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Celebrating Friendship

Annual Friendship Day is the first Sunday in August and serves to celebrate the treasures of friendship. Typically, this involves small gift exchanges and pleasant greetings thanking people for being good friends. But why wait until August to celebrate friendship? Reminderband offers some great ideas to celebrate friendship this month, which coincides with Valentine’s Day.

  • Friendship Bracelets – In the 1980s and 1990s, teenagers would often make colorful friendship bracelets using embroidery threads. Today, this has been replaced with silicone wristbands, which offers a perfect medium for conveying heart-felt messages. These silicone bracelets can be dressed up for everyday wear and trendy, fun occasions.
  • Notes and Messages – Passing along a simple “thanks” for friendship doesn’t have to be complicated. People can consider the following means of offering sincere, heartfelt support and thanks.
    • FaceBook is a great way to reach out to friends. Consider posting a classic photograph or video link to a favorite song to cheer up a friend.
    • Twitter offers the ability for short messages, so tweeting a brief message thanking someone for being a great friend, is an excellent idea.
    • Old-fashioned letters are always appreciated so buying a cute card of thanks and best wishes is a great way to express gratitude. Consider writing moving, yet brief thanks that includes “You’re such a great friend,” “I appreciate you,” or “Our talks are the highlight of my week!”
    • Consider putting special memories in a small mason jar so a friend can pull out one a week, offering lasting memories all year long.
  • Small Gifts – Gifts don’t need to be expensive to make a lasting memory. A small, thoughtful gift makes a bigger impact than one that is pricey. Some excellent ideas include:
    • Frame a picture of the two of you that a friend can keep on his/her desk as a memento.
    • Memory journals are a great way to document favorite memories and silly moments.
    • If a friend has a favorite cookie, candy or treat, wrap it in tissue paper and either mail it to him/her or deliver it in person.
  • Spending Time Together – There is no substitute for spending quality time together – away from texts, emails and social media – as this is a great way to catch up one-on-one. Whether it’s going to a coffee shop, an afternoon of shopping or going on a skydiving adventure, this is a great way to bond.
  • Spirit of Friendship – Keeping the spirit of friendship throughout the year is important. Nurturing friends, quickly resolving any potential conflicts and spending time together helps facilitate a happy, healthy life.

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