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Making a Big Lifestyle Shift? Make the Shift with the Help of Friends and Custom Made Wristbands!

The choice to change your lifestyle can be a tough one; actually making the transition can be even tougher. There are different kinds of lifestyle changes: stop smoking, losing weight, changing your diet, being more physically fit. All of these lifestyle changes have limitless benefits that affect the quality of your social life, your self-esteem, your health, and even your career. But breaking lifelong or ingrained habits can seem like an impossible goal. Having a strong source of motivation can often help with the process; why not get together with a group of friends who are trying to accomplish the same goals and get silicone wristbands for your new group. Your wristbands will serve several great functions:

Symbols of commitment

Just the act of getting wristbands for your small support group will solidify your commitment to changing your lives. Your wristband will come to represent the goal that you wish to achieve. Wearing it often will remind you during your daily activities of all the reasons you are embarking on your chosen journey – and will be especially helpful during those times you are tempted to push your goals aside. Your wristband will serve as a constant, but inspiring reminder.


You ever find that when you feel like you’re being forced to do something, you feel even less like doing it? What about when you receive positive, inspiring, motivating encouragement? That tends to give you a fresh burst of spirit doesn’t it? Well that’s what custom wristbands can do to help you through the most challenging moments of your transition.

When you’ve grabbed a cigarette when you weren’t supposed to, or you’ve broken all the rules of your new diet, it could be that you need to take a different approach, or it could be that you just need a little encouragement. Debossing your and your friends’ wristbands with motivational sayings tailored specifically to all of you and the specific commitments you’ve made can offer a surprising amount of moral support. Consider phrases like: “You can do it! Don’t give up!” or “A healthy diet is a healthy you!”

Group energy

Wearing an attractive, trendy wristband debossed with a motivational saying that gets you going may give you exactly that sense of personal confidence you need, but there is nothing like the effect of wearing wristbands as a group. You and your friends will feel an added sense of inspiration as you serve as motivators for each other. Your customized wristbands will remind you why you are doing this together and that you have each other to lean on.

Reminderband has many options that will allow you to make your wristbands your very own. Call us or fill out a form on our website today!

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