Wristband Ideas

Tips for Advertising on Silicone Wristbands

Reminderband® specializes in creating personalized silicone bracelets. Perfect for charity bands, fundraiser bracelets and promotional bands, these awareness bracelets draw attention to causes, groups and organizations.

With a fantastic price point, Reminderband® is able to create as few as one silicone bracelet to as many as 10,000. They specialize in offering debossed bands, plain bands, custom color bands, debossed tire bands, plain tire bands, phat bands, multi-color bands, marbleized bands, silkscreen bands, golf bands, three-striped bands and two-striped bands.

Wristbands are an excellent advertising medium, helping create aggressive marketing campaigns that are both inexpensive and popular with youngsters, tweens, teenagers and adults. Below are some excellent examples:

  • Spiritual campaigns often promote faith, love and hope. Many spiritual evangelists use silicone bands to help spread the word of God with popular Bible messages, promoting peace and unity.
  • Additionally, bands can be used to promote child and parent safety. Using double wristbands can help parents and children identify each other in crowds.
  • Providing custom bracelets allows charities and causes to promote awareness, ultimately raising additional funds for research while spreading knowledge about a certain illness or ailment to the general public.
  • Fundraisers often use silicone bands for advertising mediums, whether it’s showing someone donated to a cause, denoting different donation levels or simply saying that someone is a cause survivor.
  • Inspirational bracelets are excellent for people who are looking to change their lives. For example, perhaps someone is a recovering alcoholic and they need inspiration. What better way to provide that much needed reminder not to stray than to have a silicone band with a personal message? People who are determined to lose weight may have a gym membership band that reminds them daily to exercise and take better care of their health. These small reminders can make a huge impact on someone’s life.
  • Great ways to promote an event, silicone wristbands provide a means of allowing people entrance by identification to concerts, film premieres, theater events, etc.
  • Logos are another popular addition to silicone bands, allowing companies to easily distribute custom wristbands with marketing campaigns, helping promote a company or even a specific service.
  • In today’s world, silicone wristbands are an effective and time-proven marketing advertising medium, helping reach people faster than the average promotional product.
  • Companies can consider this unique form of advertising sales, announcing a certain free or discounted product, and this form of advertising is generally received better than traditional paper coupons that are often overlooked by consumers.

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