vital component to the very essence of the U.S.’ constitution and character.

Many events and parades are held nationwide on Memorial Day, especially in military-towns, including Air Force, Navy, Marines, Army and Coast Guard cities and communities. Many of these parades feature local marching bands, military themes, participating veterans and even lines of military vehicles from different war eras. One of America’s deepest traditions associated with Memorial Day is the Indianapolis 500. This auto race has been held the Sunday before Memorial Day since 1911.

Many ardent military supporters distribute custom wristbands free or for donation purposes, giving the proceeds to local military chapters, wounded veterans or memorial foundations. These silicone wristbands can signify military support, military awareness and military service or simply serve as fundraiser bracelets for local widows and children whose parents were killed in the line of duty. Others wear “Support Our Troops” wristbands as a day-in, day-out reminder of military service past and present.

With Memorial Day right around the corner, there is no time like the present to order personalized silicone bracelets from Reminderband today.

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As senior high school classes are beginning to wrap up their last remaining weeks before graduation, juniors are beginning to gear up for future fundraising efforts over the summer and fall months. These funds often help support school activities, sporting events, dances and event outings.

Instead of trying the same tried and boring fundraising ideas, the class of 2014 should consider taking a unique approach to fundraising, including:

  • Low-End Events – Instead of having gourmet-style dinners, consider embracing the last food truck trends. These corn dog booths, taco stands and donut trucks are less expensive, provide more interaction and ultimately attract a wider audience and crowd, drawing a more community-style event.
  • Reverse Raffles – Instead of offering an expensive car or gift that was painstaking donated by a community member, reverse raffles afford everyone in attendance the ability to receive a raffle ticket – free of charge! What is the catch? Instead of winning an awesome prize, the recipient receives a gag gift – much like a White Elephant party. For example, the winner has to dance with the team’s mascot, wear a band uniform and march with the band or simply dance with a group of clowns. At the end of the evening, guests can “sell” their tickets back for donations. After all, who wouldn’t gladly sell their tickets back to save a little fun-filled embarrassment?
  • Direct Action – Instead of simply asking people to donate money, ask people to donate to a direct cause. For example, the football team needs new sporting equipment, the school is seeking donations to purchase supplies for needy children, etc.
  • Work – Instead of simply asking for donations, asking people to donate work is a great way to involve the community in school spirit, volunteerism and fundraising.
  • Certified Mailings – Consider mailing out donation requests to alumni members, as this is a direct route to people who completed the school system, have good memories of the community and want to sponsor the latest graduating class.

Reminderband offers the latest styles and varieties of silicone bracelets, which are perfect “gifts” for people who are offering donations to local schools. These fundraiser bracelets can be personalized and offer custom bracelets for individual schools and/or graduating classes.

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Relay for Life are events sponsored by the American Cancer Society. These events are held in more than 20 countries and attract more than four million participants. Designed to help raise cancer awareness and funds for cancer support and research, these successful events are held in spring and summer months, when the weather is nice for outdoor events.

Many cancer supporters wear rubber wristbands, which are utilized as awareness bracelets or cancer bracelets. Reminderband is able to personalize any style of wristband, which is perfect for cancer supporters and cancer survivors.

What is Relay for Life? First, the event opens at a track area with an opening ceremony. The event begins by cancer survivors’ walking the all-important “survivor lap,” helping signify their defeat of this deadly disease. The third lap is given to the caregivers who have helped support and provide cancer patients with valuable care. The fourth lap is open to all relay teams and the fifth lap includes lit candles that celebrate the life of loved ones that passed on or are currently fighting this difficult disease. The sixth portion includes activities, entertainment and family games. The seventh, and final event, includes a “Fight Back Ceremony,” which essentially closes the event. The relay teams take a final lap, an action to spread awareness is pledged and the message of cancer prevention and treatment is shared.

Relay for Life is active in more than 5,200 communities, and includes a wide variety of supporters, participants and volunteers who are dedicated to helping fight the battle against cancer. Every year this event helps raise more than $400 million dollars towards research, information for cancer patients and specific caregiver information. Getting involved is simple:

  • Locate a local Relay for Life event.
  • Sign up for the event and
    • Fundraise;
    • Donate time to walk, as a survivor, team captain, team member or caregiver; or
  • Volunteer and
    • Help assist with local events by coordinating, setting up, assisting during survivor dinner plans, cleaning up, distributing information, etc.; or
  • Donate
    • Make an individual, team or event donation or gift.

The Relay for Life website offers excellent ideas for fundraising ideas, including items that the American Cancer Society can and cannot sell. Memories, donation cards, homemade crafts and team name projects are excellent ways to help raise valuable funds and donations for cancer awareness groups.

