Wristband Ideas

Wristbands: School Spirit

Silicone wristbands are great for school special events and student field trips. They offer a form of unique identification, easily classifying students by teacher, grade, bus group, etc. They are also great for admission to school events, such as homecomings, proms, graduation, dances, sporting events, band concerts and more.

Personalized silicone bracelets allow a blank canvas to be turned into a mini-billboard. Whether it’s displaying school pride, custom messages, character building tools and anti-drug reinforcement campaigns. Wristbands also offer an excellent means for identification, helping children remember their teacher’s name, class room location and even bus number.

Wristbands can also be part of a reward system, which can include excellent attendance records, honor roll, student of the month, etc. This also offers motivation for other students to succeed in class, as silicone bands are a trendy accessory. They are also excellent for award levels, helping kids achieve fitness levels, tests and rewarding reading improvement and math skills.

Students can also wear school wristbands not only on their wrists, but also on their shoes or backpacks. Popular advertising campaigns at schools include Red Ribbon Week, National Turn Off TV week and fundraising campaigns.

Schools can also use brightly colored custom bands to help identify school visitors, allowing the administrator to issue wristbands upon visitor check-in and allowing for easy identification with security guards and teachers.

Schools can also use fundraiser bracelets imprinted with serial numbers for raffles and contests. It affords a lasting memento and is more environmentally friendly than traditional paper raffle tickets.

Motivational wristbands are a great way to help kids feel more engaged and part of a group, team-building experience. Motivational messages offer guiding principles, leadership, communication, pride, persistence and promote positive attitudes. These bands raise positive thinking awareness for children, helping them realize they can do something and are able to achieve goals.

Team spirit wristbands help promote school spirit between adults, kids, young adults and teenagers. They can be sold within local communities to promote school activities, events and community involvement.

Reminderband offers a variety of silicone wristbands, including debossed, plain, custom colors, debossed tire, plain tire, Phat-style, multi-color, marbleized, silkscreen, golf-style, three stripes and two stripes. They work with customers to create unique, custom silicone wristbands, perfect for any type of school activities.

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