Wristband Ideas

Some Popular Ideas for Using Custom Silicone Wristbands

Personalized silicone bracelets are great for…

  • FUNDRAISERS. Silicone wristbands make great fundraiser items. They are cute, trendy, convenient, and inexpensive; they catch the eye, invite conversation, and raise awareness. Everyone wants to have one! Custom rubber wristbands can be just right for a small community initiative, or for a bigger, national campaign.
  • RAISING AWARENESS. Silicone bands can be used to raise awareness for just about anything. The wristbands can express a commitment made by its wearers, or serve as a reminder of an event, political situation, or community concern. They can be used to rally and reinforce group support, identification, and loyalty around a common goal.
  • MILITARY SUPPORT. Hardly anything can bring a stronger sense of pride and patriotism than the thought of supporting American troops. Military wristbands are a great way to foster a sense of solidarity with the men and women of the military during wartime, or to remember community or family members who have joined the military and are far from home.
  • MEMORIALS. Your customized memorial wristbands may serve to keep the memory of a special someone who has passed away, whether a friend, family member or an individual who made a big impact in a community or even an entire country. The custom made wristbands can also serve to represent, honor, and encourage the principles of that person’s life.
  • SCHOOL SPIRIT/SPORTS. Sports wristbands can help your school club or sports team identify the thing that sets them apart. The silicone bands can be personalized with a group name or a slogan and group colors. They can serve as symbols of pride and loyalty or they can be used to raise funds for a school or sports event.
  • SPIRITUAL/RELIGIOUS GROUPS. Religious wristbands are great for spiritual or religious groups. In addition to making fundraisers for a variety of group needs, silicone wristbands can be used to raise group morale or encourage faith and spiritual practice.
  • EMPOWERMENT. Wristbands are a powerful way to deliver a personal message of empowerment. It can serve as an encouragement and reminder to people who have committed to a difficult lifestyle change together, or can offer a sense of comfort and inspiration to members of a community who are mourning a grievous situation.

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