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Five Ways to Fundraise for Youth Sports

reminderbandReminderband specializes in creating custom wristbands, including promotional bands and fundraiser bracelets. These bands are the ideal way to help youth sports raise money through fundraising efforts. Reminderband has selected the top five ways for youth sports groups to successfully raise money for their sporting programs.

  1. Silicone Bracelets – These are available in mass quantities for a relatively minimal investment. These are easily customizable and can include team names, youth sport activities (“Make it to the championship!”) and even team mottos (“Go Cats!”). Silicone wristbands are especially popular with young adults and offer an ideal advertising platform. Promotional bands can be sold for mere dollars each at a profit, and while the initial investment is under two quarters, teams are ensured their fundraiser will be financially beneficial and productive. It’s a win-win situation.
  2. Car Washes – The time honored tradition to help sporting groups raise money is to sponsor a car wish in the spring and summer months, a much-needed time for dirt, debris and dust to be wiped clean. Most people are glad to receive a car wash and donate to a good cause, such as local youth sports. Consider football league car washes, cheerleaders, chess club, baseball, wrestling, basketball, softball and baseball – these are all excellent sports to help raise awareness and money for local sporting groups.
  3. Cookie Dough Fundraisers – One of the most popular fundraising efforts on the market, some youth sports teams have been known to earn upwards of $10,000 by simply holding a single cookie dough fundraiser. First, who doesn’t love cookie dough (think chocolate chip and double chocolate) and second, who wouldn’t want to contribute to local youth sporting leagues?
  4. Fundraising Auctions – Instead of placing items on eBay, Craig’s List or Freecycle, why not ask people to donate items for a good cause? These items can then be sold at a publicized fundraising auction, helping benefit the community through youth sports. Even asking an auctioneer to volunteer to run the auction or simply holding a silent auction are great alternatives to paying a fortune for public auction services.
  5. Events – Community events, such as barbeques, dances or live bands, are a great way to draw people in from the community and request donations for youth sports. Depending upon what interests the community, youth sporting groups could hold holiday festivals (Halloween, Christmas, Easter and 4th of July), casino nights, church youth events, discos or simply community-style picnics. Selecting appropriate activities based on community interest is important to maximize the audience and fundraising potentials.

Donating money to children’s sporting events helps to provide valuable funds for extracurricular activities. These activities help keep children out of trouble, help them earn a resume towards college, promote team-building activities and teach the essence of team spirit.

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