Awareness Bracelets

Silicone Bands for Women’s History Month

It’s March – which is Women’s History Month. Businesses, organizations, and institutions across the nation and around the world, in fact, are celebrating women and their contributions to our communities. If you are participating in the celebrations, there are plenty of ways you can use silicone wristbands to commemorate this special month. And if you have nothing planned, it may not be too late to start planning; and there is always next year!

  • Business. If you are a business, show your support of Women’s History Month by giving out silicone bracelets! These could be special bracelets with empowering sayings for women, or which show gratitude for the women in your community. Your customers would really appreciate this small gesture, which can end up going a long way. Also consider putting your business logo on the wristbands.
  • Groups and Clubs. Girls and women groups and clubs are especially busy at this time of year – it is a time that they can invite community into conversation about the things that these groups are focusing on every day of the year. Giving silicone wristbands are one way these groups can raise awareness about their work, issues, or concerns at a conference, special exhibit, or showcase.
  • Empowerment. Women’s History Month is also a great time of year for girls and women empowerment groups. Customized bracelets are especially ideal for these groups because they are a great way to motivate the young girls and women who are needing the most support in our communities. Each bracelet can carry an important, relevant message of empowerment to a young girl or woman.
  • At School. Schools across the nation will be taking the opportunity to educate students about women’s history, as well as to host and facilitate many women’s history events. If you are a school administrator or teacher, you may consider using Women’s History Month custom wristbands for school to motivate and inspire your students during this month.

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