Wristband Ideas

Make Your Own Wristband: Reminderband Options for Your Customizable Wristbands


Reminderband gives you 32 standard colors to choose from. The color of your wristbands may reflect the colors in your group’s logo, or represent an idea or sentiment. The color of your wristband will form part of what will make your wristband stand out.

Debossed lettering:

Debossed lettering sinks deep into the surface of the wristband. Your words, phrases, or messages can be debossed onto your custom made wristbands. It is a more permanent option than printing on the surface. You can choose large or small lettering and have several font-type options. You can also get your logo debossed onto your wristbands. Or you can order blank wristbands with no debossing.


You can choose to have colored lettering by having your debossed letters filled with colored silicone which bonds permanently to the wristband, a hardy option that will last long while creating vibrant color contrasts.

Special texture:

Reminderband offers the option of getting wristbands with special textures on the surface such as the tire or golf ball textures. You may opt to have words debossed on your textured wristbands or choose to leave them blank.


Put stripes on your bands to give them a sporty or unique look. You can have two-striped or three-striped silicone bands. Alternate vibrant colors or make a stripe pattern that alternates with solid white.


Silkscreened wristbands are made by a process of applying colored letters onto the surface of your wristbands. You have many color options and can create a unique and attractive impression with colored letters.


Marbleized wristbands are decorated with color blends. Just indicate what colors you want and Reminderband will create your unique marbleized pattern for your custom wristbands.


Similar to striped bands, multi-color bands allow you to color your band with several colors placed in vertically aligned sections.

Phat Option:

You may also opt to have your wristbands at a wider size than the standard width. This is Reminderband’s Phat band.

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