Wristband Ideas

Small Ways to Spread Big Smiles with Silicone Wristbands

Here are some simple ways people are using wristbands – for fun, business, encouragement, or an expression of gratitude:

Teacher to students

Wristbands can make fun gifts and incentives for good performance in school – teachers may give them out as rewards to students or as small mid-term or end-of-term gifts.

Doctor’s office

Giving out wristbands at the doctor’s office can be a fun and unique way to cheer patients, especially children. A doctor’s office may have a large container of wristbands on the counter, ready to be given out as patients enter and leave. Office staff can choose to order health-related messages to be debossed or printed on the wristbands.


Custom bracelets can make useful promotional items at tradeshows. As free gifts, promotional bands serve the multiple purpose of drawing intrigue and interaction, advertising the company name and logo (on the wristband), and spreading word about the business.


Custom wristbands for your place of business can be offered as a token of appreciation to customers while simultaneously giving out pertinent business information such as name, logo, and contact info, acting as promotional bands.

Party favors

Your personalized silicone bracelets can make great party favors. As party favors, wristbands can be simple and plain, without words or they can feature fun, bold words. At a child’s birthday party, young guests will be pleased with these gifts and wear them as style.

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