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Fundraising Ideas for A Cause

Are you trying to raise money for an important cause but you’re having a little trouble brainstorming ideas? Whether your local bird-watching club needs to get some funds or you need to raise money for a church, you probably want to come up with something effective and easy. Here are some great ideas to get you started toward your goal.

1. Car Wash

This is a popular fundraising method for schools, although churches and other community organizations can use it too. The best thing about this idea is there isn’t much you need to buy to get started. Gather some friends or group members to help out and have everyone keep track of how many cars they wash throughout the day.

2. Bake Sale

Bake sales are fun to have and fun to participate in! Who doesn’t enjoy homemade cakes, cookies and fresh bread? Many schools and offices are also using baked pizza sales and selling a variety of pizzas to raise money. If you go this route, make sure you offer lots of options to get more people interested in your cause.

3. Host a Tournament

Try inviting people you know in the community to participate in a sporting tournament such as golf. These small tournaments can take place in a local facility for free (or a small cost) and you can give out small trophies and prizes to the winners. This type of event can generate a lot of money to support your cause.

4. Sell Reminderbands

Reminderbands are high-quality silicone wristbands that you can customize with nearly any color under the sun and the name of your organization, event, school, church or anything else! You don’t need to make a minimum order so you can order as many as you think you’ll sell. They’re also really affordable and popular with kids as well as adults. Reminderbands are a great way to bring in some money and send people home with a thoughtful token.

5. Host a Breakfast

If you’re raising money for a group or a church, why not host a pancake breakfast for the neighborhood? You’ll get to know more people in your community and perhaps get some new members while also getting some much-needed money together. Try hosting the breakfast on a holiday like Labor Day or a weekend to get more people to attend. You can start at 6 or 7 in the morning and go for three or four hours. Don’t forget to place an ad in your local newspaper and throw flyers up around town to get the word out! Chances are you’ll get a large number of people to attend and you can often raise hundreds of dollars with these.

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