Awareness Bracelets

Popular Wristband Pledges

Silicone wristbands afford a blank canvas, giving organizations and charities the opportunity to advertise their causes. Additionally, silicone bracelets are also used for pledges, helping motivate people to promote causes, ideologies and action campaigns.

Some of the most popular awareness bracelets campaigns include:

  • Bossier City, Louisiana is promoting a campaign by The Prevent Distracted Driving Association. They are offering green and orange wristbands to promote pledges to stop texting while driving. They are striving to create more awareness about deadly driving habits.
  • Rock Church in Point Loma, San Diego offers red wristbands that say “Wired for Love” and are distributed to parishioners that have taken a purity pledge.
  • Save Taiji Dolphins – This is a new campaign that highlights the need to save these dolphins, donating the proceeds to the Otsuchi Relief Fund.
  • 10 Days of Real Food helps people learn how to eat healthy, asking them to pledge 10 days to learn new menu options and healthy food techniques.
  • Kansas City, Missouri is home to the Christ Church Unity. They distribute purple rubber wristbands that state “A Complaint Free World.” If people begin complaining, they’re supposed to switch the bracelet to the other wrist and start over. The premise is simple: it generally takes 21 days to make or break a habit and a complaint-free world offers more positive energy.
  • Pledge 4 Success bands help promotes environmental friendliness. This green band is supposed to help remind people to recycle, plant trees, feed the hungry, turn off lights, help flood victims, smile at strangers and help support worldwide democracy and freedom.
  • Green Giant, the vegetable company, even offered “One Giant Pledge” wristbands to help keep people eating healthy vegetables to form better daily diet routines.
  • The “I Will Graduate” wristband campaign helps discourage high school students from dropping out of school.
  • “I Pledge Unity” is an orange wristband that helps provide donations for the Oak Creek Gurdwara community.
  • The “Recycle Today Save Tomorrow” campaign is geared towards environmental friendliness.
  • The Anti-Captivity PSA pledges to support boycotting products that are made from kangaroo.
  • The “Readers are Leaders” is a silicone bracelet message that highlights the importance of reading for children, helping pave a successful literary path for the next generation.

Reminderband works with a number of organizations, companies, businesses and non-profit groups to help create unique personalized silicone bracelets. These bracelets are excellent for any type of action or cause that needs public attention. As they are easy to mass-produce, productions costs are typically low, allowing fundraising efforts to be even more successful.

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