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The latest trend in high school graduations is senior classes wearing silicone bracelets that highlight school colors and the graduation year. These are worn throughout high school as a reminder and motivator to look towards graduation, or these can simply be worn senior year to commemorate the last year of adolescence, before adulthood takes hold and lifelong responsibilities take affect.

The latest high school traditions include:

  • Senior Pictures are always popular. Consider putting in an order ahead of time with friends and family to ensure that orders are accurate.
  • Hosting a graduation party is a great way to commemorate a special venture into adulthood. This party can feature the graduate’s favorite food, activities and closest friends.
  • To make sure that pictures look professional and last a lifetime, graduates must wear their cap and gown properly. The cap’s top is parallel to the ground and the gown evenly disperses across both shoulders.
  • Saving extra space in graduation albums for after party comments and thought provoking memories is a great idea.
  • Graduation rings and bracelets are a great way to preserve a graduation tradition, passed down from generation to generation throughout the years.
  • Parents can decorate their graduate’s cap with a special momentous message and even a photo, to help set the cap apart and ensure its safe return after its voyage into the air.
  • Private high schools often maintain traditional religious ceremonies, conducting religious services to celebrate faith and students’ achievements.
  • If a graduate is asked to provide a graduation speech, a parent can offer to help. Speeches are an opportunity for a graduate to provide diverse viewpoints about the current class’ future.
  • If people are looking for a graduation gift, consider a gift certificate to a furniture store, as this allows graduates to set up small college-style apartments with kitchen utensils, dishware, furniture, computers and even a television.

One of the best reminders students have of high schools are the mementos that were with them throughout their “good ol’ days.” Today’s popular memories include rubber wristbands and awareness bracelets, offering a blank slate for students to promote campaigns, causes, school sporting events, clubs and fundraisers.

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As with any popular fashion-runway trends, silicone bracelets mimic the trendiest runway colors. This spring is anticipated to introduce a variety of trendy colors, bold dresses and silicone wristbands offer the ideal wrist accessory that is not only stylish but raises awareness for various causes.

The latest spring 2013 fashion colors include:

  • Emerald – From bold pops of eye color and nail polish to edgy dresses with chic metallic belts, emerald is all the rage this season.
  • Grayed Jade – This color is more muted than the aforementioned emerald but it offers a subtler green hue for those that can’t quite pull off eye-popping color trends. This color is deal for both men and women.
  • Tender Shoots – This color is more of a sophisticated lime green, toned down a few hues to reflect the sensational beauty of spring – just like a tender pea sprout bursting forth in the warm sun.
  • Dusk Blue – This light hued blue makes light eyes pop but looks simply sensational on blondes, brunettes and any color of eyes.
  • Monaco Blue – Think the royal blue of the late Princess Diana and Princess Grace, dawning colors that simply made heads’ turns and jaws’ drop. This color looks great with brown eyes but makes blue eyes pop to a new shade of azul.
  • Lemon Zest – Trendy, buttery, but adding an eye-pop of color, this zesty color is reminiscent of bright yellows from the 50’s and 60’s. Anyone thinking a yellow polka dot bikini this season?
  • Nectarine – More toned down than fall’s burnt oranges, nectarine is playful and screams floral spring fun. This color is popping up on scarves, in jewelry and on sandal adornments. It looks especially good for nail polish colors.
  • Linen – The most neutral color this season, this complimentary color is beige with a hint of pink, giving it glowing warmth that looks good with almost any complexion.
  • Poppy Red – Bright, fun, flirty and simply undeniably adorable, this season’s poppy red will turn heads both on the runaway and in the bars. It looks great as an accessorized color or simply try this color in a flowing gown with a fashionable leg slit. We guarantee you’ll be the most sensational hit at the party.

Silicone wristbands come in such an array of colors and hues; they can literally be worn with any of today’s latest runway trends. Adding a chunky accessory is the latest fashionable trend and nothing is more comfortable than stacking coordinating layers of rubber wristbands that look tasteful, drawing much needed attention to slender arms and bringing out pops of color in floral outfits.

