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What’s the Message? Choosing What to Put on your Silicone Wristbands

Wearing silicone wristbands can be an effective way of sharing and spreading a powerful message. You may already have an idea about what kind of message you want to see on your wristbands. If not, here are a few ideas to help get your creativity rolling:

Empowerment: Simple words like “strength,” “love,” and “patience,” can serve as powerful reminders of what you want to embody in your daily life; your custom-made wristbands can also feature empowering phrases, popular quotes from famous people, or quotes taken from literature, poetry, and philosophy; they could also be affirmations.

Examples: “Reach for the stars”

“You are awesome”

“Be the change…”

Causes: The message on your wristbands should capture the sentiment of your cause. If your organization already has an official slogan, you can choose to get it debossed on your awareness bracelets. Your message can also be a strong, evocative phrase that reflects the goals or demands of your cause. You can also simply choose to put the name of your organization and your logo on your wristbands.

Examples: “Support our troops”

“Make poverty history”

“Beat Bullying”

Religious: Religious wristbands can feature quotations taken from relevant scripture books or quotes from spiritual leaders. They can feature encouragement of faith and spiritual practice or  popular religious sayings.

Examples: “God is Love”

“Make a Joyful Noise”

“Peace on Earth”

Disasters and tragic events: You may want to order personalized silicone bracelets in response to a disastrous or tragic event that has occurred. Your wristbands may simply feature the name of the event and the date it occurred – in this case, the name and date are so significant and recall so much memory and meaning, it may be hardly necessary to add anything else. Your disaster response bracelets may also feature words that show solidarity with victims or survivors of the event. You may also use words that express a collective sentiment or that repeat the running slogans in the wake of the tragedy.

Examples: “Never forget”

“We shall overcome”

“Columbine 1999”

The possibilities for what you could put on your wristbands are endless! Be free with your creativity and enjoy!

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