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A number of celebrities, including movie stars and musicians, help use their platform of popularity to increase awareness about causes that are near and dear to their hearts. Years ago Princess Diana came to the aid of thousands, supporting charity relief work and AIDS awareness. Even though Princess Diana is gone, her memory and dedication to charity continues to persevere. Today, some of the most popular celebrity figures to support charitable causes include:

  • John Legend – Mr. Legend is a devout supporter of LIFEbeat, Global Fund, Second Harvest, Peace One Day, Malaria No More and Live Earth.
  • George Clooney – A devout supporter of the United Way, Mr. Clooney is also on the board of trustees and supports other groups such as Ante up for Africa, CARE and Rock for Darfur.
  • Sir Elton John – A longtime friend to Princess Diana’s, the Elton Johns AIDS Foundation has helped raise more than $150 million in more than 55 countries. Mr. John also supports Move for AIDS, MusiCares, War Child and Kids.
  • Ellen DeGeneres – While funny on television, she’s serious about her charity support off screen. She devoutly supports human and animal rights, and is an activist against suffrage movements.
  • Brad Pitt – Mr. Pitt’s lengthy list of charities includes fostering, adoption, organ donation, human rights, weapons reduction and many more. He also donated to the Hurricane Katrina devastation relief funds and the rebuilding of New Orleans, Cure Autism Now, ONE Campaign, Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs of Canada and the Mineseeker Foundation.
  • Bono – Not just the lead singer of the cult-classic group U2, this music legend supports Live 8, Mencap, DATA, Zero Hunger and Witness.
  • Former President Bill Clinton – Former President Clinton founded The Clinton Foundation Climate Change Initiative, the Clinton Global Initiative and the William J. Clinton Foundation, which has a special focus on cancer and HIV/AIDS.
  • President Barrack Obama – President Obama has helped donate money towards a cure for neurofibromatosis, supports CARE and KIDS.
  • Annie Lennox – Once simply a pop diva, this British musical talent is a force to be reckoned with. She raises money for Amnesty International, Greenpeace, Nelson Mandela’s 46664 Foundation and the British Red Cross. She is also the recipient of the British Services to Humanity Award, bestowed upon her in 2008.
  • Angelina Jolie – As a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nation’s Refugee Agency, Ms. Jolie donates time and assistance to humanitarian crises around the world, including Doctors without Borders and Global Action for Children.

In working to support fundraisers and charities, many support groups have turned to utilizing awareness bracelets, which are simply rubber bracelets (wristbands) that serve as promotional bands. Reminderband offers a wide selection of sizes, colors and designs, perfect for helping spread the word about organizations, causes and fundraising events.

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Colored wristbands are not just for kids and teens. They can also be for adults for like to make a strong statement or support a cause. These silicone bracelets were popularized in 2004 by the Livestrong bracelets, which started the trend of using customizable wristbands to promote a charity or a cause.

So if you’re wondering if promotional wristbands can also be used for your company or organization, here are a few reasons why:

  • Personalized designs. With Reminderband, you don’t need to order large amounts to get the bracelet design you want. You can order just 1. Of course, the more you order, the more you save on the cost for every unit. You can have fun designing your customizable wristband and find satisfaction in being able to create a unique product.
  • Versatility. These custom silicone bracelets can be worn by kids and adults alike. This can be used by companies who want to advertise or by civic and non-profit organizations who want to increase awareness for a certain cause. Families and groups can also use these for reunions, festivals and fairs. Concert or event organizers can outfit their team with these bracelets for added security and to restrict access to key areas only to authorized personnel. These bracelets can also be used in memory of a departed loved one or to be reminded of your group’s motto. You can even use these wristbands to make self-affirmation statements. Some enterprising couples have also been known to have uniquely designed wristbands as one of their wedding favors.
  • More advertising mileage for your budget. These highly affordable awareness bracelets provide more bang for your advertising buck. Promotional wristbands only come at a minimal cost per unit so that it can easily be distributed as giveaways.
  • Great for fundraising. These are not called fundraiser bracelets for nothing. With its minimal per unit cost, this can be given as gifts to generous donors. In turn, these donors get a beautiful bracelet that they can proudly wear so that they can proclaim their support for their chosen cause.
  • Durability. These wristbands are made of 100% silicone and will last a long time. They can be worn in the sun, in the shower, in hot or cold weather. These can be worn for days (or even weeks) without the need for taking them off. For silk-screened bracelets, the paint used is designed to stretch with use so that it does not easily peel off. Debossed wristbands are even more durable, as the wordings and designs are molded into the bracelet. The design is recessed into the bracelet itself.
  • Coolness factor. Wearing Reminderband’s bracelets ups anyone’s coolness factor. With its attractive color and unique design, you and your customers can proudly wear these and feel confident. Kids love how the wristbands give them a sense of belonging. It’s like proclaiming “I am a fan of…?” “I support ….”
  • Fun. Kids and kids at heart love how the bracelets exude a certain air of fun.  Wearers can also mix and match wristbands of various colors.
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